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15+ Remarkable Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Products

Last Update: 30 Apr, 2024

Shopify themes have been giving better and better access to products dedicated to two categories – health and nutrition. With the widespread availability of online health supplement stores, it makes sense that many cities have at least one supplement store. Collecting some remarkable Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Products to make a decision about which themes are perfect for your store.

When you search for “city name” + ‘online stores for health supplements’ on Google, a number of options appear. This gives you an idea of common online health supplement stores in most cities. Even you get an idea of what the average person can expect in terms of results once they enter a city name.

You get the ideas here when visiting local online stores –

How do you organize a store with Health Supplements Products?

The theme – for selling health supplements product

How should the structure be?

To set a health supplement store in motion, you need to use a good Shopify theme, with which you can sell health supplement products. That way, your store will grow well in the industry. You can check How To Be Mentally Ready For a Successful Shopify Store

Choosing the right theme is difficult in the marketplace. There are many theme providers and blog articles, but it’s hard to meet your goal. We have locally installed all the themes and tested the functionality.

What are the Shopify themes for selling health supplement products?

People are becoming acquainted with the need to care for themselves daily. They do it in order to live a healthy life. For this reason, they are investing more in health supplements.

Themes for selling health supplement products are often based on the benefits that the consumer will gain from a single online store. A remarkable theme includes opportunities for all health supplements such as tablets, capsules, gummies, and powders.

The theme of your health supplement product will be determined by the audience you are targeting. If you want to market to mothers, a popular theme is “Organica.” when marketing to men, and a good theme might be “Biona – Sports Nutrition Shopify Theme.”

Why is Shopify Themes important for Selling Supplements?

Shopify health supplement themes are a vital part of any e-commerce business. They help create a professional and inviting storefront where you can display your supplement products. Suchlike themes can be customized to showcase your store’s unique personality and aesthetic. It shall also help potential customers to increase conversion rates by optimizing the site for mobile browsing.

If you need to start a health supplement business, you will have to showcase the best products. The Shopify theme can add crowds of health supplements that are important for everyone. You are one step away! The only thing is to set up a business plan and start selling supplements with the Shopify theme.

A Health Supplements Shopify theme is a direct reflection of the website. As a result, many companies offer incredible Shopify themes. If you’re dreaming of being a reliable and trustworthy supplier of health supplements, a Shopify theme should be your first stop. With it, you can offer a wide range of supplements and provide great customer service.

15 Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Products

1. Organica – Cosmetic, Food, Organic, Beauty Shopify Theme – Sections Ready

Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Like a fresh glass of juice that soothes your body and mind, the green color of this theme will make you feel refreshed.

Fresh juice makes your day healthier and makes you feel refreshed, like a green color website. Some aesthetic theme designs come pixel-perfect with multiple homepages. Like them, Organica is the trending Shopify themes for selling health supplements products which has 6+ demos with fantastic megamenu horizontal & vertical options.

You get many places to advertise banner slide shows with big images, useful text, and blogs with posts and testimonials. It gives you many options to add dropdown cart layered navigation, product tabs slider, and daily deal modules. This Shopify theme drives the customer to decide to click the action button, which grows your profit.

Features –

  • Mega Menu support (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Daily Deal module
  • AJAX Layered Navigation
  • Grid / List view
  • Set layout for each page
  • Advanced Search Options!
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions

2. Aarogya | Healthcare Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Theme

Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Every person needs a health coach to get a better life. This one is perfect for health, nutrition, and wellness theme like a personal coach. It has many diets plan recurring systems with share video options and multi-field appointment forms. Its marketplace has outstanding Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Products

The theme features an amazing pop-up newsletter, five types of mega menus, a deal counter, and a cart summary. Aarogya theme is green color making your online audience bounceless interaction to make your sales profitable.

You can open any health and nutrition niche website to fit your business goal. Every functionality comes with an object-oriented coding structure and w3c validation HTML CSS structure.

Features –

  • Products Featured Slider
  • Compare Products
  • Ajax filters, Cart, and Wishlist
  • Animated mask and quick view
  • Grid and list view
  • Currency switcher
  • Newsletter and social sharing

3. Biona – Sports Nutrition Shopify Theme

Biona - Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Biona Shopify themes have been a great career for more and more people. The presence of advanced media on the product page has given it a clear-cut dimension. And plenty of people have started liking it because of its 3D models, images, and video capabilities.

Dynamic blocks in this theme are what you’re looking for. You can design a product page pleasantly and set up a website promoting your health supplements. That’s great! You can use the Biona Sports Nutrition Shopify Theme to build your perfect site with comparable products.

This Shopify theme is dropshipping-ready and suitable for reliable customers. It offers more incredible features like premium templates, WooCommerce, WPML, flexibility, scalability, and lifetime support. So, you can have a dynamic Shopify theme for selling health supplements that will help your business grow.

