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Astonishing 40 tips on how to succeed as a freelancer

  • By Zakariar Habib
  • 24 Jul, 2022
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Last Update: 25 Jul, 2022


Freelance outsourcing is a popular profession at this time. But in terms of success in freelancing, several things work, but many more things have to be followed. Keep in mind that freelancing comes with many challenges to face.


The image above describes how freelancers succeed in different categories in the United States in 2021 as percentages. A survey suggests that freelancers are the most prevalent in Europe, such as: in Europe and Russia at 46%, in North America at 18%, in Latin/South America at 16%, in Africa at 11%, and in Asia/Pacific at 9%.

Another report studies that India beats the 25% share in online global freelance supply thanks to their robust technology and English language skills. They are followed by Pakistan, Bangladesh, and United Kingdom.

To grasp how to succeed as a freelancer, the very first thing you need is to define your expertise and what you can offer to your clients. Then build your digital presence, detail your prices competitively, use online platforms to find clients, and the rest of the issues constantly come one after another.

So, those who are worried about succeeding in freelancing may find these tips helpful:

Astonishing 40 tips on how to succeed as a freelancer

1. Marketing by yourself: Marketing is the biggest key to getting new work or old clients back. You have to highlight your qualifications. Never stop, even when busy. Remember that the world respects merit.

2. Being active on social media: Apart from marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer, social media and other online communities are among the best ways to find prospective clients. So try to keep yourself updated on social media.

3. Creating your website: Create a portfolio website of your own, where your expertise and full work details drew clearly and nicely. The advantage is that a small link on the website will greatly increase the client’s acceptance.

4. Blogging to establish expertise: Blogging is a great way to present yourself to others as skilled and knowledgeable in the field you work on. So you have to blog about this regularly.

5. Know the good aspects of work: Every person is unique in terms of work and skills. You have to find that uniqueness. If you know what you are good at, you will greatly benefit from working and marketing yourself.

6. Keeping Portfolio Updated: Regularly review and keep your portfolio updated. Keep in mind to show your good deeds first.

7. Learning to talk: Don’t always think that clients will come and knock on you, maintain regular contact with potential clients. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build the door first.

8. Researching potential clients: It is best not to enter into any contract without knowing the people you will be working with well. Both the client and the job need to be known first. Otherwise, there is a possibility of being in danger later.

9. Learn to listen and ask vital questions: It’s better not to decide what to do just by assuming what the client wants. Listen carefully to what he wants and ask questions if you don’t get a clear idea.

10. Be polite: Even if you live in a harsh environment, you should never reveal it to others. Gentle manners will make you a remarkable personality. So everyone should be treated politely.

11. Negotiating: There is no rule that you must or will not accept any offer or condition from the client. You can negotiate or discuss all aspects of the contract as a freelancer.

12. Creating your opportunity: You will fully know what the client wants. Be as specific as possible about the work.

13. Evaluating the cost of work impartially: Many people do not get work, so they want to provide services to clients at a low cost. Never do this, but rather set the right price by presenting quality work.

14. Don’t be afraid to accept: Don’t assume that every opportunity in a freelancing career is right for you. Don’t be afraid to turn down the job if you realize the job isn’t for you. Say yes, considering the amount of work and time available. Remember, being able to say ‘no’ with humility is also part of being competent.

15. Require a written explanation of your work: Before starting work, make a written agreement or get a written explanation of what your work needs to complete in time.

16. Don’t get bored: Make sure your work environment is most conducive to your work before starting work. Because if you are distracted while working, the work may take longer to complete, or you may not be satisfied with the quality of the work.

17. Following a Routine: Most freelancers agree that their work productivity increases greatly when they follow a specific work routine. So follow the routine at work.

18. Keeping the work area clean: A dirty environment reduces your work speed and courage in ways you may never realize. If you’re a messy person, declutter your workspace for a day today and then get to work. Trust me, you will feel the difference yourself.

19. Create a healthy diet: One of the prerequisites for success in a freelancing career is staying healthy. Most freelancers cannot work due to illness. And the biggest cause of this disease is the wrong diet. So develop proper eating habits.

20. Exercise: Exercise will make you feel more energetic, increase your concentration, and you will be able to multitask efficiently.

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21. Take occasional breaks: This may seem like a no-brainer. But keep in mind that working continuously for long hours reduces your productivity to a great extent. So take a break sometimes, and find joy in the work.

22. Meeting expectations: Don’t disappoint the client, deliver work on time and take utmost care to ensure that what you deliver meets the client’s requirements.

23. Invoicing: Send the invoice to the client after submitting the work. If you wait, you or the client can forget about it.

24. Saying Thank You: Few people can say thank you. One of the easiest ways to get noticed by someone is to say a sincere thank you. So don’t miss out on thanking the client.

25. Follow-up: Many freelancers are afraid to follow up with clients. But remember, following up is one of the most important parts of freelancing.

26. Setting goals: Without setting goals, you will never be able to measure how far your work is progressing or on the right track. So set reasonable goals that you can achieve.

27. Planning: Have you set goals? Now plan according to that goal. Break down tasks into smaller parts if necessary. Please take a look at it when you get time.

28. Enlist the help of collaborators: Just because you’re freelancing doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Get help from others for a particular task.

29. Making time for learning: As the saying goes, there is no end to knowledge, no age to learn. Keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Learning something new regularly is not optional for freelancers.

30. Investing in something good: A good way to spend money is to buy yourself a high-quality PC, buy software if you need it and spend it on high-speed internet. These will save unnecessary time and make work easier.

31. Use of the right software: Although most of the work can be done with freeware tools, you may need to purchase some software or tools to perform certain tasks. At that time, listen and make the right decision so you can finish the job properly.

32. Forming a support group: Generally, freelancers work alone, but help is sometimes needed. So whether to make or keep a friendship is entirely up to you.

33. Gathering Client Comments: Endorsements or testimonials from old or new clients will strengthen your marketing. Therefore, you can highlight positive client comments about you in your portfolio.

34. Making your own products: You can make some of your own products for extra income. For example, templates, training modules, WordPress themes, and ebooks can be made and sold.

35. Be positive: Remember, a freelancer’s good attitude is a huge asset.

36. Believing in yourself: If you believe you are not the right person for the job, how do you expect the client to think you are qualified for it?

37. Do something new: Don’t be afraid to experiment.

38. Analyzing your opinion online: What you say online or what is said about you is very important; follow it properly.

39. Futuristic planning: Prepare for the future, save for the future.

40. Check constantly: Regularly check if the above things are running properly.

Wrapped Up:

So, these are the most astonishing 40 tips on how to succeed as a freelancer. And mark my word, if you follow these tips, it won’t take you astray.

And if you really want to know what is the future of freelancers, you can read here.

At last, I hope your work life becomes significantly easier. Although freelancing doesn’t sound like a job we’ve ever known, being your boss and managing your schedule sounds like a dream job.

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