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Best Free WordPress Themes for Pool Service

Last Update: 31 Jul, 2022

Choosing a WordPress swimming pool service theme from among thousands (sometimes more) options is super fun. Probably more fun than swimming itself.


No, of course not.

You will need to check the demo of the theme, go through its features (both free and paid plans), and check their customer support. — Before making the final choice, you may need to browse the themes and its demo sites a few more times.

If you are reading this article, then you are smart and want to avoid all those troubles.

Here are 10 paid and free WordPress themes for pool service or swimming pool cleaning businesses and their best features.

1. Astra-One of the Best Free WordPress Themes For Pool Service

Astra-Excellent WordPress theme for pool service

We must confess something. We are kinda in love with Astra. And why shouldn’t we be? Along with a huge set of features, there are over 180 demo sites to look at. And don’t get us started with its unrivaled responsiveness and compatibility with page builders. When you go through the features below, you will most likely feel the same way we do.


Listing all the features of Astra will take up several pages. So, we are covering the most awesome ones. Here they are:

  • Takes up under 50 KB of space
  • Sites created with it view perfectly on all the devices (phone, tablet, desktop)
  • Works great with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and Visual Composer
  • Provides the technical SEO advantages you will need for your site to rank on search engines
  • Full support for translation and RTL languages
  • And, it is faster than light (well not that fast but you get the idea right?)
  • Has free and paid plans (starts from $59/year)


2. Colibri WP-Another Multipurpose WP Theme

Colibri WP-Another multipurpose WP theme

Don’t be surprised (or annoyed) by the thumbnail. We know you were expecting a guy (or a girl in a bikini) cleaning a pool. And here is a guy offering handyman services. Well, take a moment and cool down. This is a multipurpose theme. That means you can use it to create a swimming pool cleaning website just fine. Don’t take our word for it and have a look at their features.


Colibri WP offers:

  • Over 150 out-of-the-box drag and drop content blocks that you can customize in any way you want.
  • Cool hover-sensitive animations to engage your visitors better
  • Responsive? You bet!
  • More than 90 fully ready demo sites (sadly not all are available in the free plan)
  • Templates of inner pages (portfolio, About Us, gallery)
  • Lots of header templates at your disposal
  • Support for RTL and other languages
  • Comes with its own site builder
  • Optimized for SEO (pretty standard for a robust theme like this one)
  • Has both free and paid plans


3. Home Services-Simple Yet Powerful

Home Services-Simple yet powerful

Home Services comes packed with all the features needed for a swimming pool cleaning service and more. With this theme, you will be able to offer pool cleaning service as part of domestic services like roofing, garden manicure, and others. What caught our attention is its blog feature. This WordPress pool theme allows you to show off your blog posts in the below-the-fold section. Like us, you will find their features highly usable.


Home Services offers features that a good WordPress theme should.

  • Some of the most mention-worthy ones are:
  • Websites created with it are equally usable in all browsers
  • Comes with SEO optimization features specific to local services
  • Conversion-friendly CTA blocks
  • Inner page templates including blog, services, contact, gallery, team, and portfolio
  • Simplified social media integration
  • It is compatible with page builders. So creating site pages with it will be like painting on a canvas
  • Has both free and paid plans


4. Cleaning Lite-A Well-Designed Theme

Cleaning Lite- A well-designed theme

If you are looking for a theme solely developed for swimming pool cleaning (or cleaning in general) services, then that would be cleaning lite. Professionally developed by veteran coders, it has a pretty large feature set highly suitable for local cleaning service websites. Creating attractive site pages is quite simplified with this theme. Just one downside. Most of its features are available in the pro version.


Here are the features Cleaning Lite offers for creating cleaning service websites:

  • Beautifully designed home page options to impress your visitors
  • 117% responsive on all devices (you get the idea)
  •  Adequate compatibility with Woocommerce and Contact Form 7
  • Optimized for ranking on search engines (Google, Bing)
  • Admin panel that doesn’t leave you frustrated (we have come across themes like that)
  • Codebase has all the necessary comments
  • Both free and paid version are available ($39)


5. Bassein- A Mobile-First Theme Created For Swimming Pools

Bassein- A Mobile first theme Created for swimming pools

For our WordPress theme development projects, we usually check out and analyze thousands of views every month. That’s why we are not easily impressed with WordPress themes very often. Bassein was like a pizza treat from our team manager (it comes at moments least expected). It came up in our ThemeForest search suggestion. A quick look at the demo left us amazed. In addition to all the standard features like responsiveness and page builder compatibility, it offers typography and color options that will help you have just the right impression on your visitors. Don’t believe us? Have a look at their features and their demo (link given below).


Some of the most useful features of this amazing pool service WordPress theme are:

  • Admin interface that lets you have complete control over every aspect of your site
  • Fantastic typography and Fontello icons
  • Parallax scroll to make your site appear exceptional
  •  Cross-browser compatibility (an essential feature)
  •  Large assortment of shortcodes for a diverse range of content
  • Responsiveness that can easily rival that of the Astra theme
  • Over 745 customization options to help you design your site just the way you like
  • Compatibility with all the crucial plugins
  • Support for retain screens
  • HTM5 and CSS3 code backbone that accommodates AJAX search option
  • All this and more for just $59


6. LZ Cleaning Services – A Dynamic Theme For Cleaning Services

LZ Cleaning Services-A dynamic theme for cleaning services

Don’t be intimidated by the moody expression of the cleaner in the image. We all have bad days. Apart from that, this theme will have all your site design needs adequately covered. From powerful frameworks for simplified customization to useful design blocks, this theme is a force to reckon with. A true swiss army knife in the form of a WordPress theme.


