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How To Be Mentally Ready For a Successful Shopify Store?

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  • 05 Sep, 2022
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Last Update: 06 Sep, 2022

“Phew. The ads are all set.”, Emma sighed with relief. She spent the whole weekend setting up his successful Shopify store with just coffee and pizza for fuel.

And she was not feeling the least bit tired. The dream of having a successful Shopify store was lit up like a Christmas tree in his mind. Fast forward a week.

To Emma’s utter disappointment, there is not even a single order placed in her store. 

Shopify Store Emmas-utter-disappointment

She is a confusing mess with anxiety leaving his mental health in shreds. “What have I done wrong? What do I need to fix?”, she kept asking himself.

Emma isn’t the only one in such a miserable situation. There are hundreds of thousands. At this point, you must be feeling very sorry for her. Anyone would.

—  But let me tell you a secret. Well, it’s not exactly a secret. Deep down, you may already know it. The secret is, that with the right mindset, you can avoid landing in a rough patch like this.

Stay with me. I am going to elaborate on it for you. Read it, if you did not open a Shopify Store Yet: Create a successful Shopify store in 30 minutes

Mindsets That You Must Have To Run a Shopify Store Successfully

Well-managed expectation

The first thing to do when starting a Shopify dropshipping store is to manage your expectation. Unless you already have a ready-made source of traffic, you will rely on Facebook or Instagram ads. Here is what Chang Liu has to say about it. 

Successful Shopify Store

As you can see in his response, you can expect only 2 sales from every 100 visitors. When you are just starting out, you may get 1 sale from 1,000 visitors. Of course, these numbers are not set in stone. It will vary from niche to niche and ad to ad.

So what’s my point then?

— The point is, don’t expect flash-fast results. Keep in mind that you will make mistakes. Each of these mistakes gives you priceless lessons that no gurus will be able to give you.

So, have low expectations at the beginning. And be easy on yourself. 


Remember the saying, “patience is the greatest virtue”? Well, they don’t say it for anything. When starting your first Shopify store, the adrenaline rush is really strong.

You are probably seeing green in your dreams as well. But things may not always go as you planned.

Your ad account may get postponed, your supplier may delay the shipment, and most notably, there may be another COVID-19 induced lockdown.

— Patience is a reliable ship that can help you navigate through these tough waters. I think I should tell you my own story here.

For the marketing of my products, I decided to use influencers.

The first challenge was to find the right ones. Even though there are tools (like Buzzsumo) that help you find Twitter and Instagram influencers suitable for your store, they are usually paid tools. 

So, I decided to manually find them. Seemed like a massive challenge, to be honest. And tedious too.

But after a while, I did find a handful of them. YouTube videos were really helpful for that.

However, none of the influencers were responding to me. And why should they? My store Instagram profile had just 13 followers. And the ones that did respond asked for fees I was in no position to pay. The only option was to post on other Instagram accounts in my niche (fitness).

I had 7 such accounts lined up for my Shopify store product marketing. After the first page posted my photos, I had some visitors. Fortunately.

—  But there was no sale. Not even a single one. To make it worse, my fund was running dangerously low.

It was the same with other Instagram accounts. I got visitors but no sales. A post about my situation in a Facebook eCommerce group did lead to some solutions. One of those was to hire a specialist to have a look at my store and suggest improvements.

After I did that, I had my sale. 3 sales to be exact.

The moral of the story, patience is crucial for all Shopify store owners. You are gonna fail repeatedly. And you have to accept it and weather the storm. Many businessmen close Shopify stores even though they can not feel to Shopify store login because of their patience.

9 out of 10 Shopify stores tend are closing Shopify stores because of no sales. With patience (and a solid plan), you can be the 10th one. 


Your Shopify store will test every fiber of your resolve. Have no doubt about that. So, if you don’t have a clear “why” about your online store, you will most likely fall out.

—  As I have already told you, you will face challenges you did not anticipate before. You must be asking yourself, “how can I then stay determined?”. That’s what a clear goal about your Shopify eCommerce business comes into play.

If you have a weak “why” such as I want to party in Ibiza, buy a new phone or eat at a better restaurant, then you will most likely fizzle out. 

I have seen these over a thousand times.

