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How to Write Good Product Descriptions Shopify! 12 Effective Hacks

Last Update: 06 Sep, 2022

24% of purchase failures are caused by a bland product description. In comparison, good info can increase the selling rate by 78%.

According to search engines report

Sam has put a lot of effort behind necessary product details with professionally shot images on Shopify. Still not a single order! His content marketer friend suggested that he should focus on writing good product descriptions. This sad story is familiar to millions of Shopify store owners. 

So, How to write good product descriptions for Shopify? In this article, we will guide you with the most practical pinpoints to write a selling story. Let’s read.

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Do a Good Product Description Matter on Shopify?

To sellers, your product description is like a mirror of what you are offering. It is both the best or worst thing about the eCommerce business. If you write a great product description, that will make it sell. The vague one will disappoint both your pocket and the seller.

On Shopify, the seller is reading your product. Sell them the experiences you are offering through your writing. To keep the business going, your description needs to be enticing and catchy.

How to Write Good Product Descriptions Shopify

If you are used to copying and pasting product details from the manufacturer’s website. Then, grab your seat. We have a lot of work to do. The following points will help you to write a good product description that actually sells.

1. Know Your Audience

Writing focused product details is like talking to your imaginary customer. Do your homework and necessary research on your target product market and audience. That will make work easier. 

Question yourself. Like,

  • What are the buyers’ aspirations about the desired product? 
  • What are they looking for?
  • How will this product work for the buyer?

Concentrate on your target audience. You cannot sell a GPU to a beauty vlogger. Keep it target-oriented. Don’t make the description biased to grab every single client reaching your site. The result will disappoint you.

The first step to becoming a writer is doing research. Read a lot about your client’s demand and their expectations from the product. Keep the tone reachable to them.

2. Tempt Customer with Benefits

At first look, a customer doesn’t buy the product, they look for what it has for them. Think from a buyer’s perspective. Highlights the benefit they will have after buying your product. Tempt them with the upcoming goodness they will hold.

Entice the goodies that make your customer happier, healthier, or more productive. Highlight what problems or hassles the desired product will solve. Don’t say blank statements that will present your writing look inauthentic. Suppose you are writing about a pair of shoes, you cannot simply put it like,

These shoes are comfortable to wear. The sole is amazing and made from plant-based leather.”

for a shoe brand, you can put it this way instead,

 “The plant-based materials present in leathered soles improve the toe blood circulation without deforming your toe shape.”

3. Ignore Cliche Phrases

Avoid the common phrases that make your statement bland. Certain cliche phrases will make your description vague and desperate. Keep in mind that the customer buys experience, so make them feel it through your writing.

Phrases such as The best, Unique, Cutting-edge, Revolutionary sound lazy and effortless. 

For example, If you are writing about a Jump Rope, you can start your Subheading.

Burn 1000 Calories Anywhere, Anytime.

This jump rope will empower you to perform high-intensity cardio workouts anywhere with this lightweight material.

 This little info tells a lot about what you are bringing in. Use powerful words to make your description relevant.

4. Keep the Tone Authentic and Specific

Don’t juggle with your words. Make the description specific and easy to relate to your customer’s demand. Stop making the description a sea of unwanted details. Use the superlatives wisely. Prove why your brand is the best through words. 

For example, This school bag is more waterproof compared to other school bags. This statement sounds inauthentic and desperate.

Organizing the same statement as

This schoolbag is 75% more waterproof compared to regular school bags- which makes it natural. Add the research background of your product. This data will make them more valuable.

5. Charm the Imagination of Your Buyers

Imagine that dress in a store; you feel like wearing it. How wearing that particular dress will make you feel good about yourself. That’s the trick. Seduce your sellers with imagination. Make them feel how wonderful it will be to own the product.

There is actual research present, on how touching a product perceives ownership among potential customers. Organize your details to give your potential buyer an imaginary touch of your service.

Likewise, This dress is colored in the inspiration of autumn orange which will reveal the confidence of your persona with a soft touch of silk.

Can you feel the dress now? The product description should be like this. Illustrate your words to make them more desirable.

6. Be a Storyteller to Validate Your Product

There are evident positive results in mini-stories. Make your product information appealing by attaching mini-stories. Your story will tell the buyer about the quality and authenticity of the product. Don’t forget to keep the story concise and focused.

One can simply put an emotional background story that describes the product-making methods or the inspiration that made you start the initiative. The best part of stories is that they relate to your client instantly.

We can take the inspirational story of Nestle. This famous brand started its journey to deliver pure and nutritious milk beverages. You know the rest. Their motto, “Good food, good life,” convinced the buyers about the quality of their milk goods.

You can describe the value of your product through the help of your inspiring mini-stories. It will prove your dedication and hard work behind the scenes. But make sure the story is real and short.

7. Provide Social Proof to Make it Trustworthy

In the world of eCommerce, gaining trust is everything. You have to make your service reliable. So, the reviews and ratings will prove that. The customer will rely on the ratings first. They will dive into the reviews to know if your brand is really worth their money or not!

Highlights the ratings and reviews in your description. Tell them how your product will make their life the best possible service ever! Moreover, attaching a photograph of your client with the description will make it more trustworthy.

It’s proven that often people buy popular things. However, your positive review can sell your product. Furthermore, one can add reliable reviews as quotes in the description as well.

Suppose your mattress has received numerous positive feedback, you can add a review as quoted like the following.

Our trusted client John has addressed our mattress quality as” Sleeping on the cushioned clouds.

Quotes like this will evaluate the brand to potential buyers instantly.

8. Captivate Your Description With Sensory Words

The description should be written with words that will captivate the client’s brain processing power. Describe your products to evoke them with your product info. We can make restaurants or food brands a sound example of sensation.

