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How to add a Google product category in Shopify! 2022 Updated

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  • 06 Sep, 2022
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Last Update: 06 Sep, 2022

E-commerce has merged all the boundaries available. With a simple click on google, you will get everything here. Shopify has fastened this process a step further.

For the rising entrepreneurs, synchronizing the products with Google has proved to be a potential profit.

— Among a lot of questions, we will answer the most common one- how to add a Google product category in Shopify? This article will generalize the simple steps to integrate your products with the google shopping category. Let’s jump together.

What is Google Product Category

google product category

Google product categories organize different products based on their types. Each product category stores a bunch of similar products. Likewise, Apparel and Accessories, Arts and entertainment, etc.

Here, Apparel and Accessories stock all kinds of goodies related to this similar category, such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc. Google sets these categories, but you can customize your product if that doesn’t match any of them.

— Generally, all products are assigned automatically by Google’s frequently changing product taxonomy. But the seller can enlist their products into more specific product categories.

Tagging high-quality images, optimized descriptions with proper titles, and GTIN information will ensure that your product is classified correctly.

Benefits of Syncing Shopify with Google

Syncing your Shopify store with Google will bring extra attention to your clients, which you are still missing. Google now runs the eCommerce world. There are many more advantages as well.

1. Advantage of Google Shopping Actions

Categorization of your products on google will avail you to the world of its advanced shopping actions. You can easily enjoy the perks of their advanced access on androids, desktops, and voice assistance.

2. Faster Display on Google

Syncing your shop with google will give you the extra limelight in the online world. Any buyer looking for a product that matches your category will get a faster display of your shop. This increases the sales rate up to 78%.

3. Become a Part of Google Shopping Campaigns

Each year, Google launches outstanding shopping campaigns. This type of initiative will get your shop popularity with some extra sales as well. You can also be a part of some fantastic brands through this.

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Requirements for Google Product Category

Google has set some special requirements for its product categories. Such as apparel and accessories, Books and Media, etc. These are termed Product identifiers. So, here goes the requirements for some categories to get enlisted.

1. Apparel and Accessories Product

The product belonging to the apparel and accessories category needs some crucial details which vary from person to person. To add a product in this category, you have to fulfill the following information.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Size

2. For Media Products

The media category includes music, videos, podcasts, etc. This creative property has some unique identifiers UPC, EAN, or JAN. These identifiers vary depending on the country, your media type, origin, etc.

These identifiers are testimonials of your product authenticity. You can learn more about these unique product identifiers to fulfill the requirements.

3. For Books

Books are also categorized as unique products like media brands. They need standard identifiers such as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), Manufactures Part Numbers(MPNs), and Brand names for unique products.

Among them, the GTIN holds the supremacy to enlist your unique product as richer and easier to find. For books or journals, your products must have ISBN authenticity as well.

How to Add Google Product Category in Shopify

To add your product to the Google shopping feed, follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Set Up Google Shopping App

To initiate the whole thing, you have to set up the google shopping app from your Shopify store. Since this app has some glitches, just go to the Shopify store for help if you face any problems.

Log in to your Shopify account and install the app. Provide necessary details to create a Merchant Center Account. On a note, if you have a preset product feed, delete the previous one and create a new product feed.

2. Update Product Data

Step 1: Open the Google Shopping App

Enter your Shopify admin page, hit the app button on the left-handed ‘Apps’ menu, and click Google Shopping.

Step 2: View the Synced Items

Now go to the overview page and hit the ‘Product Feed’ section. Here you will see the product status section. To get a bigger view, choose the link beside it.

Step 3: Customize if Necessary

If your product doesn’t have a listed GTIN, MPN, go to the ‘Edit Google Shopping’ and create a suitable category for your synced brand. For custom brands, attach the required details such as age, gender, color, etc.

Step 4: Save the Updated Data

Now click on Save to store the updated data.

3. Optimize Product Details and Titles for Google

Optimized product details can bring extra attention to your shop on google products. That’s why SEO is essential. In google’s shopping category, they will help you to rank your brand better.

Step1: Go to your Shopify admin page, tap on Apps and then click on Google shopping.

Step 2: Access the Merchant Center account, Find out the SEO product title from the PRODUCT TITLE PREFERENCE section. Click on it and pick a suitable title for your product.

Step 3: For description, go to PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PREFERENCE and click on the SEO product description to use an optimized product database.

4. Check Product Status

After completing the aforementioned steps, go to the product page to check your product status. The product may hold any of the following statuses.

a. Not Approved

Not approved means your products are not synchronized due to errors or lack of enough data.

b. Pending

This status means your products are waiting in the row to be enlisted. Maybe the products have some recent changes in Shopify. That’s why the synchronization is taking time. It will be fixed after a while.

c. Approved

Approved means your products have been categorized successfully.

5. Fulfill the Product Requirements

Each product has some unique attributes. There will always be specific data requirements for these products. Meet up all the details to submit high-resolution data

Guidelines for Google Shopping Category

how to add google product category in shopify

There are some distinct guidelines that can make your data high-quality for products.

1. Choose either ID or Product Category

The predefined category list also contains specific ID numbers for each. Be careful while you are enlisting. Either you enter your product under ID or a category. Don’t use both.

If you don’t find any category that matches the product, you can customize the product category as well. To customize the product category, use the product type [product_type] attribute.

2. Use English as a Universal

Sometimes the unique brands don’t have access to the predefined language criteria. The product codes are not accessible to all languages. At this point, use English to describe them, or you can use numbers instead.

3. Choose the Category that Describes the Product Best

Select a category according to your product function. For example, if you are selling female maxi dresses, you can simply include them as Home > Women > Dresses > Maxi Dresses (ID).

4. Select the Fixed Category Possible

Try to choose the most specific product category possible. Like, if you are selling headphones, use the MP3 player accessories categories,

Electronics > Audio > Audio Components > Headphones & Headsets > Headphones(ID: 543626).

5. Use the Recently Updated Categories

Avoid categories that were published before August 2011. Contact the Google merchant center help to know the latest product data available.


How Do I Bulk Edit Google Product Category in Shopify?

To bulk edit the google product category on Shopify, please do the following.
— Log in to the Shopify admin page
— You will find the checkboxes; use the fields you want to edit or change about the required products. For bulk edit, you can select all products available in your store as well.
— Then click on Edit products to save the changes.

How Do I Categorize Google Products?

Go to the Google product category and read the full details about the taxonomy. Depending on your product, enlist them to the specific category. For example, if you are selling gown, you can put it as,
Home > Women > Dresses > Gown (ID).

What is a Product Type Example?

A product type is a collection of attributes to set a suitable product category. There are several product types. An example of a product type can be the standard product. This type doesn’t have any configurable options.

How Do I Add a Category to a Google Product?

There are two easy ways to add a category to a google.
Let the Google Decide
You can leave your google_product_category blank. Sometimes google sets the category automatically.
Set a Default Category
Go to google_product_category and click on the manage feed. Add a category by clicking on Define field pages


To run a profitable e-business, you must have sound knowledge of making the product reachable. Google product category is one of them. Here, we have tried to describe every crucial detail of google product taxonomy and how to add google product categories in Shopify. Learn to grow your store. 

Best of Luck! 

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