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10 Best WordPress Themes for Stunning Cooking and Food Blogs in 2022

Last Update: 08 Sep, 2022

Famous singer and actress Dolly Rebecca Parton once said, “My weaknesses have always been food and men-in that order.”

Millions if not billions of people all over the globe will smile and shake their heads to her.

Specially if it’s about food and cooking.

— Because of this massive target audience for food and cooking-related content, a rising number of people are creating blogs.

Food and cooking Google Trends data

So it’s not a surprise that people including you, your best friend, and your aunt are looking for the best WordPress themes to create their blogs with.

To make their lives easier, we started our quest. And found the best themes for you.

So put your apron on.

We present to you the 10 best WordPress themes for cooking blogs.

Just one moment Fruit of patience is always awesome.

— So, before we tell you what those 10 best WordPress themes are, there is something you should know.

Let’s go over the 10 best WordPress themes for cooking blogs themes we have covered:

What elements do successful cooking and food blogs have?

A very important part of our chat today. Let’s have a look at the elements that your taste bud rousing blog must-have.

1. Awesome name

Your readers will remember your food or cooking blog by its name. Just like they remember Apple tablets by “iPad”.

People who come across your blog will make a snap judgment about it (under 5s). If impressed, they will click on it. So your blog name must incite curiosity.

2. Great images

A cooking blog without high resolution and professional images is like pizza without cheese. Nobody wants that.

Top food blogger Sally started getting significantly higher response from her visitors when she started taking images with a professional camera.

If you need to sell a kidney and an eye to buy such a camera and photography course, then do so (don’t do it).

3. Professional design

Your blog needs to look stunning. Period. Nothing can seem out-of-place. If you cannot do it yourself, then hire a professional web developer. The better your blog design is, the more people will engage with it and talk about it.

So it’s best not to cut any corners here. After all, you are going to create your food blog for your visitors, right?

4. Specific audience

Most newbie food and cooking bloggers make this mistake. The underlying thought is, that everybody loves good food. Even though that’s true, not everyone will read your blog.

—  For instance, people in the 40+ age group may not google pizza-related stuff. And those under 18 are trying to be famous on social media. So, you will need to carve out your niche of people you want to talk to or can relate to.

5. Video recipes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions

Videos get 13 times more engagement on social media than text and images combined. The same is true for your recipes.

If you stick to text and image-based recipes instead of videos, then you will be missing a massive engagement from your target audience. You will also be falling behind your competitors as most of them have opted for video recipes long time ago.

6. Good hosting provider

Over 4 out of every 10 people will leave your (or your client’s) blog if it takes over 3 seconds to load. The primary reason you will be designing and developing cooking, restaurant, or recipe-sharing blog for a client is for traffic.

Good domain hosting plays a crucial role in that. The more resources (like RAM, storage, processing power) your hosting provider has, the faster your site will load. It’s that simple.

7. Interactive and high-quality recipes

There are millions of culinary (a fancy way of saying “cooking”) blogs out there. Why should people visit yours?

That’s where quality and unique recipes come in. Recipes like these will help you surf the wave of “word-of-mouth” in style.

  Furthermore, your recipes will need to be highly interactive so that your visitors can easily save them, share them or tweak them to match their available ingredients.

8. About Us

page Bloggers, specially food bloggers, are so passionate about creating heart-melting articles that they forget about their “About Us” page.

According to a study, Over half the readers check out the About Us page. So you must ignore it completely and work on your next best recipe right.

No! Create a compelling About Us page stating the story that drove you to create the blog in the first place. And involve your readers in that story too.

9. Social media friendly

It actually goes without saying. The moment your readers will see something they like or something that’s unique, they will want to share it. And gone are the days of copying links and sharing on social media.

People are now comfortable with sharing specific parts of a blog post right from within the article. And when it comes to food blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are most important.

 Your social media feed needs to be shareable on your site as well.

10. Properly set up analytics tools

A blog cannot grow without analytics data. These data are your passageway into the hearts and minds of your readers. Whether you use Google Analytics or any other analytics tools, make sure it’s properly set up on your blog.