 Food brands drop their dripping info to tempt the fifth sense of their customers. As a reference, let’s go through a description of orange juice.

Our organic juice is extracted from freshly handpicked ripe oranges from the garden. With no added sugar and preservatives, the sweetened taste will give you a taste of naturally sweet oranges with a fresh fragrance.

Tempting your clients through practical and sensory words makes them feel how the product works.

9. Make the Description Easy to Read

After writing eye-catching info, you are still getting no order! Take a deeper look at your description type. If your narrative looks messy and hard to read, it will be of no use. The audience looks for organized details about their required product. 

So make your info scannable and easy to read. Try to maintain the following.

  • Focus on the font size and gaps. Try to keep the font size simple. Artistic fonts such as italic fonts will make your product detail hard to read.
  • Use standard gaps with readable styles. 
  • Add bullet points and standard layouts to highlight the significant features.

10. Use Quality Images

A quality image does half of your work. The buyer won’t believe in blind writing. The narratives are enough to tell half of the story. A spontaneous image of your product will catch the attention of your potential buyer.

It’s true that the premium image sells half of your brand. To do better, you can organize an authentic photoshoot of your product. Take care of the image resolution and relevance as well. Choose an image that describes your service also.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial factor to take care of. Although, the details and organic writing matters the most. 

Search engine algorithms also prefer natural and unique writing. But try to balance the main keywords and LSI keywords in your description. Sites such as SEMrush, Keyword finder, and other online tools can help you to find suitable keywords for your product.

A good ranking will be an aid to bring more potential clients to your site. Authentic writing will do the rest.

12. Check the Grammatical Errors Frequently

Grammatically correct features are the signature of a quality product description. Just imagine, if you read product details with spelling mistakes and other errors, you may question the quality of the product.

The description needs to be grammatically sound and fluent. You can use online tools such as Grammarly to correct your writing. Moreover, cross-check the details at least thrice before posting on the website. The more you check, the more you will get.

You can also check our videos on the product descriptions for the Shopify store-

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Product Description

Writing a suitable product description is not easy. To bring the right thing to the description, you must avoid the following mistakes.

How to Write Good Product Descriptions Shopify

1. Write for People, Not for Bots

Don’t get so desperate on ranking. It makes no use if the top-ranked site contains a poor product description.

Since the search engines validate organic and unique details, focus on your client. Write the exact details they want to hear. Make your description dreamy and relatable.

2. Avoid Bigger Descriptions

You don’t need to make your description word full of unnecessary details. People love reading short and meaningful info. Bigger descriptions make them bored.

The length of an ideal product description should be between 305-400 words. The brief, the better.

3. Not Providing Enough Details

Sometimes the writer keeps exaggerating trivial points so much that they often pass out the crucial details. This is alarming. Never ever skip the basic info. Must include:

  • Product Features
  • Benefits
  • For whom you are offering.

Suppose you are selling t-shirts. Your site has fabulous images of t-shirts but no details on size and materials. Definitely, this will disappoint the seller, and they will skip your site. For that reason, basic details are important.

4. Buzzing About the Product but not the Benefits

Suppose you have written a lot about the product features. The description is all about the brand. But how will the client know what the products are carrying for them? 

Exactly, the buyer looks for the better the product will bring into their life. The benefits are the greatest sword that will slay through your writing. Never skip the benefits.

5. Enough Proofreading 

Here goes the most important part about writing. Proofreading is the most important step before posting your writing on the website.

Read and read. Scrutinize at least 5-10 times before submitting the final copy. You can correct the grammatical errors online as well.

6. Do Not Copy Paste

Say a BIG NO to copying product details from the manufacturer’s website. Plagiarism can damage both your writing quality and the site’s reputation. Your client will be looking at what uniqueness your service has, not any random copied description.

 Do as much research as you can. Read a lot. Write the best product description that will make your buyer place an order.

Is Product Descriptions Shopify Important for SEO?

Suppose you are confident about your on-site storefront performance; your descriptions are well written, and the images are professionally shot. But still, getting no orders?

It happens when your client doesn’t get your site on the ranking pages. How will they buy it if they don’t find it? That’s why SEO is important. Although search engines prefer fresh and organic writing, making the best use of keywords can boost your selling performance.

Undoubtedly the ranked site will get better attention compared to the non-ranked site. Also, experts say, more than 70% of people catch the sites on the first page. That’s why I try to balance both.

How Do You Write a Product Description Shopify?

Writing a product description needs research. Start by knowing your product and audience. Describe the image and benefits of the service you are offering. Place suitable keywords to make your writing optimized. Proofread after finishing. Improvise the necessary details. Your work is done.

How do I Optimize Products on Shopify?

Writing a product description needs research. Start by knowing your product and audience. Describe the image and benefits of the service you are offering. Place suitable keywords to make your writing optimized. Proofread after finishing. Improvise the necessary details. Your work is done.

How Do You Start a Description?

The best way to start a description is by using a hook-up line that introduces the topic. Start with some engaging metaphor that describes the topic with the core idea. Keep the intro short and specific. Don’t repeat the title.

How do I Add a Product Description to Shopify?

You can add your product description by following the 4 simple steps listed below:
1. Log into your Shopify admin, go to Products
2. From the products page, click on Add Products
3. Enter the suitable title with additional descriptions
4. Click on Save

Final Verdict:

Product descriptions are essential details. A catchy narrative can keep your business booming. Every writer should have sound knowledge of how to write good product descriptions in Shopify. Spend enough time researching and writing about your products. Your client needs attention to your product. 

— Make sure your description has the attention they deserve.

Have a nice day!

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