It’s popular for:

  • SEO optimized codebase to drive organic traffic to your cleaning service site
  • Compatibility with the Bootstrap framework to let you create mobile-friendly pages
  • Lots of inner page templates
  • Lots of scroll-sensitive animations to enhance the user experience
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports all the widgets you will need for a modern and professional website


7. Home Care – Truly a Multipurpose Theme

Home Care - Truly a multipurpose theme

Another free WordPress pool service theme without any pool in the image. But we are not to blame for it. cleaning service providers tend to lump various cleaning (including pool) into packages. They deserve usable websites too. If you are one of those service providers, then you can rely on this theme for a professional website. You will agree with us when you see its features.


Features that make this an amazing WordPress theme are:

  • Hover-sensitive animations powered by JavaScript
  • Banner sliders
  • Well-placed CTA blocks to convert your visitors into leads
  • Templates for important pages like About Us, testimonials, latest blog posts and more
  • As responsive as they come
  •  Lets you create a mega menu for your site
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Both free and paid plans (starts from $49/year)


8. Smart Cleaning – A Responsive WordPress Theme

Smart Cleaning - A responsive WordPress theme

To be unapologetically honest, this is not one of the themes that impressed us. What is it doing on our list of WordPress swimming pool cleaning service themes then? Well, that’s due to its features of course. Even though it is no match for themes like Divi, Astra, or Colibri WP, it gets the job done.

For a cleaning service site with customer-friendly functionalities, this theme will be a good choice.


Pretty much all features for an all-rounder cleaning service website are available in this theme. Some of the features that you will need the most are:

  • It is responsive (no breaking down of site on mobile devices)
  •  Support for RTL and translation so that you can market your services in non-English speaking regions
  • Accommodates short-codes for enhancement of site functionalities
  • A codebase that is optimized for speed (not for those who want a slow site)
  • Hover-sensitive animations for a pleasant browsing experience
  •  Uses the Bootstrap framework that enables creating mobile-friendly pages
  • All necessary content blocks and page templates (Testimonial, About Us)
  • Social media integration
  • Has free and paid plans ($39)


9. Divi-A Theme as Powerful as Hulk

Divi Themes

If you plan to use your websites for lead capturing and as part of sophisticated marketing funnels, then Divi is the one of the most suitable themes. And the reference to Hulk, well we are not exaggerating one bit. It has taken an oath to give true freedom of customization to its users. And it has fulfilled it. A quick tour of its features and you will feel its power.


Going through the features of Divi is like watching a fun video.

  • Some of its key features are:
  • Allows bulk editing of content blocks (a huge time saver)
  • Heart-melting drag-n-drop site-building process
  • Thoroughly responsive site creation is a piece of pie
  • Expecting in-line text editing? You have got it in this WordPress theme
  • Over 800 out-of-the-box designs that will leave you browsing them as you browse through Netflix
  • Over one hundred completely ready websites focused on various niches
  • Play with lots of hover-state styling
  • Starts from $89


10. Maintenance Services-An Obvious Choice For Pool Cleaning Websites

Smart Cleaning

In case you are wondering, no helmet is needed for cleaning swimming pools. With that being said, Maintenance Services is one of the most intuitive cleaning service WordPress themes we have used so far. Its out-of-the-box templates and compatibility with lots of builder tools is highly beneficial for creating custom websites.


Maintenance Services offers the following:

  • Full compatibility with SEO plugins
  • Over 600 Google fonts for your use
  • Sites created with it load amazingly on mobile devices
  •  Over 63 design templates that you can use with ease
  • Support for retina screens
  • Over 100 short-codes to use content in any way you want
  • Compatible with page builder tools


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We have looked at some swimming amazing WordPress themes for pool services.

Let’s have a recap of the themes we have discussed.

  1. Astra
  2. Colibri WP
  3. Home Services
  4. Cleaning Lite
  5. Home Care
  6. LZ Cleaning Services
  7. Smart Cleaning
  8. Basssein
  9. Divi
  10. Maintenance Services

Show off your pool cleaning expertise on a modern website

Having a dazzling website is as crucial as having great pool cleaning materials.

A website, when done right, will be a non-stop salesman that will boost your reach beyond your neighborhood.

And for such a website, even a paid WordPress theme is a worthy investment.

This investment may actually help you get 1,000x return by standing out among rivals with average websites.

So, you have a decision to make.

Whether the website is for your own business or that of a client, try to choose a robust pool cleaning theme or free WordPress themes for pool service where you will have ample scope for design and features.

Good luck. Hope your website fulfills its target.

If there is one theme from the 10 free WordPress themes for pool service we covered here, do let us know in the comments. We love hearing from our valued readers.

Editor Team

We are a group of WordPress experts (editorial team) from Themeim. All of these articles go through manual testing to reveal the ultimate outcome.