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Top 50 Most Famous WordPress Website Examples of 2023

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  • 21 May, 2024
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Last Update: 21 May, 2024

WordPress is not only an excellent platform for blogging but also a popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It can be used for building any online platform like small enterprises to large high-traffic magazine publication websites. With over 455 million websites, WordPress is currently used by 37% of all Internet websites.

In this article, we are going to share with you some examples that will introduce you to some of the best WordPress sites in 2022. Perhaps, these will be the famous WordPress website examples in 2023.

The 50 Most Famous WordPress Website Examples of 2023 That Can Be Your Source of Inspiration

  1. Government and Enterprise WordPress Sites
  2. Agency WordPress Sites
  3. News and Magazine WordPress Sites
  4. Educational WordPress Sites
  5. Entertainment WordPress Sites
  6. Blog WordPress Sites
  7. ECommerce WordPress Sites
  8. Non-Profit WordPress Sites
  9. Personal WordPress Sites

Let’s not waste time with the introduction. We have listed the 50 WordPress website examples of big brands that are already popular in 2021 and hopefully, will remain popular in 2023.

Best Government and Enterprise WordPress Sites

1. Sony Music

The very first WordPress site on our list is Sony Music Entertainment. Who doesn’t know this global music record company? Surprisingly, the brand has chosen WordPress as its number one CMS for website building. With a broad array of local and international music stars, this website comprises some of the best recordings in history.

2. The Walt Disney Company

The next on our list of famous WordPress website examples are also from an internationally recognized brand, The Walt Disney Company. The website symbolizes the reputation of the company 100%. Walt Disney always tries to provide the world’s best content for entertainment, including some of the leading producers.

3. The White House

The official website of the Whitehouse should always be perfect. This website contains important news about the status and important decisions made by the president of the United States. So, this WordPress site is checked by people for news updates on the economy, budgets, national security, immigration, and healthcare.

4. The Toyota

The USA-based website of Toyota is surely one of the mentionable WordPress sites. With a simple design, this enterprise WordPress website keeps a modern look. As a customer, you can gather the necessary information about any particular car model of Toyota. A great WordPress website example for car enthusiasts.

5. TATA Motors

TATA Motors is the leading automobile manufacturing company in India. With over $34 billion worth, it is one of the largest vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. It had a diverse portfolio of utility vehicles, sports cars, trucks, buses, and even defense vehicles.

Best Agency WordPress Sites

6. SparkPost

If you are not aware of SparkPost, then you should know it is one of the best platforms for sending and delivering emails to websites and applications. And they have also chosen WordPress to build their website. You should know –

Nearly 40% of all commercial emails are sent via SparkPost, which is about 4 to 5 trillion per year.

This makes SparkPost the world’s largest and most reliable email sender in the world. The website has a pretty decent look with all the basic functionalities.

7. Tonal

Tonal is a fitness website based on WordPress. They have a physical gym offering you more than 200 workouts and movements. In order to keep you fit, they initiated their WordPress website so that customers can find their activities, promotional offers, monthly bills, etc. You can even find personal trainers on this website.

8. Human Made

Human Made is engaged in supercharging WordPress for the brands that want to empower. This way, the brands can get ways to deliver innovative digital solutions. This WordPress site is very simple with fundamental elements. Perhaps, this has made the website famous for 2023.

9. 10up

10up certainly has one of the beautifully crafted websites. 10up has been working with some of the leading companies like Microsoft, ESPN, Time, Adobe, and so on. So, you understand their level of expertise. 10up has an admiring website. Anyone will fall in love with the landing page.

10. Born Group

Born Group is acquired by A TECH Mahindra Company. This tech company has been successfully working with some of the big clients and dominating the intersection between art and science. Born Group was started back in 2011. It successfully served in 8 countries for more than 40 projects. In 2019, the group was acquired by Mahindra Company.

11. LollaPalooza

LollaPalooza is an entertainment park, offering plenty of resources for excitement and joy. Also, this website is excellent for booking platinum tickets, VIP tickets, and GA+ tickets. Just like the entertainment park, you can enjoy exclusive lounges, prime views, luxury indulgences, and gateways from the crowd.

12. Ruya

Ruya is an agency providing innovative branding, digital marketing, and visualization solutions to many organizations in the world. This is a Middle East company with a headquarter in Dubai. The website itself is a demonstration of their work level.

13. Tinkering Monkey

Hence, Tinkering Monkey sets another great WordPress website example. The company is engaged with custom sign systems. They offer modern and personalized services for groundbreaking interior designs. You can order any custom sign for your website that goes with your brand image.

Best News and Magazine WordPress Sites

14. MTV News

If you are a fan of pop music and its culture, then you might want to visit the official website of MTV News. The website contains all the latest blogs and news on pop culture. You can get the latest news on music and pop singers on this website. It is one of the oldest websites providing news in the media.

