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10 Best WordPress Themes for Electronics Store in 2022

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  • 09 Aug, 2021
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Last Update: 08 Sep, 2022

Let’s have a look at the search volume of some popular consumer electronics items.

Pay close attention to the number of keywords (inside the top red box) and the search volume of some electronics items (in the vertical red box).

Search volume of some electronics item

The image above shows just a fraction of the volume of people that google electronics items.

So it’s a no brainer that a rising number of people are creating online stores to sell these items.

— If you are one of them, then you are probably going to create your electronics store with WordPress.

To help you get started quickly, we have prepared a list of the 10 best WordPress themes for electronics stores.

Stay with us. We solemnly swear not to disappoint you. 

I’m a bit of a gadget freak.

Matt Lanter

Here are the 10 WordPress themes for the electronics store we promised you.

1.Elementor-a dual-mode Elementor friendly theme


Would you like to know how we came across this theme?

Well, remember Joanna? She is our content writer. She is the one who wrote about the fastest Elementor friendly themes. After writing 6K words, she was kinda tired.

So just switched on her iPhone and asked Siri to show her the “best WordPress themes for electronics store”. And that’s how we found this theme. It’s also the first that we found through the assistance of Siri.

Basic Info


Madras Themes


May 2016

WordPress Version

5.6.X and Up

What are the core features of Electro?

Here are the features that helped Electro get 19K+ sales on Themeforest:

  • Dual skin (light and dark)
  • Elementor  compatible (lets you create headers, footers and sidebars)
  • Cool user interface functionalities (off-canvas art, new badges)
  • Lightweight and fast loading
  • GDPR compliant
  • Multiple options for mobile interface
  • Multi Vendor compatible 
  • Single-click import of demo sites
  • Comes with plugins that extend the usability of a site
  • 9 color palettes with options to generate custom ones
  • 6 header styles for you to choose from

Electro is hands-down a superb theme. its designers created it with all the needs of an electronics store in mind. it lets you create product carousels that let store owners deliver a window shopping experience to its browsers.

— Furthermore, it also offers 3 blog layouts. The blogging feature is especially important since the demand for high quality content is at an all-time high. What other features will you need for your store? Well, you would probably say responsive, SEO optimized, fast-loading, page builder friendly and customizable right? Well, you will find all those in this theme. It is simply amazing. 


2. Savoy -A minimalistic theme for modern electronics stores

Savoy-A minimalistic theme for modern electronics stores

After writing about the Electro theme, Jason (his last name is not Bourne) suggested that we include a minimalistic theme on our list. So our search began. After we have reviewed this theme, this is what Jason said, “Savoy is awesome. Savoy is cool. Savoy is selected.”

Basic Info


Nordic Made


September 2015

WordPress Version

4.7.X and Up

What features does Savoy offer?

Here are the features of Savoy:

  • Fully responsive design
  • AJAX powered features for a smooth shopping experience
  • Sophisticated header design options (including sticky)
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Touch-sensitive gallery, carousel and sliders for mobile devices
  • Supports Elementor page builder
  • Offers widescreen display option
  • Compatible with page builders like Elementor and WPBakery 
  • Supports retina devices
  • Options to choose 1-6 columns for products

A modern electronics store website will need engaging images, fast loading speed, adequate number of search filters, wish-list, sticky headers for promo, viewing of Instagram feed and a blog. Savoy offers you all those and many more.Do you want lots of customization options for cool headers and footers? —  Savoy has those in place.

Do you want your visitors to enjoy smart search? Savoy has that option powered by AJAX. Need infinite scroll for flagship products? Yes, that feature is available too.

So, it’s obvious that it will be SEO optimized, support translation options, be compatible with retina screens and have lots of widgets. A complete package to be honest. 


3. Konte -A multi-niche Woocomerce theme

Konte-A multi-niche Woocomerce theme

To be honest, the name of this theme seemed a little weird at first. But we never judge a theme by its name. So we took a dive in it. After some testing, Harry, our lead front-end developer said, “I want to eat this theme with pasta at dinner.”

