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How to Increase Instagram Followers for Business

Last Update: 24 Jul, 2022

How to increase Instagram followers for business

An eye-rolling stat points out that 500 million users daily visit Instagram Stories. Businesses are taking advantage of this appealing feature. Stories content checkers are equal to that of daily Instagram users. (Statista)

With 1 billion visitors, Instagram positions itself right behind Facebook. But it has moved ahead of all other social network sites. Instagram is a fertile brand breeding ground. People check it out for the latest trends and fashion. A strong online presence here solidifies your online venture.

Themeim social experts lay out a comprehensive Instagram guideline. We have sorted out the most effective social tips and tricks. They help you rally an exclusive follower base behind your brand.

How to grow organic Instagram followers for a brand?

Instagram followers for a brand

Instagram is long past a simple photo-sharing app. It has undergone dramatic turns and twists. Now, it is widely considered as a launchpad for brand promotion. Here, marketers and influencers flock together to roll out the next dominating online business.

Strategic use of Instagram brings a paradigm shift in your business. All brand marketing agencies tap into its immense potential. Forget high-sounding business tactics for a moment and think on a personal level.

Even personal branding hits a whole new threshold with the correct exploitation of trending videos/photos. You can virtually reshape your reputation and career. Reach the heights of career objectives and recognition with smart use of Instagram.

How to generate an Instagram Business account?

Create instagram business account

Creating an Instagram Business account is a breeze for even a tech virgin. Within one or two flicks of the keyboard, you will get to learn a few solid Instagram marketing tricks as well.

—Let’s take a walk with Themeim social professionals and build an Instagram account from scratch. Our account model delivers strong product and service information

1. Download the Instagram app

In case you have no account, go to the app store. Then download and “install” it. Now open the app.

2. Create an account and username

Click “sign up” and enter your business email address. If you have a Facebook account, you can sign up with it as well.

However, you must devise an Instagram username that resonates with your business, its title, location, brand, or goals. Normally, brands put forward their company name to be the username. It clearly distinguishes them from others.

A vast organization often entails several locations, sub-brands, and multiple collections. All of those individual segments could use distinct accounts. Thus you can expand on your company name to initiate an Instagram handle.

3. Switch to a business account

Your account is now up and running. So, go to “Settings” to convert your Instagram into a business account. Scroll down to “Switch to Professional Account” and select.

A host of options appear before you like “Creator”, “Business”, and so on. Pick your account type. Here we go with “Business”. Following your choice of the professional account type, you are led to the next phase.

4. Add business contact information

As you have already finished setting up the business account, a bunch of additional options open up before you. This business information includes email, phone number, location, store hours, and business category.

We have already mentioned that a smart bio with a relevant tagline accelerates your business account on Instagram Finally, you can send your word out.

— Initially, you would not see too many ardent followers on your account. But do not despair as you will eventually muster a superb fan base. It takes a little while before you can bask in social popularity. By this time, you should deploy our useful Instagram tips and tricks.

Here is a tip – Convert Instagram Business Account to Private Properly

So let’s check out how to maximize brand value via Instagram —

1. Optimize Instagram account

Followers prefer neat and shiny Instagram accounts. Professional outlook and attractive layout easily capture their eyeballs. Therefore, it is crucial that you optimize the account to its best state. A well-organized brand account becomes irresistible for millions of Insta followers.

Right off the bat, you may be thinking about which Instagram features to attend to. Display a proper bio and cover picture. These basics parade your brand and background before the audience.

Many Instagram accounts fail to gain traction because of the absence of a bio and cover picture. Put everything in harmonious order with a touch of uniqueness. Thus your business dissociates itself from the crowd with a unique identity.

—Besides, select a popular or easy username. Seasoned Instagram specialists heavily recommend it. Search-friendly attributes of the username help you spread far and wide. Moreover, the visitors tend to remember your business better in the future.

2. Optimize Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio essentially turns into the target audience. It eventually ends up in ever more followers. The profile picture and bio produce the first impression on your visitors, giving them a glimpse into your business. The ultimate goal is to generate leads, customers, clients, sales, and revenue. We must delve deeper into the optimizable segments

I) Profile image: High-quality logo image develops a positive impression of your brand. So, select a stunning profile picture, instead of a dull one. Make it fun and memorable using various logo colorways. The prospect is forming an initial idea about you. Therefore, it must be a standard image.

II) Name field & handle: Instagram name and handle might vastly differ to accommodate your requirements. You need to show up in front of your potential customers. The smart brands unleash their targeted keywords in the name. The handle usually turns out to be your business name. It illustrates your strategies, business stories, organizational outlook, etc.

III) Location: You can manifest a brick-and-mortar storefront or service location in this section. The audience often feels pumped up to visit you in person. The fans might click on a hyperlinked location to figure out the exact location of your physical store. It adds immense credibility to your brand. People love following a business that can be traced in real life. Thus your Instagram following touches a new height.

IV) Text content: Your story on Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters. Each character counts. Innovative organizations put on a short slogan or heavily summarized and contextualized business idea. Throw a few keywords into the mix. They help your audience track your profile. Bring out some ingenious hashtags and emojis for fun. Your bio optimization must elicit a stellar perception of your brand.

