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Top 10 of The Fastest WordPress Theme for Elementor in 2022 (With Tested Results)

Last Update: 08 Sep, 2022

Do you know what happens if your WordPress site takes just 1s more to load?

Well, the page view of your site will drop by over 10%.

— That means if 100 people viewed your site every day, it would drop to under 90 people.

If you sell items on your site, then your conversion rate and revenue will drop.

If you don’t want your site traffic/revenue to take a nosedive, then you will need the fastest WordPress themes.

A theme that is fully compatible with Elementor page builder.

After speed-testing many themes, we have prepared a list of 10 of the fastest WordPress themes for elementor friendly.

Qualities of a fast-loading WordPress theme

Apart from fast loading speed, your WordPress theme must have some other qualities as well.Here are 7 of those::

  • Responsive

Over 7 out of 10 visitors will remember and return to your website if it shows properly on mobile devices. And it’s these people who will never return to your site if it delivers a poor experience.

So there is no way to ignore the responsiveness of your WordPress site. And just so you know, Google favors sites that are responsive.

  • Customizable

If your WordPress theme is not easy to customize, you will need to spend extra time and money on web development. That means you will not be able to deliver sites fast to your clients. The more customizable your theme is, the more elements you can add to your site at present and in the future.

  • Page builder friendly

Page builders put a whole universe of design elements and widgets at your feet. With those at hand, building custom pages for your website is as easy as painting on your sketchbook.

Furthermore, page builders like Divi and Elementor provide a large number of demo site templates that you can import with 1 click. For hassle-free site creation, your theme must have this quality.

  • SEO optimized

If your website is at the 4th position on the SERPs of your target keywords, it will receive just 8 out of every 100 clicks. It will drop further if your site ranking falls. So your WordPress theme must be hyper-optimized for search engines. Otherwise, you will be losing precious organic traffic.

  • Plugin compatible

Plugins are the sweetest things about WordPress. When creating your site and scaling it, you will need to use multiple plugins. If your theme doesn’t integrate well with plugins, you will need to use additional coding to add functionalities to your site.

  • Cross-browser compatible

Your WordPress theme will need to be cross-browser compatible. —That means no matter what browser your visitors use to view your site, it must deliver the same user experience. From connecting to the server to creating the first paint, your theme must not create any obstacles in the path of the entire web page rendering process.

  • Effective customer support

Needing help with a brand-new theme is nothing uncommon. Specially if you are new to WordPress. That means your theme author should have reliable customer support service to resolve any and every query that its users may have.

— Before you choose a WordPress theme, do go through its reviews and test its support channel to make sure they are reliable.

The speed metrics we have used

To test the Elementor-friendly WordPress themes for speed, we have used the following metrics. These are: Total HTTP requests needed HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests let a browser connect with the server carrying the web files of websites. The more HTTP requests are needed for a WordPress theme to load, the slower it will be. Time to InteractiveThis is the time it takes for a site to become interactive i.e., respond to users’ touch, mouse click, keyboard press, etc. It will tell you how quickly your WordPress theme gets ready to respond to user interaction.

Total Blocking TimeTotal blocking time (TBT) is the duration for which the main thread is blocked. If it is blocked, your site won’t be able to respond to user input. We have used it to find out how long our themes take to become interactive. For a good user experience, TBT should be under 150ms. Fully loaded times the name says, it’s the total time a site takes to load. When you create your site, you are going to add elements like fonts, images, text, and animation. All these will raise the fully loaded time of your site. So the lower this time is for your theme, the better. Largest Contentful paintLargest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the time it takes for the largest content of your site (the hero image, H1 header, background) to be visible on your device. Your WordPress theme should not have an LCP over 50ms.

Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is the shift in your site elements caused by other site elements. Introduced in 2020 by Google Lighthouse, this metric is a measure of how pleasant your site is. Your WordPress theme must have a CLS value of 0.00-0.10.

Performance gradesWe have used the following tools to test the speed of the WordPress themes on our list.

  •   GTmetrix
  •   PageSpeed Insights
  •   Pingdom

We are now going to show you the elementor-friendly fastest WordPress themes. Put your pizza aside. Some cool themes coming your way. 

1. TheGem- A high-performance multi-purpose theme

TheGem--A high performance fastest WordPress themes

Want us to be totally honest here? 

Well, we were kinda drawn to this theme because of its name. When looking at the demo sites and features, we found its name to be fitting. Combined with its loading speed, it is a gem. We are pretty sure you will feel the same way about it. 