Basic info




March 2019

WordPress version

4.6 and up

What features are available in Konte?

Konte has had 4.3K+ sales on ThemeForest. So you can imagine the features that it packs. Here they are:

  • Completely optimized for Gutenberg
  • Cross-browser compatible (IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • Compatible with Elementor  and WPBakery
  • Supports unlimited product categories and micro-categories
  • Integrated tracking feature for orders
  • SEO optimized
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Fully responsive
  • Supports retina screens
  • Compatible with MailChimp

The Konte theme is geared for eCommerce. And that’s why you will find features like an automated order tracking system, tax and shipping rate calculator, report builder, wish-list and shop layouts.

— In case you plan to integrate content marketing into your business strategy, there is a blog layout that supports all sorts of visual assets. Armed with its SEO friendliness, your blog posts will have the technical readiness to rank on search engines. Do you want to stand out among your competitors?

Then you would be delighted to know that this theme supports page builders like WPBakery and Elementor. With the help of these, you will be able to custom design your product pages. For your electronics store, this theme will be an all-in-one tool. 


4.  Ekommart-A WP theme perfect for electronics store

Ekommart—A WP theme perfect for electronics store

Ekommart is a super-popular WordPress theme for eCommerce. Joanna, our content writer for this one, soon realized it. She also worked on our article “fastest WordPress themes for Elementor”. She added Ekommmart to our list of WP themes for the electronics stores just because of its rating. We all went through its features and demo stores later though.

Basic info

AuthorOpal_WPPublishedMarch 2020WordPress version5.1.x and up

How are the features of Ekommart?

It has all the features you would expect in a theme that has made 3.4K+ sales.Let’s have a look at some of those:

  • Over 20 demo home pages for multiple niches
  • As compatible with Elementor as a theme can be
  • Attractive and dynamic product page layouts
  • Supports mega menu
  • Comes with stylish headers and footers
  • Responsive? Yes 100%
  •  Easy-to-import demos
  •  Live and easy customization
  • An uncountable number of colors to choose from
  • Supports Contact Form 7

As we have mentioned before, Ekommart has all the features in the world you will ever need for your electronics store in the next 5000 years (not that far in the future but you get the idea).

— It is the very definition of “easy to customize”. That’s partly due to its smooth integration with Elementor page builder and WordPress Customizer. When we thought that’s it, we found that it has over 23 (did we say 23) home pages for multiple niches. In case you are thinking about organic traffic and ranking, well rest assured. It is optimized for SEO and performance. In addition, it supports WPML. That means you will be able to show your store content in multiple languages including RTL. A very good deal for $59. 


5. KartPul -A protean theme for Woocommerce

KartPul-A protean theme for Woocommerce

KartPul is another versatile WordPress theme for online stores. Kevin, our content strategist, personally chose this theme for this article. He probably had a store developed as well. For a professional opinion, Kevin sent this theme to a developer. The feedback was amazing. That’s how it made it on our prestigious list of electronics store themes.

Basic info

AuthorTemplateMelaPublishedAugust 2019WordPress version4.6.1 and up


Here you go:

  • Amazing support for Google fonts
  • Highly customizable
  • Unlimited colors at your disposal
  • 113% responsive
  • 1.5K+ FontAwesome icons
  • Best friends with search engines
  • Various portfolio and gallery layouts
  • Drop-down shopping cart
  • Comes with necessary PSD files
  • Seamless integration of Woocommerce

Wondering how many sales KartPul has made?The number is over 2.1K. It was also among the weekly top sellers across the entire ThemeForest marketplace. If you are a fan of Gutenberg, then you will find this theme very easy to work with. Before you ask, yes it is SEO friendly and fully responsive. If you are a developer, then you will love it even more. That’s because the code is properly commented. Not something we come across often. We were specially amazed by its 1.5K+ FontAwesome icons package. That, coupled with its large collection of shortcodes and support for Google fonts makes it truly awesome. Download