 Properly set up analytics will give you accurate data on how your visitors are interacting with your blog, which articles are performing well and which need to be optimized further.

We will now present to you the list of best WordPress themes for cooking blogs. Alert: you may experience hunger craving at the end.

1. Deliciko-an all-in-one restaurant theme

Deliciko - Best WordPress themes for cooking blogs

Deliciko has been designed with restaurants and fast-food joints in mind. Not only does it come with a large set of cool and beneficial features but also aims to delight the visitors with amazing photography. If you want a blog to accompany your existing food business, then it’s a great business. If a cooking blog is all you want, then it’s super easy to customize.


The feature list of this theme is nothing short of amazing.Here they are: ·

  • It is compatible with page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • Being based on Twitter Bootstrap 4, it provides easier and faster web development solutions ·
  • Ease of customization and user-friendliness
  • Stylish blog pages make it highly suitable for a food or recipe archive blog
  • Responsiveness and RTL compatibility will ensure you can engage readers using any device and those from areas like the Middle East.
  • 4 different header layouts will help you place keywords in your blog header for better ranks on search engines
  • Food review pages will let you review recipes from other chefs or restaurants
  • It comes with one-click installation of demo sites.
  • 20+ smart templates of review, shop, and menu page will let you design a professional cooking blog.


2. Panpie-an attractive theme for food businesses

panpie -Restaurant WordPress Theme

Panpie has a bright and heart-winning layout. And that’s what makes it perfect for restaurants and cooking-based blogs. If you want a blog that makes people smile, then this theme is for you. With its wide range of features, all your blog related needs are covered.


Its feature set is more than sufficient to design any food and drinks-based blogs for your clients. Some of the most mention-worthy ones are:

  • 4 home page designs for you to choose from.
  • 7 header and 2-footer layout styles for you to work on and customize ·
  • It’s Elementor and Gutenberg compatible which means adding elements to your blog is going to be a breeze ·
  • It is mobile-friendly. So your blog will be able to welcome your visitors with grace. · Its 1-click demo importer will let you start designing your blog instantly ·
  • Effective optimization for search engines will prepare your blog to rank for all your target keywords
  • It’s a translation and RTL ready so that your blog posts can make sense to people everywhere ·
  • Cross-browser compatibility will ensure your blog renders properly in all browsers.
  • The codebase of Panpie has W3C validation. That simply means you wouldn’t need to worry about the quality of your blog site.


3. Astra – a versatile theme fit for food, recipe and restaurants

Astra-a versatile theme fit for food, recipe and restaurants

If Astra had a middle name, it would be “versatile”. In terms of speed, customization, optimization for search engines and compatibility, it has few parallels. For a delightful and stylish cooking blog, Astra is one of the wisest choices.


Being a WordPress theme marketing dominator, Astra is brimming with features. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • It’s ultra-light and loads in under 1s. That’s one of the many factors that make it SEO friendly.
  • Because of zero JQuery, websites created with it render fast on users’ browsers.
  • Various types of headers (mobile header, sticky header, transparent header) that Astra offers will help you match your site perfectly with the recipes, food-based content, and cooking videos of your blog.
  • Astra lets you create page-specific sidebars. These sidebars will help direct your visitors’ attention to other recipes or food articles on your site.
  • Being page builder compatible, it lets you customize and add new items to your blog easily.
  • The Custom Fonts plugin, created by Brainstorm Force (the parent company of Astra), lets you import and use any custom font you can think of.
  • There are over 700 Google fonts at the disposal of Astra users.
  • The colors and backgrounds of any part of your cooking blog can be changed for a better fit of your content and user preferences.
  • The Astra Pro offers cooking and food bloggers to arrange their blog posts in any layout they want like the grid, list and masonry layouts.
  • Schema markup implementation will let you add star ratings, views, or any specific info to your food blog and make your content more engaging.
  • RTL and translation readiness will let you communicate with your readers of any region on the globe.
  • SEO optimization will let your recipe archive or any food-related content rank on search engines.