Basic info

The features of TheGem pack are simply staggering. We would try to give you a brief overview. First of all, it puts about over 400 fully-built and import-ready demo sites at your disposal. Businesses from online stores to large corporate houses will find demos suitable to them. In addition to being fully Elementor-friendly, it comes with over 30 unique site elements that you can use on your WordPress sites. That means you will never run out of site elements to try and test.

  • Flexible header and footer with drag-and-drop editor
  • Unlimited fonts and colors
  • 250+ styles with 60+ elements
  • 100% responsive to all devices
  • Optimized codebase for on-page SEO
  • Retina supported display
  • Reliable and competent support
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Over 400 demo websites
  • 1 Click demo import

All the features a theme offers will be useless if its codebase isn’t SEO friendly. TheGem has put serious effort into making sure its codebase is easy to crawl for search engine spiders. TheGem provides all the design, styling and customization options you will need to create a modern and attractive website.

It has a massive and diverse assortment of pre-made websites. Furthermore, there are widgets and site elements to extend the usability of your website. The 60+ design elements that it offers make creating pages with Elementor page builder a seamless and delightful experience. — No matter where your target audience is located, sites created with this theme will leave them impressed. 

Speed test results

Here is what we found after testing TheGem:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 4963
Time to Interactive4.6s (should be 7.8s 
Total Blocking TIme397ms (should be 1,550 ms 
Fully Loaded Time6.1s7.8s2.71s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.6s (should be 3.3s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.2 (should be 0.28 
Overall grade58% (D)31/100C (74/100)


2. Rey- A wonderful theme for corporate businesses

Rey--A wonderful theme for corporate businesses

When looking for the Elementor-friendly WordPress themes, our designer Russel proposed Rey. His best friend had his clothing store website created with it and strongly recommended it.

After testing it and a few of its demo sites, we have decided to add it to our list.Each of its demos is simply fantastic. If you want to create a fashion, clothing or furniture store website, then you will love it. Rey, like its upstairs neighbor TheGem, has a powerful set of features. Some of those are:

  • A large collection of pre-made flexible shopping gallery and product pages
  • Automated version upgrade
  • Single font source for the pre-loader
  • Use-based loading of in-built functionalities
  • Extendable with coding for advanced developers
  • Up-to the standard schema markup
  • Support for scalable vector graphics images
  • Supports unit test for testing any plugin without installing it
  • Header and footer builder to reinforce the features of Elementor
  • Mega menu for easy yet sophisticated navigation

Rey lets you create conversion-friendly eCommerce stores with speed and ease. It comes with super-beneficial features like modal popups, multi-language support, and gorgeous demo websites. — Not only does It lets you design your store pages with Elementor but it offers features that are absent.

With its optimization for search engines, stores you create will have technical difficulty in ranking for target queries. Parallax and infinite scroll, video sliders, video slider, and compatibility with Revolution Slider add to the already rich theme and make it perfect for successful online stores.

Speed test result

From the 17 demos, we chose the “Milano” for our speed testing purpose. Here are the results:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 3275
Time to Interactive5.7s (should be 6.6s 
Total Blocking TIme228ms (should be 720ms 
Fully Loaded Time5.7s7.0s1.21s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.2s (should be 2.2s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.01 (should be 0.029 
Overall grade65% (C)67/100C (75/100)


3. Betheme- Fastest WordPress Theme for Elementor

Betheme--fastest WordPress themes amongst other

Patrick, our content strategist, was drinking his favorite mocha. — However, his mind was on work as the deadline was near. So he was rushing to complete the list of the fastest WordPress theme for Elementor. But he slowed down when browsing through a few demos of this theme.— It’s a diverse and wide range of features was only matched by its number of reviews and sales. We loved it enough to put it on our list. We are sure you will feel the same way. Wondering what are those features that wowed us? Here are those:

  • Easy-to-use builder that lets you see changes in real-time
  • Over hundred import-ready sections for you to import
  • Lets you save design revisions
  • Responsive for a diverse range of devices
  • User interface that is intuitive
  • Smart text editor
  • Tons of fonts and colors to choose from
  • Easy to customize headers
  • 50+ design elements fully compatible with Elementor
  • Sliders with auto-rev

Going through all the features of this Elementor-supported theme takes a while. And it leaves you delighted.— In addition to the standard features such as responsiveness, ease of customization, and translation readiness, it gives you the freedom to customize every section of your site. It’s possible because of its “Muffin Builder” and seamless integration with top page builders like Elementor and WP Bakery.

And it doesn’t end there. With the theme package, you will receive PSD files that you can use to create content for your site. Whatever type of business you have, there is probably a demo for you to use. Hands down one of the most robust themes on this list (and on the planet).