V) Website URL: Your brand must have a website. Get it linked on Instagram as well. Hence, your followers can immerse themselves in highly classified content. It works the best for product promotions and sales pitches. You can use plugins and tools, such as Linktree to advance several campaigns or products. These plugins come as both free and premium. The premium ones usually allow you loads of customizations and nifty features.

3. Consistent posts

Instagram post consistency

Instagram success relies on post consistency. You must stick to a schedule for content publishing. This is crucial for the social platform to pick up your steam and brandish your brand before the target people. Random content publishing barely scratches the surface. —In the way, you effectively lose piles of follower engagement. Inconsistency dispels your Instagram profile potential.

Compelling scheduled posts get you out of this loop. Generate your posts in advance and dump them in the line. It slashes your worries. Pick a relevant time slot and your Instagram account does the rest for you. From now, you miss none of those special days, occasions, campaigns, celebrations. Professionally streamline them all.

4. Feel the nerve of your audience

You must understand them inside out. Otherwise, all Instagram strategies are doomed to fail. First, resolve these questions.

Who is your target audience?

What are they up to?

What triggers them?

When are they active?

Where do they live?

What are their age groups & preferences?

Your online strategy hangs in this balance. Instead of beating around the bush, get your marketing efforts together. Concentrate on your target audience and leave the rest.

5. Leverage Instagram stories

Leverage Instagram stories

You can gather up new users and mobilize them around your brand with Instagram stories. Shorts are small video clips. You may post them on your profile. A lot of top brands tap into Instagram stories to acquire new followers.

Videos promise high engagement and people are losing their attention span by the second. With these perspectives in mind, Instagram shorts are picking steam by harnessing the power of both.

6. Draw from Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers can expedite your vibrant online presence. A large follower base has its downsides as well. Newcomers would consider your products overwhelming and too much out there. Consequently, they tend to avoid purchasing your items.

Here comes the role of Instagram influencers wielding their proven fan base to whip up your sales volume. Find a niche relevant influencer with a tremendous audience. Then reach out to them. Their charges substantially vary, depending on the fan base. However, spend a few bucks to fuel your margins.

7. Unleash the right hashtags

Use the right hashtags on Instagram posts

Instagram hashtags or conducts lead visitors to relevant pages and posts. Anyone can do it. These hashtags denote locations, trending phrases, news items, emojis, etc. Make insightful use of these hashtags. Look out for the trendy ones. Thus people land on your profile searching for specific hashtags. Your organization gets ever more exposure with increased discoverability.

8. Audience interaction

Audience interaction on Instagram post

Inevitably, user interactions accelerate your company goals and objectives. It makes your followers feel special and get them closer to your cause. The audience identifies your organization as responsive and open to discussions. Instagram live feature streams live videos. It connects you with the visitors in the current time.

This people-oriented approach helps consolidate a follower base around your brand. It personalizes your organization and you come across the genuine views of the audience. Hence, brand advertising gathers stunning pace with a positive organizational image.

9. Tactical call-to-action button

Strategic call-to-action buttons direct your user energies. They dictate their behavior on your profile. What should they do next? Should they buy, visit somewhere, or get in touch with someone? Those buttons essentially drive them in the right direction. Digital agencies use various types of buttons, such as “click the link”, “visit our page”, and “contact us”.

How does Instagram Geotags boost local discovery?

With location tagging, you can increase the discoverability of your Instagram posts and Stories. You may choose the city or the shooting venue. Apart from trendy hashtags, Geotags give you enhanced visibility.

Locations bring in unique Instagram feeds together with their individual Stories. Hashtags further contribute to the promotion of the Stories.

Instagram location feed

Location tags mostly benefit local businesses across the board. You can make the best use of them by posting regularly to these feeds. Local prospective customers reach you. Engaging them in conversation is a great way to attract clients from nearby areas.

How to observe follower growth on Instagram?

Gaining significant Instagram followers means nothing if you fast lose them. Drained followers could really hurt your marketing drives. So, it is crucial that you check out your growth and engagement ratio at the same time.

Social Blade helps analyze your overall growth along with your competitors in the industry. This tool displays added as well as lost followers during the course of time.

An Instagram business account involves an Instagram Analytics dashboard too. It shows you a consolidated report on your account progresses and regresses. These valuable insights are nowhere else to be found.

You can even explore how many Instagram users really check out your profile. The dashboard illustrates how much reach your posts and stories get with your top-performing posts and user origins.

These datasets portray your shortcomings and development areas. Draw foresight from the top posts by examining their patterns. Reflect their tone in the future content.

Instagram tools cater to your requirements

Hundreds of useful Instagram tools can figure out your online strategy. Our experts pick three of the best. They build you an organic audience with compelling engagements all over the place.

  • Later: Automatically publish Instagram posts by scheduling them from smartphones or laptops.
  • IconoSquare: This is an analytics tool dedicated to acquiring information and insights into the account and the followers.
  • Webstagram: It derives the top hashtags for sponsored posts for an enhanced audience reach out.

Develop a surefire Instagram growth strategy

Follower numbers do not reflect your true business success. It is rather a partial picture as it is more than a game of numbers. You have to transcend this restriction anyway. Social media triumph mostly relies on your authenticity, social behavior, and post categories.

If you know what triggers your audience, you are already halfway to the goals. The innovative Instagram brands are all about engagement and not follower numbers. Instagram is one of the top marketing destinations for your products, promotions, and campaigns. A proper plan lands your eCommerce store with solid margins throughout the way.

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