4. Benoit-an elegant restaurant theme

Benoit - Restaurants WordPress Theme

Benoit is one of the most elegant themes we have laid our eyes on. With its diverse feature set, you will have complete control over each of your blog posts. Whether you want a website for your café, a fine-dine/seafood restaurant or your personal cooking blog, Benoit will make an amazing partner.


Benoit has about every feature that a food blogger will need to engage his/her visitors. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Compatibility with WPML and page builders like Elementor and Slider Revolution
  • Predesigned inner pages including recipes and menus will help you get started with your blog quickly
  • It comes with both dark and light skin. So just choose one that resonates to your style.
  • A large number of menu variants will let you choose one that goes with your niche.
  • 30+ elements at your disposal to customize your blog in any way you want including header and footer templates.
  • 1-click demo content import capability will let you import them to your blog with ease and save you precious time.
  • Its Woocommerce readiness will help you sell your unique dishes or any cooking-related item you want on your blog.
  • With its highly customizable blog layouts, you will be able to provide your readers with a fresh experience in each of your articles.
  • Amazingly flexible portfolio layouts like masonry will help you have the right impression on your visitors.
  • It is fully responsive; so your dream cooking blog will be impressive on every device.
  • Effective SEO optimization built into its codebase will help you dominate the SERPs.


5. Crevbite-a Woocommerce ready restaurant theme

WordPress themes for cooking blogs

Crevbite has listened to our advice of having a great name. The team behind it has gone above and beyond to make the theme match the name. It offers functionalities that will not only let you sell your food items but delight the senses of your readers with juicy blog posts.


Benoit has a feature set that any successful restaurant owner or blogger will want. Let’s see what Benoit offers:

  • The product pictures are hover-sensitive with pop-out product pages and comparisons built-in.
  • Product sliders will help you showcase your signature recipes and special items ·
  • Customizable portfolio type helps you design your portfolio page in a way that matches your blog tone and style
  • A drop-down shipping cart will enhance the shopping experience of the food-loving visitors of your blog.
  • All the features come equipped with shortcodes and widgets so that you can implement them with ease and comfort.
  • The blog option comes with useful sidebars like archives, recent comments, recent posts, and categories for easy navigation of your food and recipe posts.


6. Apetita-just another multi-purpose theme for restaurants and blogs

WordPress themes for restaurant blogs

If you browse through the Apetita theme, you will find it superbly well-organized yet aesthetic. It has the sort of persona you will want for your cooking blog or a professional website for bistros, bars or a restaurant.


You will find the features Apetita offers to be crucial for your cooking blog posts and running your restaurant. Let’s do a quick go-through of those:

  • A unique and navigation-friendly home page with huge room for customization.
  • It is completely responsive. So your cherished cooking blog will engage people the same way across all devices.
  • The single-page design of this theme will let you deliver a unique experience to your visitors.
  • It is translation ready. That means you don’t need to worry about the English language skill of your audience.
  • Being a restaurant theme primarily, it comes with an online reservation tool and menu management solution.
  • In case you want to make your cooking blog the digital presence of your home restaurant, Apetita will be a suitable theme.
  • In addition to its customization options, it is mobile-friendly.
  • It is ready to use out-of-the-box, i.e., no coding is needed to create your food blog with it.


7. Restaurant and Cafe-Perfect for a food blog

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Café is just the theme you are looking for your recipe, seafood or foodie blog. Like Apetita and Crevbite, it can be used for blogging as well as the digital presence of restaurants. Designing a professional and beautiful blog is hassle-free with this theme.


Being one of the best culinary themes, it has all the features you will need to start and grow your blog.

Why don’t we check those out.

  • It comes with a flexible header and footer widgets.
  • Menu and reservation sections are integrated to provide a wholesome user experience
  • Its full-width layout will allow you to use high-res images ·You will be able to develop a 1 or 2-column website with it easily ·
  • It comes with all the pages necessary for a fast-food joint, bar, or luxury restaurant website · The blog section has a threaded comments feature to allow convenient conversation for your visitors · Mobile-friendliness will help your blog deliver amazing experiences on all devices.
  • Optimization for search engines will enable your food blog to rank for the target keywords · RTL and translation readiness will make your blog understandable for communities across the globe.
  • Custom CSS will let you bring any style changes in any part of your blog · 21 home page sections and 600+ Google fonts. You will have no problem having a blog that matches your requirements like a glove.
  • Lots of space for widgets is available making customization simpler.