Speed test results

Our promise to give the fastest WordPress theme for Elementor to your sites is serious to us. To show you how serious we are about our promise, here are the speed test results of the Betheme Elementor theme. Link to the Betheme demo website:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 5765
Time to Interactive863ms (super fast)6.9s 
Total Blocking TIme80ms (amazing right!)720ms 
Fully Loaded Time1.2s (the speed champion)7.8s932ms
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.2s (how is it this fast)4.8s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.06 (way below the recommended limit)0.55 
Overall grade93% (A)28/100B (88/100)


4. Kicker- A first-class WordPress theme for magazines

Kicker--A first-class WordPress theme for magazines

As we were in pursuit of the fastest WordPress themes you can use with Elementor, we found the name of this theme appealing. And everything else about it. After some of Samantha’s designer friends (she is a designer herself) talked about it like their celeb crushes, we had no option but to add it to our list. Kicker has a modest feature if you compare it to Betheme. But it’s still mention-worthy. So, here they are:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages for lightning-fast loading speed
  • Custom skins for a wide variety of niches
  • Lots of ready-made modules and shortcodes for rapid development
  • Multi-purpose Gutenberg blocks
  • Woocommerce compatible
  • 25+ customizable and fast-import sites
  • 70+ custom design elements for Elementor page builder
  • Live editing with the visual builder with Undo/Redo enabled
  • Codebase built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Multi-column mega menus with space for diverse content

When we were going through the features of Kicker, it felt like an essay. And not a short one. Everything you may possibly need to create a magazine site is there. Mobile-friendliness, social media integration, diverse types of blog post styles, and integration with top page builders form just the crust of the pie.

— As you browse through it, you will find AJAX-powered search options to enable your visitors to find content with ease. Did we mention Elementor friendly? Well, you can use this popular page builder to create attractive and useful headers, footers, and other page content. Not to mention the 750+ customization options of its own. In a nutshell, it’s a force to reckon with.

Speed test results

 Here are the speed test results for Kicker:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed Insights
HTTP requests 32
Time to Interactive3s (should be 14.7s
Total Blocking TIme952ms (should be 3,850ms
Fully Loaded Time3.3s (should be 15s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.4s (should be 7.4s
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.03 (no improvement needed)0.013
Overall grade65% (C)200/100


5. Bridge – A robust and creative Elementor theme

Bridge—A robust and creative Elementor theme

One major advantage of working from home is you will feel like exploring a lot. That’s how we came across this theme. If you want a swiss army knife theme for a WordPress site, then Bridge definitely fits that profile. After going through the entire theme page on ThemeForest, Sally, our senior content strategist, bought it for her photography blog. Bridge has gone above and beyond to include a huge collection of features in its package. Let’s have a look at some of those:

  • Complete compatibility with Elementor
  • Over 550 complete demo sites
  • Professional support coupled with the robust knowledge base
  • YouTube channel with video tutorials for site creators
  • Flawless compatibility with Woocommerce
  • More than 200 design elements
  • Engaging pack of font icons
  • Ajax-powered animated transitions
  • SEO optimized
  • Supports Retina screens

One of the most overwhelming things about this theme is its massive number of complete demo sites. The exact number is 560. And among these, we have found a demo for almost every business we could think of. And it only begins from there. — Since Bridge was designed with creative people and media houses in mind, they have provided dazzling animations powered by CSS3. In order to make the lives of web designers and site creators a little easier, they have also created their own YouTube channel with over 85 tutorial videos. One of the best things that we have found is, that it lets you use Elementor and WP Bakery in any way you want to create pages. Definitely worth a spot on our list of the fastest WordPress theme for Elementor page builder.  

Speed test results

After testing the Bridge theme using speed tools, this is what we found:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed Insights
HTTP requests 58
Time to Interactive2s (should be 10.6s
Total Blocking TIme59ms (should be 1,000ms
Fully Loaded Time6.7s (should be 15s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.7s (should be 6.5s
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.00 (no improvement needed)0.00
Overall grade83% (B)33/100


6. Ohio – An adequate theme for your WordPress site

Ohio--An adequate theme for your WordPress site

After browsing through the Bridge theme, the Ohio theme did not seem outstanding. The reason is because of the extensive feature bundle of Bridge. If you put that aside, you will find Ohio to be an adequate theme. in addition to the standard set of features that it offers, it is optimized for speedy loading.