15. MP3 News

Just like MTV News, MP3 News is another great website to find news and updates on pop music and culture. The website is just a combination of images and content, nothing more. The website has a retro vibe. This is not a modern WordPress site. But if you are a fan of retro themes, then this website is worth taking a look at.

16. SAP News Center

SAP News Center is a popular platform for creating a global network with many customers, employees, partners, and thought leaders. SAP makes the world better and improves people’s lives with tons of news that are fresh out of the oven.

17. Microsoft News

Perhaps, Microsoft News has the best layout to represent news in the most attractive way. When you land on the website, you will be like – “Okay, this is a website of Microsoft”, Do you get the point?

The latest news on technology and innovation will be on top of the landing page. The website is very user-friendly. You will hardly believe this website is made of WordPress.

18. The Sun

The Sun is one of the leading news portals and famous WordPress website examples in the world. The website is trusted by people from all over the world for their honest and trusted news. The website of The Sun is a versatile hub of news on different topics. They just don’t work on specific news.

19. Time Magazine

Who doesn’t know about Time Magazine? We are sure you also know it. Time Magazine releases news and articles on international affairs. Just like their magazines, the website can interact with people very well. This is surely a compelling website that successfully represents the image of a renowned brand like Time Magazine.

20. Bloomberg Professional

Just like Time Magazine, Bloomberg publishes news on international affairs, especially with finances and politics. Their website is like a newspaper, revealing all the trending news on top of the homepage. Also, there is a bar on top of the news presenting the stock price updates.

21. Vogue

If you are into fashion, then you definitely know about Vogue. It is one of the globally recognized platforms for providing the latest news on fashion, beauty, celebrity styles, culture reviews, fashion week updates, and so on. It started as an American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine company back in the old days. Now, it has turned into a big entertainment company.

22. Variety

Yes, we all know or heard about Variety, an entertainment company that has been providing news on film festivals, film awards, box office, and entertainment information for years. Variety started back in 1905, so it’s been a long time. People in more than 84 countries are using this as their vital read in terms of entertainment news.

23. The Wirecutter

The Wirecutter is undoubtedly the most famous WordPress website examples for product recommendations. The best thing about this product review website is that they obsessively test thousands of products before finally reviewing them. Wirecutter was founded in September 2011 and was acquired by The New York Times in October 2016.

Best Educational WordPress Sites

24. Harvard University

Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Therefore, their online website should maintain a prestigious look. The most amazing fact about the official Harvard website is the homepage banner, which makes it unique from other university websites. This is also a WordPress-based website that has a minimalist look while having all the necessary elements in place.

25. Stanford University

The next fabulous website on our list is from another prestigious website Stanford university. Stanford was inaugurated long ago, back in 1891. It seems there is no unique feature of this website, but all the elements are in the right spot.

26. University of Washington

University of Washington is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The website describes their achievements and innovative work. More than 8000 undergraduate research works are participated in at least 1 quarter of the year. Also, graduates from the University of Washington launched over 70 startups within 5 years.

Best Entertainment WordPress Sites

27. Microsoft Studios

Microsoft Studios is a hub of PC and Xbox games. The website contains not only games but also software, gift cards, development tools, and even devices. You can purchase and use various elements like Xbox Game Pass.

28. BBC America

BBC America is a popular OTT (Over The Top) streaming platform. You can check out the layout of this website if you want to build your own media streaming platform. At a glance, you may not believe this is a WordPress site. Although it is a WordPress site, it certainly has a modern layout.

29. AMC

Another great OTT streaming website on our list is AMC. Although there are many similarities with other OTT websites, the layout is simpler than others. Users will be easily accustomed to the usability. Everything about this website is so easy to digest.

30. No Man’s Sky

The next WordPress site on our list is from a game named No Man’s Sky. Through his website, you can know more about this game, its storyline, strategy, and you can join the online community as well. This is an online multiplayer game and we really found it amazing that they have built such a great site with WordPress.

31. Angry Birds

The game “Angry Birds” is known to all. This game was available on Android at an early stage. Since then, the game has been a huge success. The website has a colorful layout, which absolutely suits the environment of the game. Everything about this website makes it a great entertainment WordPress site.

Best Blog WordPress Sites

32. TripAdvisor Blog

TripAdvisor Blog contains all the blogs and articles from TripAdvisor. Being the world’s largest travel guide platform, all blogs are related to traveling. That being said, you won’t get bored reading the travel articles. These blogs help more than hundreds of people each month to become better travelers. TripAdvisor will help you with everything from planning to booking a hotel for a successful journey.