Why choose Biona – Sports Nutrition Shopify Theme?

This Biona theme is perfect for nutritionists, health coaches, eco-products, and nutrition products. The theme is the highly versatile incompetent presentation of goods, accessories, and health supplements. It’s fully responsive and striking, which means that it can effectively be utilized on a variety of devices.

Features –

  • The best dropshipping plugin for Shopify
  • Customize pop-ups with your own text and design
  • All setup without any technical knowledge needed
  • Dynamic blocks automatically adjust to match your product pages’ layout
  • Get help from experts whenever you need it 24/7

4. Fitnet – Nutrition & Wellness Shopify Theme

Fitnet - Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Are you a white-collar professional looking to start your own business but not sure where to begin? We have the perfect theme for you!

We understand that starting a health business can be back-breaking. And it is even more daunting if you’ve never done it before. Still, you get to arrange your business up and running with this Fitnet latest Shopify theme.

Fitnet is a beautiful Shopify theme created for nutrition, dietitian, and health coach websites. With five homepage designs, you will surely find one that suits your needs.

This healthy lifestyle theme matches all valid apps on the app store by Shopify. It’s a masterpiece, we’re telling you! With Shopify Drag & Drop sections, it powers you to pattern your website in your hands.

See the features and see for yourself why it is the best Shopify theme for fitness professionals –

Features –

  • Fitnet is fully compatible with all valid Shopify apps
  • Fitnet is fully compatible with all valid apps
  • Packed with five captivating homepages
  • Vibrant color attributes swatches
  • Shopify Drag & Drop sections
  • Bootstrap toolkit

5. Nutrivix – Shopify Vitamin Store Theme, Food Supplements

Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Almost everyone is taking either vitamins or other supplements these days. Medical supplements are now becoming increasingly popular. With the Nutrivix – Shopify Vitamin Store Theme, you’ll be able to build a modern site that can discuss your products and help you reach the global market.

Lift your customers’ spirits with this clean, modern & professional Vitamin Store Theme. This theme has matching styles for a landing page, including the sale of cosmetics, the sale of drugs, and the sale of any chemical products.

Nutrivix theme gives promotion to Multivitamins for versatile customers. If the decision is taken to organize a functional vitamin store, we recommend a slight effort in the process. The Vitamin store theme is a perfect choice for this. Choose from different layouts and modify them according to your needs! You can set multivitamin products in different forms, sizes, and prices. Before long, with Nutrivix site builder, you can create your own vitamin store in minutes.

Features –

  • A convenient setting in a shop layout
  • Fully tailored light optimized code
  • Flexible SEO modules settings
  • Technical support services
  • Updated central block
  • Visual composer

6. Lumina – Single Product, Product Line Shopify Theme

Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Lumina is the perfect theme for the Shopify store. It has three homepage designs: attractive, responsive, and compatible with mobile devices. With dynamic checkout buttons, customers can check out quickly and accept payments with PayPal.

Greatly to one’s liking, the Lumina theme offers an easy way to build your perfect site without coding knowledge. It is designed with the user in mind. You can create a unique website in minutes with the built-in page builder. You get the whole lot, from 6 beautiful responsive layouts to its uncomplicated and intuitive back end.

This amazing single-product theme (Lumina) is an intelligent WordPress theme. It comes with freedom of choice, including the Ajax cart page and pop-up options. Though designed with single products in mind, this theme can be used for any type of online store.

Features –

  • Shopify 2.0 creative features
  • All three metros’ theme
  • Six layout options
  • Quick Navigation
  • Dynamic buttons
  • Mobile crafted
  • Ajax features

7. Medz – Medical Products Shopify Theme

Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Are you looking for a medical theme that is styled and interactive? Here at Medz, you take receipt of all of the features that you need for your store. With its beautiful cart summary dropdown, you can choose the perfect color and size for your product. A colorful filter option allows you to control the style of your product. With the mega menu, take charge of all of the elements on your website!

Medz is a new premium theme for Shopify that will help you to build a beautiful, fully responsive e-commerce website in no time. The theme offers grid and list views. Even it has a special shop page with essential features like a newsletter pop-up, currency switcher, and product owl carousel.

Eventually, this theme is built to take any product store to the next level. Whether you’re a medical store or an online pharmacy, Medz has the ability to support any type of item. The Ajax features make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Features –

  • Special shop page
  • Slider up to the minute
  • Mega menu with 5+ pages
  • Dropdown range of cart vision
  • Pick out the amusing color
  • Ajax cart shopping, pop-up & buy

8. Mediex Health & Medicine Store Shopify Theme

Mediex - Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Mediex is an ultra-modern and stylish Shopify theme for eCommerce stores. It’s designed for selling healthcare products like Vitamin Tablets, Medicines, Masks, Gloves, PPE Kits, sanitizers, and Nutritive Tablets. This theme is made with care to simplify your experience with the best UX design in mind. Whether you are a medical store owner or a professional company working in the medical field, Mediex will be the perfect choice for you.

