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7 Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins in 2022

Last Update: 27 Jul, 2022

The best way to make a website successful is to entice visitors to perform various actions on your portal and keep them coming back. 

They may not continue to come just because of the products or services. There are several more effective ways to increase visitor engagement and keep them coming back for more. This is where WordPress popup plugins come in very handy. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best free WordPress popup plugins that you can try for your WordPress site. The best part is that these WordPress popup plugins are completely free.

The 7 Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins For a Better Arrangement of Your Site

Without further ado, let’s start with the first one –

1. OptinMonster – Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins
  • Powerful page-level targeting options with geo-targeting, site retargeting, and device-based targeting
  • Exit-intent pop-ups, scrolling, inactivity sensors, time-based triggers, and more
  • Dozens of beautiful popup templates are ready to use
  • Nicely designed non-intrusive lightbox pop-ups
  • Show intentional pop-ups when users are about to leave your site
  • Targeting devices with device-friendly campaigns
  • The mobile phone looks good on small devices

Perhaps, OptinMonster is the most popular free popup WordPress plugin in the market. It comes with a powerful WordPress popup builder and the most comprehensive set of targeting and customization features to maximize your conversion potential as a marketer. OptinMonster offers the most powerful set of customization features for targeting and generating leads.

It allows you to create a variety of campaigns, including pop-ups, full-screen welcome banners, floating bars, scroll boxes, and more. You can create your own rules for displaying them by applying your personalized and effective rules. It allows you to direct users based on their activities on your site, their geographic locations, and other things. Therefore, convert your website visitors into subscribers and customers easily.

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2. TrustPulse

  • The plugin allows you to run social experiments to trigger the FOMO effect (fear of missing out)
  • Encourages users to register or make a purchase with real-time tracking
  • Social proofs will appear as pop-ups at the right time to the right users
  • Either use the default layout or custom layout for easy customization

TrustPulse is a WordPress popup plugin that uses social proof to help you increase conversions on your website. Post a social media confirmation message on your website to help build user trust. You can also trigger the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect to create an urgency for timely notifications.

This way, you can encourage more users to sign up. TrustPulse helps you instantly gain user trust by sharing social proof using less intrusive but very effective pop-ups. These are some of the features that make TrustPulse unique on our list of the best free WordPress popup plugins.

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3. Bloom

  • Allows you to trigger popup lightboxes.
  • Show subscriptions in several ways including the sidebar, slider, and subscription forms at the bottom.
  • Insert basic navigation at the page or post level.
  • Applies trigger for the idle users to make them alert
  • Show offers and promotions by triggering opt-in forms
  • Trigger pop-ups and fly-ins for a specific duration

Bloom is a free popup WordPress plugin made for the customers of Elegant Themes. It can save you some money if you use one of their themes for your small business. It allows you to create beautiful popup forms for your WordPress dashboard. Bloom also offers a great demo site for testing. The good thing is – this plugin is available for free.

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4. Thrive Leads – A Free Popup WordPress Plugin

Thrive Themes
  • Build mailing lists faster than before
  • A plugin combining almost all types of opt-in forms
  • Boost conversion by showing relevant offers after targeting
  • Track the important metrics with a simple overview
  • Offers an easy-to-use A/B testing feature with an advanced layout

Thrive Leads is a free popup WordPress plugin that lets you create stunning registration forms and popups right from your WordPress dashboard. Thrive Leads is another list-building plugin from the theme company (Thrive Themes) that specializes in creating conversion-oriented WordPress themes and accessories.

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5. Icegram

  • Allows you to showcase attending by grabbing opt-in forms to increase conversion
  • Place call to action (CTA) buttons perfectly to drive visitors
  • Insert pop-ups in a single page in an engaging way

One of the newer options on this list is Icegram, a service that helps you create pop-ups and email options to expand your mailing list. In addition to creating pop-ups and registration forms, you can create attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons to direct visitors to any page you want including your affiliate links.

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6. Sumo

  • Allows you to create WordPress registration forms and pop-ups for free.
  • You can use several registration forms.
  • Connecting to popular email marketing platforms.
  • Comes with a variety of styles and templates for using the Cover.
  • Includes basic A/B testing and statistics for your forms.

Sumo is not only one of the best free WordPress popup plugins, but it also helps you with social media and analytics with things like heatmaps and scroll boxes. Like OptinMonster, Sumo is also a standalone solution.

The best thing about the Sumo free WordPress plugin is that it gives you the option to schedule standout marketing emails. For analytics, you can run A/B testing and check statistics for the forms. Grow ROI by calculating the number of email subscribers and sales.

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7. Popup Maker

Popup Maker
  • A versatile & flexible plugin for creating email opt-in popups
  • Other types of pop-ups like lead generation and eCommerce can be done
  • Also enables using contact form popups
  • Enables EU cookie notices
  • Pop-ups for upgrades or offers can also be made
  • Pop-ups for making announcements for raising awareness
  • Upsell and cross-sell popups can be used only if the premium WooCommerce plugin is activated

Popup Maker is another popular free popup WordPress plugin. It has many types of optional pop-ups and campaign pop-ups such as lightbox pop-ups, sliding pop-ups, fixed pop-ups, notification pop-ups, etc. You will also have the option to customize the look and location according to your chosen culture.

This plugin is a free solution to raise announcements for the worldwide pandemic Coronavirus/COVID-19. With some premium WooCommerce features, you will be able to use upsell and cross-sell popups.

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Final Thoughts

There are many best free WordPress popup plugins at your disposal. Choose the one that suits you best. — Not everyone offers the same options, so think about what you need in the popup and choose the one that offers that specific functionality. Keep visiting Themeim for more WordPress tips and tutorials like this one

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