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How to Connect Shopify to Instagram – Easy Effective Way 2022

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  • 28 Aug, 2022
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Last Update: 31 Aug, 2022

90% of Instagram fans follow a business connect Shopify to Instagram. And 50% of them get inquisitive, seeing ads of the brands on Instagram.” With a 1 billion+ user base and an ever-expanding window, Instagram is projected to remain as a top social media platform beyond 2021.

More than 80% of users hunt for their latest products or services on Instagram. Therefore, a cool Shopify store exponentially multiplies your sales pitch on this social platform. Shopify comprehensively facilitates the success of your store with CRM integrations, payment gateways, plugins, extensions, and account software.

Similarly, Instagram accelerates a complete social media experience and exposure to Shopify stores. The seamless combination between Shopify and Instagram inspires visionary store owners to sell on diverse forums. On Instagram, the customers of a 21st-century online store obtain a genuine “omnichannel experience“. Let’s see, If you want to create a successful Shopify store within 30 min please check this handpick article if you are not still opening a store: How to create a successful Shopify store in 30 minutes

connect Shopify to Instagram

What is Instagram to Shopify?

Every 2 in 3 enthusiasts consider Instagram to be enabling their interactions across various brands. So, Instagram to Shopify automatically intrigues effective sales through multiple channels. Thereby, you can enlarge your sales volume with unprecedented reach to a significant number of customers at a certain time.

Shopify and Instagram robustly promote eCommerce merchants. Your online store may be doing pretty well all by itself. However, no one can deny the additional role of the Instagram business, proliferating your online venture to a whole new threshold.

How does Instagram Shopping function?

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered exceptional shifts in the business world. Online businesses are not exempt from it. The challenge is to switch to a new, yet functioning, business model. 

Online shops are more and more indulging in an immersive full-screen storefront experience. It equips businesses with the brand story while driving enhanced product discovery. All these phenomena derive a native shopping feel to the customers.

People flock to your shop from all kinds of directions, including the Instagram profile and feed & stories. Reaching the shop, they flip through products, and collections, and purchase their choicest ones. Our in-app browser allows seamless browsing and shopping with checkout. And they need not leave the shop while doing so.

Back in 2018, Shopify and Instagram discovered themselves in each other’s arms with Instagram launched the Instagram Shopping features. This enormous eCommerce push operates like this:

  1. Product tagging features enable online merchants and influencers to tag products. Then those items surface on the Instagram feed or in the stories.
  2. The audience clicks on the product pictures for details. They are channeled to the Instagram storefront, to the product-selling store.
  3. Intrigued viewers can straightaway buy from Instagram. They need not leave the app to accomplish the process. However, this function works only for US users. Viewers from the rest of the world must click the ‘view on website’ button to extract further product information on the Instagram storefront.

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Why must stores connect Shopify to Instagram accounts?

You should connect your store to the Instagram account as of now. Primarily, it brings tremendous advantages just around the corner. Occasionally, Instagram rolls out fascinating offers and features, available only for a verified business account. 

For example, unverified accounts can never add a link to the Instagram story. They also fail to add clickable buttons on Instagram bio. Therefore, they cannot channel traffic to the product pages. As an eCommerce marketer, it proves to be disastrous in the long run. 

Connecting your store to Instagram eventually entails prominent benefits as you can:

  • Track posts insights & obtain Instagram Analytics
  • Tag products
  • Post-schedule
  • Manage ads to promote posts
  • Attach swipe-up links to Instagram stories

Obviously, Instagram business accounts trump ordinary Instagram accounts by a mile. None can ignore those useful business features. A simple connect Shopify to Instagram account massively consolidates your online shop, promotions, advertisement, and product sales. Inevitably, there are tricks in setting up this connection. Here, our Instagram experts walk you through the process.

How to set up Instagram Shopping?

To smooth out customers’ ease of access, Instagram Shopping immediately hooks up your Shopify store products on your Instagram business profile. Then, customers can sneak a look either via product tags or your online store. However, a professional Facebook business page adds immense credibility to your Instagram Shopping profile.

Our Shopify & Instagram experts explain all relevant setup processes in just 5 steps. Hop onboard → 

1 How to convert an Instagram profile to a business account? 


  1. Open your business profile on the Instagram app → click → click Settings
  2. Tap AccountSwitch to Professional Account → select a business category
  3. Confirm your contact details → connect your Facebook page.

2 How to add Instagram Shopping to Facebook sales channel?

As you set up the Facebook channel, Instagram Shopping is the first feature up for installation. Also, you can add it from the Overview page of the Facebook channel at your preferred moment. If you are already familiar with installing Facebook Shop or Facebook Marketing in the Facebook channel, you must have accomplished some vital steps by now.


  1. Open your Shopify adminFacebook sales channelOverview
  2. Tap Set Up to Start in the Instagram Shopping section → link up the Facebook accounts to the Facebook sales channel
  3. Scrutinize and accept the terms & conditions → tap Request Approval.

#Facebook takes 24-48 hours to review your products.

3 How to add a product catalog to Instagram?

Draw your product catalog right from the Shopping section in the Instagram business profile settings.


  1. On Instagram, open your business profile features → click Settings
  2. Click Business → click Shopping → confirm your Facebook account
  3. Select the product catalog → click Done.

4 How to add the “Shop” button on Instagram?

Adding Instagram to Shopify alone would not cut the deal. Display the “Shop” button on Instagram.

For this, enable product tagging as it eases product discoverability. Thus customers can outright buy from the posts.

Here, we have outlined the steps you must follow to add the button. However, these below-mentioned options appear only when your Instagram shop gets full approval. So, be mindful of this fact and give it a few hours in case these are nowhere to be found.

  1. Open your profile → click the Get Started icon at the top or options/the gear wheel
  2. Tap Products → click Continue
  3. Select the product catalog to hook up with your business profile → tap Done

5 How to change product description?

Edit the product listing on Shopify and publish the updated products to Facebook. Thus you can effectively bring a change to product descriptions, names, and prices on the product tag details. Your product description shows up the same on both Instagram and Shopify.

If there appears any discrepancy in product prices on Instagram, check out the price and compare at price in Shopify. Also, take a look at your Facebook Commerce Manager. Hence, you can ensure there is no sale start or end date on the product.

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Instagram-Shopify integration decisively benefits your eCommerce store. You have the freedom to choose among multiple options but you cannot avoid the inevitable. Get on board right now. Outstanding Shopify simplicity streamlines each integration with effortless installation. The integration ends up in long-term gains for your store all along.

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