Features offered by the Ohio theme include:

  • Premium plugins worth over $130
  • About 390 ready-made widgets for Elementor
  • Over 30 Elementor compatible demo websites
  • 1-click importer plugin for demo content
  • Clutter-free theme dashboard
  • Optimized for high speed
  • Super responsive site layouts
  • Translation supported
  • SEO friendly
  • Optimized codebase built with HTML5 and CSS3

The Ohio theme is easily one of the most useful WordPress themes for Elementor. Why are we saying that? Well, that’s because of the 33 custom widgets for the Elementor page builder. These include the common heading, message, banner, social media, and subscription widgets. What it also offers are countdown, progress bar, comparison, process, and testimonial widgets. SEO friendliness and support for RTL languages will obviously be a theme of this scale. Last but not least, it is compatible with WPML, and Yoast.

Speed test results

After testing one of the demo sites of the Ohio theme, here is what we found:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 7682
Time to Interactive4.0s (should be 13.9s 
Total Blocking TIme200ms (should be 510ms 
Fully Loaded Time9.7s (should be 14s1.65s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.9s (should be 4.1s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.01 (way below the recommended limit)0.16 
Overall grade58% (D)44/100C (78/100)


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7. Porto – Fastest WordPress Theme for Elementor

Porto--Fastest WordPress Theme for Elementor

Gary, one of our editors, was looking for dog food for Ruby, his golden retriever. And by a streak of luck, he landed on a dog food website that loaded faster than light (his words exactly). He immediately found out what theme it was built with. And that’s how he found Porto. We believe he convinced Ruby how awesome this theme is as well. A theme with 63K+ sales on ThemeForest is bound to have a mile-long list of features. Porto is no exception to that.

The following are some of its key features:

  • Supports the management of multiple WP sites
  • 100% smooth compatibility with Elementor
  • Suitable for a wide range of businesses  
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Virtually limitless colors and fonts
  • Over 30 custom elements for the Visual Composer
  •  Integrates with Woocommerce smoothly
  • As responsive as a theme can be
  • Sticky header with activate/deactivate option
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider

One of the best things about the Porto theme is the ever-increasing number of demo sites. And it doesn’t end there. It lets you create your own header style with its drag-n-drop editor. To make the header creation simpler and faster, it also provides 20+ header styles.— And you wouldn’t need to worry about the browsers and devices people use to land on the websites you create with it thanks to its cross-browser compatibility and full responsiveness. Support for retina screens, RTL, and translation extend its usability even further. And we almost forgot to mention. This theme works wonderfully with the Elementor. An all-in-one WordPress theme matched only by its speed.

Speed test results

Yes, we know you were wondering about these. Here they are:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 5150
Time to Interactive2.3s (within the 2.5s limit)6.3s 
Total Blocking TIme88ms (within the limit)760ms 
Fully Loaded Time3.6s (should be ~7s1.86s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)3.2s (should be 5s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.03 (way below the recommended limit)0.1 
Overall grade65% (C)41/100B (89/100)


8. Molla -An Elementor theme for WooCommerce

Molla--An Elementor theme for Woocommerce

About 60% of our content and design team have shown deep interest in drop-shipping and eCommerce business for a side hustle. That’s why we were inclined towards finding fast WordPress themes for online stores. Joanna, our content writer, posted in an eCommerce group on Facebook asking for such themes. About 30 people commented on her post with suggestions. That’s where we have found this theme. When it comes to features, Molla has you covered. Here are some we think are most useful:

  • Over 30 out-of-the-box site pages
  • Super-fast loading speed
  • Optimized for mobile devices (fully responsive)
  • Professionally built codebase
  • Unlimited color and styles
  • More than 500 Google fonts
  • Supports mega menus with 3 levels
  •  Over 6 different product page layouts
  • AJAX-powered product filter and search options
  • Multiple blog layouts to accompany your store

Molla is an all-rounder eCommerce theme known for its speed. Apart from fast loading speed, it offers design freedom thanks to its compatibility with Elementor. — It also offers limitless colors and fonts for you to choose from. Since users expect high-res images, it supports retina devices. What else are there? Well, it comes packed with AJAX-based search options to provide rich search results without reloading the page. And in case you want to create a store targeting the middle eastern countries, then rest assured. The Molla theme offers support for RTL and translation. With Molla, you can get started with your store within hours.

Speed test results

Here are the speed results of the Molla theme:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 9292
Time to Interactive1.2s (within the 2.5s limit)10.3s 
Total Blocking TIme106ms (within the 150ms limit)1,430ms 
Fully Loaded Time5.2s (should be ~12s2.04s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.4s (should be 5.9s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.02 (way below the recommended limit)0.002 
Overall grade83% (B)32/100B (88/100)


9. Brooklyn – Just another fast and amazing theme

Brooklyn--Just another fast and amazing theme

Brooklyn is an exception on our list of high-performance WP themes for Elementor. When curating this list, we all argued (not like cats and dogs) and had different opinions. Except for the  Brooklyn theme. — After going through its features and testing one of its demo sites for speed, we were not just convinced but impressed.