Mediex is a Shopify theme that comes with different banner sizes that you can use on the homepage. It’s WooCommerce compatible, and it offers a product slider, cart dropdown in the header, sale countdown for a product, parallax scrolling, and SEO features.

Therefore, Mediex is an all-in-one eCommerce theme for Shopify. It is easy to customize with a clean and modern design and comes with free lifetime updates. With this theme, you can get going with your online brand store in no time.

Features –

  • Valid XHTML and CSS outline
  • Absolutely not Javascript Conflicts
  • Language and currency power to choose
  • Parallax Scrolling & Images
  • Quick Haul & Load time
  • Unlimited banners
  • Blocks in footer
  • Scroll breadcrumb button

9. Nutics – Nutrition and Wellness Responsive Shopify Theme

Nutics - Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Your customers are on the right path if they’ve landed on your online store. Use Nutics to help them stay motivated and healthy while also increasing sales with our fully responsive theme. Nutics – Nutrition Shopify theme includes powerful features like a customizable one-page menu, customer reviews, and an auto-generated blog so that you can promote your business with minimal effort.

Say goodbye to your old, outdated Shopify theme. Nutics is an all-new Shopify theme that was created to provide you with the best Nutrition stores. You’ll never want to rowback your old theme again! Your content will look sharper as the wellness shops. You’ll be able to try out 5+ different homepage variants, 5+ header styles, and 5+ menu styles. It will be easy as pie to manage. Stop settling for a boring, drab site and invest in a modern one like Nutics.

For that reason, Nutics is the best Nutrition Shopify theme that improves search results. Also, it provides a user-friendly interface on every device. With its clean and fast-loading design, you can easily sell anything from Nutrition to Wellness products.

Features –

  • Full oberlo upsell products compatibility
  • Optimal variant swatches for all devices
  • Infinite Scroll with checkout ready
  • Amazing Slider built-in shape
  • ATC & Socials connection
  • Ajax products & search

10. Apparelix Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Store Shopify Theme

Apparelix - Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Apparelix is a fantastic theme for all cannabis and medical marijuana-related operations. It is designed to accommodate any potential business with its modern design. More than that, Apparelix is a universal and modern cannabis and medical marijuana store template with a professional design. Assuredly, it is perfect for presenting medicines, sports nutrition, and supplements intuitively and harmonically.

Optimistically, you’re a serious entrepreneur with a keen eye for design. You know what you want, and you’re here to find a store theme that fits you. This theme helps you to achieve new heights in your business! With this theme, you can set up unlimited products and get the perfect look for your shop. You can also customize your payment options to best suit your needs.

Therefore, the store will be your perfect assistant in cannabis and medical marijuana store. You can attract new customers with the latest site structure, design, and content trends. We guarantee you that no one will have such a beautiful Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Store website.

Features –

  • Great as a landing page or a multi-page site
  • Solution of ready-made health stores
  • Created to increase conversion
  • Accessible for the newcomers
  • Set up with pop-up messages
  • Quick communication button
  • Single-click purchase

11. Sportensity – Sports Store eCommerce Clean Shopify Theme

Sportensity - Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Product

Sportensity – Sports Store is a Shopify theme that’s not just pretty but also smart. This Shopify theme has been developed with pre-built pages and user experience. The Catalog, Collection, and Sale pages are pre-built and ready to be filled with your products to provide a seamless customer experience.

This sports store e-commerce theme is a powerful and convenient theme designed by experienced developers. It is a perfect theme for selling sports products, such as sneakers, trousers, keds, clothes, belts, etc. This responsive and creative design helps you find more customers and grow your sales. Also, it has multiple layouts and other ready sections. So, it will not be difficult that suits your needs.

Above all, Sportensity is a clean and modern design theme perfect for any store. With tons of customization options and styled product grids, it’s easy to create a unique look. Add some personality by customizing the hero slider, newsletter template, or with text columns with images and slideshow!

Features –

  • Great quantities of pre-built pages
  • Efficacious effects and elements
  • Impression of easy navigation
  • Doable Shopify plugin pack
  • Multi-currency, social, and sorting options
  • Google map & fonts

12. Nutrition Supplements Shopify Theme

Shopify Themes for Selling Health Supplements Products

You’re looking for Vitamins, Anti-Aging Care, and Protein Supplements theme? Stop looking! You’ve found what you need. Nutrition Shopify Theme is a great option for those who want to start an online business on nutrition supplements. As it is a drug and nutrition-responsive theme, it will look good on any device and screen size.

