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07 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins To Boost Site Speed

Last Update: 27 Jul, 2022

Looking for the best free WordPress cache plugins to boost your website speed and optimize the resources to open in seconds? Read the narrative below, then choose your best free caching plugin for WordPress and install it.

Free WordPress cache plugins come to give you the best user experience by improving SEO, reducing load time, and increasing site performance. And it makes static HTML pages plus stores data on your server. So, when a user attempts to access your site, it renders the lighter HTML page without giving the heavier WP PHP scripts. So, read and learn from this post carefully to know what’s the best caching plugin for WordPress does. But WP caching can be tricky, and it can be boring sometimes. To explain the details of such a complex technology can take an entire book to teach you the concept of the best free WordPress cache plugins.

Simply put, your site may view dozens or even thousands of times a month. And that number could rise even more significantly. You will find that your site is more likely to use the same content regularly. Wouldn’t it be great if the server could remember these files to serve your location at all times? For this reason, all modern websites use the best free WP cache plugin to load faster for a user visits next time with ease.

Know About Cache

how caching technology works

On computers, usually, data is united on a hard drive. If needed, the computer has to run various operations before rendering the data. Caching concludes this problem by often requesting data and composing it in memory or temporary storage. Thus it enables the computer to access the file quickly. You can use a similar idea to improve performance and increase the loading speed for your WP sites. In a word, it’s a dynamic content management system (CMS) plugin that collects a copy of a page after the first load. And then, it renders the cached version to each user. Also, it’s a collection of data stored temporarily for quick access on demand. When a user visits your site, it’ll fetch info, and within a few steps, your online site will render to the user’s browser.

Top 5 best free WordPress Cache Plugins

Great! Now that we have clearly defined what it is and its purposes. After much research and testing, we have enlisted the five best free WordPress cache plugins. So, without further ado, let’s start the listing:

1. W3 Total CacheBest Free Caching Plugin for WordPress


It’s one of the most famous best free WordPress cache plugins built by BoldGrid and the only online host agnostic WPO (Web Performance Optimization) framework. And it’s trusted by more than millions of web hosts, developers, and publishers worldwide over a decade. It is a complete and the best free caching plugin for WordPress with so many options that newbies may find it a little intimidating. It includes all the features you need to configure correctly.


  • A free solution to make your site fast and highly optimized
  • Works with popular types of hosting such as dedicated, shared, and cluster hosting
  • A reputed extension with thousands of reviews and millions of installations
  • Provides demonstration so that you can work in mobile environments
  • It offers the same benefits for mobile as well as for desktops. Speeds up your site with SSL support
  • Improves SERP Rankings, Conversion Rates, and Server Performance

Get this plugin here

2. Sucuri FirewallOne Of The Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

Sucuri is a cloud-based platform and the best free WP cache plugin firewall to experience the top security analysis. And it’s a DNS level firewall, meaning users can get their content even before their request reaches the website. Hence, it’s the best WP firewall and security extension for any online site.

It also has a built-in option to store the site content and enables a one-click to gzip compression. Above all, it will make an outstanding contribution to your site’s performance.


  • It comes with a built-in option.
  • Offers a secure firewall protection
  • Supports blocklist monitoring
  • Provides post-hack securities
  • Allows malware scanning remotely
  • Enables you to audit security activities

Get this plugin here

3. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin

The next name on our listing is WP Super Cache, a very famous and the best free WP cache plugin recommended by plenty of WordPress hosting companies. It’s free to use, simple to run, and includes all the aspects to provide a better user experience.

Besides, it wraps with many rich features like Compress pages, Extra homepage checks, CDN support, page, preload caching, and many more. On a quick note, this best free caching plugin for WordPress includes an entire customization section with a different tab for easy customization.


  • It’s integrated with a single CDN setup to deliver files in a better way.
  • Simple mode is better for casual users, and Super mode allows power users to speed up their websites.
  • It offers three distinct modes as from Expert to Super manner.
  • It uses a garbage collection process to make your website faster.
  • It has a reputation for ensuring excellent caching services.
  • It is a free, open-source product for automation.
  • Given most of the customization in the backend
  • It’s pretty easy to understand and activate, even for beginners.