On the contrary, if your “why” is like going on a vacation with your family you always wanted, get your mother a new armchair she can rest on, build a brand that will grow into a global suer-giant (Gymshark is a good example of that), then you will most likely be able to withstand the challenges.

A good question at this point is, how can one stay determined? The answer will once again be a really emotional “why”. It is like a destination you can’t wait to reach. This destination will also help you be patient as well as determined. 


So just patience, low expectation in the beginning, and determination? What’s the recipe for a successful Shopify store?

No. it’s a little trickier than that. Along with all those, you will need to be flexible. Flexible about what you may be asking. Well, first of all, flexibility in your marketing tactics.

— For instance, Mike ran a FB ad for $10 promoting fitness leggings for women. That day, he sold those leggings and made $107. When I ran a similar ad on FB, I made just $37.86.

What did I do? Well, I made a bundle offer of a mini portable juicer free with 3 sets of women’s gym clothes. And I made over 10 times what I spent on ads.

I know some Shopify store owners who caught a trend wave and made $1000+ over a week using Google Ads. I am yet to have such luck.

The lesson?

You will need to add “flexibility” to your arsenal of tools to make your Shopify store profitable.

And I did not mean being flexible about just the marketing of your online store.

I also meant being flexible mindset in general. — For instance, don’t start calling yourself names or beating yourself up to a pulp when you burn your cash in ads that do not give you good returns.

Two of the influencers who agreed to promote my product literally told me they won’t post photos. But by then, I learned my lesson. There may always be something good hiding behind something bad.

So, be flexible and lovely to yourself. And keep improving your Shopify store ad strategies.

Remember, as long as you are alive, there are possibilities.

To be brutally honest, there is no alternative to being flexible when running a Shopify online store. Specially when it comes to marketing. With the average click-through rate for Facebook ads being less than 1%, you will need to be open-minded about promoting platforms. 

A desire to deliver an amazing shopping experience

This point makes a lot of people go “whaaaaaaaaaat”. And that’s understandable. New Shopify store owners are just concerned about profits. There is little concern about the shopping experience that they are gonna deliver to those who will land in their stores.

Why is it important?

It’s important because it will help you automatically stand out among your competitors. And it won’t be an exaggeration if they are millions in number. After all, Shopify makes it super easy to start a store.

And there is another benefit to being customer-focused. That is, you will feel generous. Yes, I said “feel”, not “be”.

This feeling will help you have a healthy outlook on life. The journey of a Shopify eCommerce business owner is tough. But it can be made enjoyable when you have the mindset to “give” than just to “take”. Even giant businesses spend on delivering amazing experiences to their experience.

One amazing example of this is the drinkable ad campaign of Coca-Cola.

So, how can you deliver an amazing shopping experience to your successful Shopify store visitors?

Answering that question will turn into an essay. It is actually a subject on its own. People who have studied marketing are continuously trying to enhance the shopping experience.

—  But you are not one of them. So how can make your store customers go “wow”? I will try to give you points that you can explore on your own. First, go through your Shopify store with the shoes of your customers on.

Click the link.

Land on the store.

choose a product. Go through the description and visual assets. Click on the add to cart button and proceed to the last step.

Did you find anything you didn’t like? Or something that is not intuitive? Something that is not performing the way you want it to?

Well, your customers will most likely notice these things. And these will affect the impression your store has on their minds. There is no end destination to this process. Your Shopify store can always be better. — But do you drive yourself nuts running after perfection? No, that’s definitely not what I meant.

My point is, always think about your customers. When you give them an excellent journey, they will reward you with orders. And talk about your store with their family and friends. Which Shopify store owner doesn’t want that?

Helpful resources for your Successful Shopify Store

Here are some resources I have handpicked to help you make money from your Shopify store.

Here they are:


Let’s have a quick look at the mindset elements that will help you be successful with your Shopify store.

Those are:

  • Well-managed expectations 
  •  Patience 
  •  Determination 
  • Flexibility
  •  Desire to deliver amazing service 

    It’s totally possible to have a successful Shopify store

Chant it like a mantra. Visualize it. Slowly, your belief will start solidifying.

And at the sign of every trouble, remember that you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have overcome those challenges. If they can, so can you.

“if you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

As Napoleon Hill has said,

 The only one who can work on making your Shopify store a success is you

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