The Nutrition Shopify Theme is versatile and includes all the bells and whistles you need. All the features you need include SEO optimization, a customizable header and footer, a mega menu to make navigation easy, and more. It even has responsive layouts with Green and white layout colors. So, it’ll look good on any device. The theme can be easily customized and comes with a set of pre-installed plugins to make your life easier.

It’s time to come forth your new Sports Nutrition store with this elegant and functional Shopify template. This Bootstrap template is fully responsive and retina ready. With its clean design, you can showcase your products and easily keep visitors engaged.

Features –

  • Collection lists of featured products
  • A single product, blog, & gallery
  • Image with text characteristic
  • Slideshow of documentation
  • Megamenu – quick view
  • Social options

13. Mallon – Medical Store, Health Shop eCommerce Shopify Theme

Mallon - Medical Store, Health Shop eCommerce Shopify Theme

Mallon is an awesome Shopify theme that can be used for online pharmacies and medical and health stores. It offers a ton of features and layouts for eCommerce. You get to tailor to your needs or choose from great pre-made designs.

Mallon Shopify Theme is a multipurpose theme that can be used for almost every website type. The best crop up about this theme is its flexibility to be customized with easy to use & powerful theme options. Mallon Shopify Theme is designed according to the best practices of SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO), so it will give you an edge against your competitors.

Looking for a quick and easy way to customize your Medical Store? Check out, Mallon. According to your taste, forget about spending hours designing the perfect look for your business with our amazing website theme builder. This theme is contemplated to be used with Drag & Drop Shopify features. You will have quick and easy customization options when using this theme on your site.

Features –

  • Smart homepage for client’s options
  • Created based on the medical website
  • Pre-designed layouts for the pharmacy
  • Customized with product page & blog page
  • Powerful mega menu in a smartest look
  • SEO-optimized Shopify section according to your taste

14. Medik | Medical Shopify Theme

Medik | Medical Shopify Theme

Ready to take your medical store to the next level? A medical Shopify theme that provides a professional and modern look, Medik is a must-have for any pharmacy. The theme is optimized for mobile and features a mega menu, an eye-catching slider, and many more stunning features. This also includes built-in features such as clean pages, product blocks, and many more.

Medik is a Shopify theme built for medical stores and pharmacies that need an online presence or looking for a design update.

Build your own custom Medik – medical site in minutes for free! With its clean design and advanced features, you can use it to build a stunning medical site in no time. Medik is the best Shopify theme for doctors, healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacists, and more. It’s the best way to increase visibility and attract more customers.

Features –

  • Must have to build a stunning medical site
  • The optimized medical theme for mobile viewer
  • Looks good for any pharmacy
  • Mega menu & an eye-catching slider
  • Clean pages & product blocks featured

15. Beaution – Beauty and Cosmetics Shopify Theme

Beaution - Beauty and Cosmetics Shopify Theme

Be cautioned you’re about to enter a beautiful, busy store of beauty products. Beaution is a clean, modern, and responsive Shopify Theme that suits a variety of stores. It’s a professional theme that offers top-notch design and high-quality features to build your online business. Beaution is a theme designed for all your skincare, cosmetics, and hair needs.

The theme is designed on the principle of simplicity and minimalism. It’s perfect for beauty stores, cosmetics shops, online spa products, hair salons, and skin clinics. Beaution Shopify theme can be customized to fit your needs. It’s designed specifically for e-commerce websites and is easy to use. With our beautiful design and sleek features, you’re sure to take your business to new heights.

Stop wasting time trying to customize your website and get your business on the right track with Beaution’s cosmetic theme. Beaution is a Shopify theme that lets you showcase your products in a variant way. It has the ability to take up space with Featured products, Featured Products with Carousel, Related Products, Single Products, Tab with Products, and Popular Products. Get an edge over your critics by using this theme to show off all your products or just one.

Features –

  • Suits a variety of stores
  • Top-notch design & features
  • Designed for all your skincare
  • Featured Products with Carousel
  • Showcase beauty products and cosmetics

Wrapping up

In the long run, These Shopify themes for selling health supplements will create a professional appearance, and provide customer service through social media icons. Furthermore, you’ll be benefited from improved conversion rates with call-to-action buttons. This is the perfect fix if you are just setting up all the help you can get.

You should buy our recommended themes because they are responsive, simple to use, and have a clean design. They are also balanced with great quantities of plugins, so you can easily customize them to suit your needs. Plus, it’s a cost-effective solution.

If you’re looking to start your own health supplements store, Shopify is a great place to start. We believe – You can operate profit for what you use and easily switch to the best themes at any time.

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