8. Tastyc-a stylish and modern theme for any food business

Tastyc Cooking themes

Tastyc has a casual feel which is expected for websites of pubs, cafes, bakeries and fast-food joints. You can use it just for a food blog or for a thriving home restaurant. The range of customization it offers along with the layout makes it a top choice among food and culinary bloggers.


Tastyc offers features that will make creating a blog and maintaining it highly convenient. It offers you:

  • 10+ complete pages for one-click import to your beloved food blog.
  • Cross-browser compatibility will allow your blog to deliver an awesome experience across all major browsers.
  • Unlimited header and footer layouts powered by the Elementor plugin.
  • Woocommerce compatibility, multiple payment methods, and reservation form will help you turn your blog into a complete food business website.
  • A gorgeous blog with grid layout and the interactive thumbnails you need for a classy look · It is a responsive theme. So your blog will be useful and amazing across all devices.
  • Contact form 7 is part of this theme’s arsenal.
  • It has 20+ widgets you can use with Elementor to enhance your blog.
  • SEO optimization will make your dream food blog ready to rank on Google and other search engines.
  • 1000+ free Google fonts and countless color schemes put massive customization options within easy reach.
  •  WPML compatibility and localization support enable you to design your blog with no coding required and for any country in the world


9. Divi-an all-rounder theme to power your recipe blog

Divi - themes for cooking blogs

Divi is one of the most popular themes on the planet. It is also rich in features and layouts. That makes it suitable for any niche including food and beverage. Coupled with the robust Divi page builder, it can enable you to have a cooking blog that will blow the hearts and minds of your audience.


Talking about all the features Divi has to offer will take up this entire discussion. So we will cover only the most notable ones.

  • It has an entire layout designed solely for restaurants and foodie blogs.
  • Its drag and drop page builder feature enables code-less design and customization of your blog · Each layout it offers is responsive. Your blog will show up the way you want it on all devices.
  • Inline editing will let you edit any blog element in place and see the changes in real-time.
  • 40+ slide elements including sliders, forms, CTAs, galleries, and testimonials will make your blog complete in every way ·
  • 600+ new fonts, font management, and weight control will allow your blog to have any style and impression you could imagine ·
  • A feature-rich code editor will let you add any additional code you want for new styles and functionalities
  • A diverse range of filters and effects at your disposal for a ravishing food blog to impress your visitors
  • With its “extend” functionality, you will be able to copy any design from one place of your site to another with ease ·


10. Cafelee-a food-focused theme for professional bloggers

Best WordPress themes for cooking blogs Cafelee

Cafelee is a theme that can power not just food-based blogs but full-scale restaurants needing stable and modern websites. Its simple editing functionality makes it easy for you to design your blog yourself with no coding knowledge required. Its layout makes it suitable for blogs on specific food items such as coffee, pizza, juices, etc.


Cafelee has a feature set that will help you design your or your client’s websites fast while ensuring quality. Some of those super-useful features are:

  • It is compatible with page builders like WP Bakery and Slider Revolution. That means you will have a wide range of site elements at your disposal.
  • With its large set of product templates, you will be able to create food review pages easily.
  • Adding effects like parallax scrolling is a matter of a few clicks with this theme ·
  • It is fully responsive. So no matter what device your blog is viewed on, people will get the same user experience.
  • It’s RTL and translation ready. That means people from all countries will be able to read and understand your blog posts.
  • Woocomerce readiness of Cafelee lets you sell food items right on your blog
  • Its blog section will let you create and style articles in any way you desire
  • The quick-start package it packs will let you design your food blog with speed and ease.


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Wrapping Up

Every day, new food-focused WordPress themes are being released.

As new food niches come up, there will be themes designed around those. So keep your ears pressed to the ground (and to this article of ours) for more awesome cooking blog themes.

—  But that’s for later.

Why don’t you now tell us which one is your favorite theme for your food and recipe blog?

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