Get this plugin here

4. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache WordPress plugin

Want an extension to improve your SEO ranking using Google’s search ranking algorithm? Okay, an extension will enhance your page load time with the SEO ranking called WP Fastest Cache. It’s come with some eminent element that makes it worthy for any site. You can easily download its free version if you want to use it. But it also has a premium version that you need to buy from its official site.

Its premium option needs a one-time payment method and enables bulk tools that the free option doesn’t. However, most site owners love the features offered by the free version.


  • Upgrade to the premium version right in your WordPress dashboard.
  • You can easily integrate its unique CDN without any configuration and image optimization done separately.
  • The free version is helpful for most websites.
  • Allows you to combine CSS and JavaScript.
  • The settings page is easy to understand as it is just a list of checkboxes with information about each setting.
  • You don’t need to download the plugin from the development site.
  • You can see exactly how much space you are saving by using one of the largest stockpiles of resources.
  • There is a function to create a cache specifically for your mobile theme.

Get this plugin here

5. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler WordPress plugin

It’s a simple but robust, free, open-source plugin created by KeyCDN. Its mechanism strategy is appealing, fast, and reliable, while WP multisite support is a plus. So, if you need an extension that easy to use and helps enhance site performance? In this case, you can use it, and this best free caching plugin for WordPress will give you a fast load time for site performance. And most importantly, it runs flawlessly with Autoptimize and other most common and famous third-party plugins.


  • To easily understand how much space it takes up, its displayed the actual size on the control panel.
  • It has an automatic intelligent clearing option with a fast and efficient engine.
  • It enables minimization for both JavaScript and HTML.
  • Allows a unique way to make WebP images accessible.
  • To convert images to WebP format, you can use Optimus, ShortPixel, or EWWW Cloud.
  • The user interface is simple, and it is by far one of the most accessible extensions to set up.
  • All experience levels should be good at handling it.

Get this plugin here

6. Comet

Cache Enabler WordPress plugin

Are you curious about a plugin that gives a site speed? In this case, Comet is your absolute must-need and installed plugin. It gives you an exact time snapshot for your Post, Page, Link, Category, and so on. The snapshot saves intuitively and renders later to the user to save the processing time.

In general, it doesn’t serve the user’s cached pages to log in or leave a comment recently. But it excludes the admin pages, sign-in pages, or CLI processes. It’s a reputed and famous solution that packs both Free and Premium options.


  • Automatic cache clearing behavior
  • HTTP referrer, User-Agent, and URI exclusion patterns, including wildcards support
  • Atom, RDF, and RSS Feed caching
  • Enable GZIP compression and WP-CLI Compatibility
  • Query strings URLs accept or ignore options.

Get this plugin here

7. Hyper Cache

free WordPress cache plugins

Hyper Cache will be your best pal if you use low-resource WordPress hosting but want the ultimate speed for the blog. It’s an entire responsive that serves any mobile and desktop and performs per blog. You can see it on our last listing, but it’s a surprising solution for you to examine both on a high-end server and a low-resource hosting.

Apart from that, it runs only on PHP, and there are no complex configurations needed. In addition, this best free WP cache plugin is likely similar and runs well with bbPress. So, if you intend to run a forum platform, it’ll also be an excellent solution for you.


  • HTTPS ready, Comments aware, and CDN support
  • Able to serve expired pages
  • Manages compression
  • Response header signature
  • Tons of configurable bypasses

Get this plugin here


Using the free WordPress cache plugins is not that hard to understand. But perhaps its functions seem too complex for the average user. Because they have no idea about settings to know how to find out if it is any good. Hence, if you walk with a WP host, you won’t need one, but if running shared hosting, cache plugins for WordPress are vital for you.

It’ll help you with your site’s speed, SEO, performance, conversion rates, and user experience. That’s why we’ve enlisted this list of essential best free WordPress cache plugins. I hope, this post will not take you astray.

In a word, it will be time-consuming, cost-reducing, and maximize your site’s performance. So, if you’ve any queries regarding this best free caching plugin for WordPress, ask me in the comments section. But if you love it, it’s a humble request to you to share as much as possible with your friends and family, including on social sites.

At last, I hope this post will give you the right direction to choosing your desired best free WP cache plugin. Also, expect you’ll be safe and secure and stay with us for more engaging, interesting, and informative articles.

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