6. Martfury-A powerpack theme for electronics theme

Martfury-A powerpack theme for electronics theme

You remember Carol right? We mentioned her in other articles of ours. She is a content writer and a nerdy comics fan. That explains why she thought this theme was sponsored by Nick Fury (we bet he doesn’t know what WordPress is). She is a very picky person. So when this theme was forwarded to her, Jim (in charge of themes and donuts) held his breath. He breathed again when Carol okayed it. You must be wondering about its features right?

Basic info

AuthorDr.FuriPublishedMarch 2018WordPress version5.0.x and up

An overview of Martfury features

Being an eCommerce focused theme, its features are a lot similar to those of Kartpul.Here they are:

  • Integrated order tracking, tax and shipping rate calculator
  • Lets you create pages with Gutenberg
  • Runs smoothly
  • Offers search by “stock keeping unit” option
  • Has the “related products” and “frequently bought together” functionality
  • Supports horizontal and vertical mega menu
  • Unlimited color and shop layouts
  • Has child theme included
  • AJAX powered add-to-cart
  • Asynchronous lazy loading of product images for speed
  • SEO optimized

This theme has been designed to drive the conversion rate of online stores created with it. Not only does it simplify store management with automated order tracking and shipping rate calculator but also lazy loading for images. Since electronics stores are image intensive, this feature is super useful. You are going to use blog posts to drive organic traffic to your store? — No worries. It is optimized for Google (and other search engines). Translation readiness and support for RTL add to its usability. Is it compatible with major plugins? Yes, it totally is. MailChimp, WPML, Dokan, Contact Form 7 and Woo Search are some of the plugins it is compatible with. Last but not least, it offers lots of options for product page layouts, headers and home pages. In a nutshell, it is Captain America for your electronics store. Download

7. XStore-Best WordPress Themes for Electronics Store

XStore-Best WordPress Themes for Electronics Store

Even though we have prepared a list of the best WordPress themes for electronic stores, it doesn’t mean we love them all equally. Just like our parents, we pick favorites (sorry if you are not the child candy of your parents). And among our favorites, XStore is among the top. Brace yourselves. We will spend the next 5 minutes explaining why it’s one of our favorites. 

Basic info

Author8Theme PublishedJune 2016WordPress version5.5.x and up

What are the major features of XStore?

There are many. Hope you have time.Here they come:

  • More than one-hundred ready-made shops (it doesn’t get any better)
  • SEO optimized (obviously)
  • Looks properly on all browsers
  • Amazingly organized codebase
  • Father (or mother) of responsiveness
  • Packs several custom widgets for Elementor
  • Includes over 200 PSD files
  • Lets you showcase products minus the add-to-cart option)
  • Sticky add-to-cart, infinite scroll and parallax scroll
  • Smooth animations powered by CSS3

It’s safe to say that XStore is the jack of all trades when it comes to WordPress eCommerce. When you start designing your electronics store with this theme, you will say the same thing to yourself. To start with, it is compatible with Yellow Pencil. — That kicks all coding requirements out of the design process. Then there is its hyper-simplified header builder. What will blow your mind are its off-canvas effects. This feature will let your visitors access the cart pages, mobile sidebars, and product page with a click or swipe.Do you plan to market your products to pizza-loving Italian or RTL people? No problem. It offers support for 20+ languages. With responsiveness, you will not need to worry about how your store will look on mobile devices. And yes it is super-optimized for search engines. So, just buy it, you know. You won’t regret it. Download

8. Urna-An all-inclusive Woocommerce theme

Urna-An all-inclusive Woocommerce theme

Preparing a list of the best WordPress themes for the electronics store didn’t seem like much of a challenge at first. But after shortlisting the first 7, we were having a hard time finding the ones for electronics stores. Right at that point, Urna came along and saved us from the anxiety.