33. Rackspace Blog

Well, Rackspace is not all about blogging. This company is rather more into technical innovation and engineering work. Also, the company is associated with data centers footprinting around the world. Aside from that, they offer cutting-edge applications and security infrastructure to many companies.

34. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is the empire for the tech geeks. Their website is the source of all the latest news and updates on technology and gadgets. Aside from technological innovation, they also publish blogs on human relations and international affairs, which are more related to technology.

35. Yelp

If you think the above websites were not so organized, then Yelp is definitely worth taking a look at. Yelp is not only related to blogging but also to connect people with local businesses. They are also into advertising and marketing. Yelp has one of the most organized WordPress websites on our list.

36. Playstation Blog

Playstation Blog certainly has a fancy layout, representing exactly their brand’s identity. We must say the layout is very appealing. This is important to keep customers engaged for longer than usual. On top of that, they have a featured section where the most trending article takes place. All the blogs include exclusive images which will inspire you to read more of the article.

37. Slack Blog

Slack is an innovative way of communication. This communication tool is highly praised in the corporate line of work. It doesn’t compromise anything to provide the ultimate guideline and tips to make your work life a bit easier. Slack brings useful news and tips to help you prospect.

38. Ted Blog

Ted Blog comes with some of the most inspiring stories and news in the world. TED Blog shares interesting stories through videos, articles, prizes, and more. The website is very simple. On the top bar, there is a filtering option that will bring the exact blogs you were looking for. Also, there is a search option for a quick find.

39. Flickr Blog

Another great example of a WordPress blog site is Flickr. There is no doubt that Flickr is a great website for publishing images and videos. The purpose of this website is to share photos and other visuals with the world. The blog platform contains articles based on photography. A great website for bloggers and photographers.

Best ECommerce WordPress Sites

40. Bata

Our first eCommerce WordPress site is Bata. It is a multinational footwear and fashion wear manufacturer and retailer. The Czech company has been in this line of work after World War II. So, they have quite a reputation and their website certainly maintains the image.

41. 9To5Mac

9To5Mac is a WordPress site with a state-of-the-art design. They mainly provide reviews and news on Apple products and related technologies. The most interactive part of this website is the Dark Mode option. You can turn the Dark Mode on if your eyes feel stressed.

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42. S’well

S’well is a company that sells various types of bottles, mugs, tumblers, barware, chillers, insulated bowls, cutlery sets, and so on. This is obviously the most beautiful WordPress eCommerce site on our list. All the products are beautifully arranged with large, exclusive images.

43. FitBark

FitBark is a website that sells various dog products to monitor health conditions. Their products are some of the highest-rated dog health products. We must say, this is a beautiful eCommerce website with a user-friendly layout.

44. Etsy

Unlike the previous eCommerce website, Etsy sells various kinds of products like jewelry, clothing, home appliances, supply tools, toys, gifts, and so on. The website may not seem to be arranged, especially in the responsive mode. However, the simple header menu can help the users with their shopping.

Best Non-Profit WordPress Sites

45. Invisible Children

The Lord’s Resistance Army is a brutal rebel group of abducted soldiers. Invisible Children exists to stop them & bring every captive home. This is one of the non-profit WordPress sites with a minimalistic and interactive layout. The exclusive video loop on the landing page is one of the coolest features of this website.

Best Personal WordPress Sites

46. Usain Bolt

This is the website of the fastest man in the world with a record of 100m (9.58) and 200m (19.19). The website contains the news and updates of Usain Bolt. You will also get to meet with Team Bolt and know about the foundations run by Usain Bolt.

47. Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is the website of a famous Canadian-American musician. One of the best WordPress websites for a celebrity or personal use. The website is simple with some interactive images and various media links. The header menu contains all the important links including the youtube link of Alanis Morissette.

48. Matt Mullenweg

If you are looking for a personal blogging and portfolio website, then you can learn from the bests, Matt Mullenweg’s website. The website has the most simple layout, nothing over the top. Since Matt Mullenweg is the developer of WordPress, many will follow in his footsteps to design their websites.

49. Beyonce

Beyonce certainly has one of the best personal WordPress sites. Although the website doesn’t have anything to offer, it’s just about Beyonce and her lifestyle. So, if you are a media influencer or VIP who wants to have a personal website, this one is worth taking a look at.

50. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is the most amusing WordPress site you will ever see. Once we visited this website, we just fell in love with it. The most unique part of this website is the top icon, which is just mind-blowing. All the elements of this website are distinctly arranged and it can be the source of inspiration to many.

Final Verdict

There, we think we have introduced you to the top 50 most famous WordPress websites of 2023 that are already famous for 2022. Each of these websites is unique in its own way. Although they are made of WordPress, they don’t lack performance and design.

We hope you have found the most suitable WordPress website examples for making your own website. Leave a comment mentioning which one you have found most interesting.

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