What features does Brooklyn offer?

Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent features that Brooklyn offers:

  • Over 50 professionally developed websites
  • Single click website installation
  • Over 2,000 global and local page options
  • 60+ modules with drag-n-drop for site content design
  • Compatible with Slider Revolution
  • WPML friendly
  • Mind-blowing loading speed
  • Works amazingly well with WP Page Builder (offers over 200-page templates)
  • Over 180-page layouts
  • Supports Retina screens

What can we say about Brooklyn? Well, if we start, it would take a while to finish. For starters, the Brooklyn theme provides excellent compatibility with the Elementor page builder. There is a lot more. —It also lets you use WP Page Builder to create site pages. And let us not get started with its readymade websites.

When you purchase it, you will get all of its 50+ websites for free. And then there is the usual set of features like RTL readiness, support for translation and retina devices, header and footer builder, SEO, and speed optimization and responsiveness. Whatever feature you can think of, you will find it in this theme. When you start browsing through its page templates, you will want to marry it. Period.

Speed test results

Here are the speed test results of one of the demo websites of Brooklyn:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 2946
Time to Interactive2.1s (within the 2.5s limit)9.8s 
Total Blocking TIme281ms (should be 1,870ms 
Fully Loaded Time2.5s (should be ~10s495s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.5s (should be 3.7s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.56 (should be 1 
Overall grade61% (D)25/100A (95/100)


10. Consultio -A WordPress theme for corporate houses

Consultio--A WordPress theme for corporate houses

After our list of the most speedy Elementor themes was ready, we were a little disappointed. It was not as diverse as we expected. So we had a meet. After 13 cups of coffee and lots of fries, we couldn’t decide what other niche themes we can add to our list. At that moment of desperation, Dora (our in-house strategist) suggested a corporate theme. We all agreed. After some search, Consultio was chosen.

What are the features of Consultio?

Have you gone through the features of the previous speed-optimized Elementor theme? if you have, then you have a pretty good idea of the features of this theme.

If you skipped those sections, then no worries. Here are the most significant features of Consultio:

  • Over 60-page layouts
  • About 30 header layouts
  • Fully compatible with the Elementor page builder
  • Over 65 widgets custom developed by Consultio
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider
  • Easy to use footer builder
  • Flawless responsiveness
  • Retina supported
  • SEO optimized codebase
  • As many color options as you want

Consultio was created with consulting agencies and professionals in mind. This theme offers all the features that people and businesses in this niche may ever need. One of the things that really impressed us is the 30 headers collection. — That means you will be able to find a suitable one for your business. The most significant thing is, that the Consultio team has taken user experience seriously.

That’s why they have made their theme RTL friendly, responsive, and retina supported. Site creators will have an easy experience as it comes with a ton of page layouts, footer builders, and compatibility with major plugins. We have found its compatibility with the Elementor page builder most useful. If you have web design clients in the financial or consultancy niche, this is a great theme with amazing load speed.  

Speed test results

Here are the speed test results of Consultio:

MetricsGTmetrixGoogle PageSpeed InsightsPingdom
HTTP requests 11492
Time to Interactive1.7s (within the 2.5s limit)16.3s 
Total Blocking TIme1346ms (within the 150ms limit)2,000ms 
Fully Loaded Time5.8s (should be ~20s3.79s
Largest Content Paint (LCP)1.9s (should be 5.9s 
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.13 (way below the recommended limit)0.18 
Overall grade67% (C)23/100C (79/100)


Do you remember the names of the 10 fastest WordPress theme for Elementor we have discussed? Most likely you don’t. Let’s give you a quick reminder about them. 

  1. TheGem
  2. Rey
  3. Betheme
  4. Kicker
  5. Bridge
  6. Ohio
  7. Porto
  8. Molla 
  9. Brooklyn
  10. Consultio

Wrapping up

The fastest WordPress theme in the world will not help you if your site has a poor design (or vice versa). So along with a theme, your site must look amazing and deliver usefulness.

— With that being said, tell us which of the themes mentioned feels suitable to you. Do let us know in the comments below. In case you have already chosen one and want a website created, feel free to reach out to us.

Editor Team

We are a group of WordPress experts (editorial team) from Themeim. All of these articles go through manual testing to reveal the ultimate outcome.