Basic info

AuthorThembayPublishedJune 2019WordPress version5.4.x and up

So, what are the features of Urna?

Let us be honest here. Urna is not XStore. You remember XStore, right? It’s the 7ththeme on this list (just above this one). However, that doesn’t mean the features of Urna are not up to the mark. It has after all secured its place on this list.

So, let’s have a look at its features. You can then decide whether it truly deserves to be here.Here you go:

  • Revolution Slider 6.4 compatible
  • Supports WPBakery 6.6
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Supports WPML (certified)
  • Over 30 demo page layouts with a single click import
  • Seamless integration with Elementor page builder
  • Smooth integration with multi-vendors like Dokan, WC Marketplace, WCFM and WC Vendors
  • Comes with Mega menu
  • Accommodates custom CSS and JS
  • AJAX mini cart

It is not optimized for Gutenberg. Yes we know that’s a bummer. But its existing feature set more than makes up for it. So, don’t worry. Thembay, the creator of Urna, is a milestone member of ThemeForest. It has also been a trendsetter on Envato. So, it’s no wonder they have created a theme as useful as Urna. — Like its neighbors here on this list, Urna is refined for SEO, offers features necessary for high conversion, and compatibility with all major plugins that you will need for site maintenance and marketing campaigns. Even if you target the right-to-left language (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Syria) countries, your electronics store will be usable. Last but not least, it is page builder compatible and fully responsive. So all pages you create will be viewed well on smartphones and tablets. No wonder it has sold over 1,800 times. Download

9. Marketo -A complete WordPress theme for online stores

Marketo-A complete WordPress theme for online stores

We have told you before that we don’t love all the themes on this list equally. But we were kinda inclined towards this one. For the 9thposition on our list, three themes were shortlisted. Joanna and Jason did though feature comparison. Finally, Marketo got selected. If you go through its features, you will understand why.

Basic info

AuthorXpeedStudioPublishedJuly 2018WordPress version4.5.x and up

Now tell us about Marketo’s features

Sure. Marketo offers the following:

  • Effectively optimized for Gutenberg
  • Compatibility with Elementor? Of course (21 design elements included)
  • Integrates smoothly with Woocommcerce
  • Supports Revolution Slider
  • Lets you log in via social media
  • Works well across all devices
  • Accommodates Dokan Multi vendor plugin
  • Fully supports retina screens
  • Offers the same user experience across all browsers
  • Over 400 FontAwesome icons are available

Not only does Marketo lets you create your dream electronics store with it, but it also enables you to convert your store into a multi-vendor marketplace. It doesn’t end there. Store sites created with this theme will have the technical edge to rank on search engines. — Along with ranking capability, it enables sites to deliver the same user experience across all browsers and devices. Wondering about design options? It offers over 600 Google fonts. Demo pages? There are more than 7 demo home pages, 8 customizable headers and footers available for you to play with. The design capability is further extended by its compatibility with Elementor and Gutenberg page builders. Guess who this theme reminded us of? Well, the famous McGyver.


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RecapDo you remember what Queen Cersi said when she met Sansa? Most likely you don’t. You will need to watch it again. Similarly, we have been discussing the best WordPress themes for electronics stores for a while. So let’s have a recap of the themes we have talked about.


Your electronics store can have a bang tooYes, that’s true. Your electronics store can have massive success too. But you need to know that a Woocommerce theme is at the core of any WordPress-based online store. So, choose one after thorough analysis. If needed, take your time. Keep one thing in mind. of the millions of people that rush into starting an online store, less than 1% are successful.— If you don’t want to be like them, get a good idea of the available themes that fit your needs. When your store core is solid, you can build on it with ease and drive happily into the sun. Need help with your store? Feel free to reach out to us. But before you go, tell us which Woocommerce theme you find most suitable for your store?

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