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15 Best WordPress Themes for Your Website (Most Popular in 2022)

  • By Editor Team
  • 16 Mar, 2021
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Last Update: 12 Sep, 2022

The perfect theme is the core ingredient to make a website look beautiful. Not only that, it will even make blogs, articles, and pages look astonishing to the viewers. The most successful business requires a polished website.

At the same time, the loading speed can’t be ignored. Furthermore, you have to choose a relevant theme with the necessary features, that match your niche. Considering these factors, choosing the right theme can be a bit challenging. Especially when there’s plenty of themes out there, the task becomes even harder.

Also, making impactful blogs will be easier to choose the right theme. Talking about blogs, take a look at our article on making a blog on WordPress.

This article presents a list of the 15 most popular and best WordPress themes that will make this challenging task easier. We have chosen these themes based on their performance, their impact on site loading speed, their compatibility with various niches, and how they can make a website debonair. We have tested all of these themes rigorously by installing them on a test site, adding demo content, and testing the website speed with Pingdom tools.

Our List of 15 Best WordPress Themes in 2021:

1. Newspaper

Newspaper is a great theme, built dedicatedly for writing blogs or articles on news websites. The templates of this theme were built perfectly for making a professional news website. This is how this theme looks like –

Newspaper-WordPress-Theme Best WordPress Themes
Why you need it:
  • Highly optimized for SEO
  • 39 free pre-built templates
  • tagDiv library with 1300+ elements
  • AMP ready for 5x faster loading
Why you don’t:
  • Hard to disable the live search option
  • May cause error with Woocommerce Stripe Gateway
  • Certain updates may break the website
Theme Feature List:
  • Enables a beautiful design with responsive layouts
  • Includes a Featured Section that will highlight the popular content
  • Speed optimization to your website quickly
  • Search Engine Optimized theme for quick Google indexing
  • Tabbed Homepage layout for quick and easy navigation
  • A section for organizing the popular categories
  • A Brand section for increasing the brand’s visibility
  • Integrated with a powerful AdSense for maximizing CTR (Click-through rate)
  • Features parallax scrolling for a modern feel
  • Compatible with WP Subscribe Pro

The Newspaper is a great theme for making websites for Travel, Food, Education, Beauty, Shop, and Viral news. Because you can customize the templates individually for each of these sections. The layouts are fully responsive.

As a result, the viewers on the go can get a beautiful preview of your website while they are using smartphones or small laptops. Speed optimization will load the site faster and Search Engine optimization will index your website quickly on Google. Considering localization, the developers of this theme didn’t forget to add the Easy Translation feature.

So, display your website in your local language aside from English. Apparently, this theme has nothing bad that will prevent users from using it.


2. Blurb

If you want an online presence for your multi-vendor shop or affiliate website, Blurb is everything you need. The hunger for auto-functional WordPress themes is growing among affiliate marketers. In order to extinguish this hunger, Blurb is created.


Why you need it:

  • Optimized for affiliation
  • Built-in product comparison filter
  • Mailchimp friendly newspaper
  • Unique view counter with rating option

Why you don’t:

  • Can’t upload custom CSV files
  • Product prices don’t sync automatically
  • Problem receiving WooCommerce updates
Feature List:
  • A product comparison filter with automatic equation
  • 3 variants of homepage layouts with unlimited customization
  • Comes with a beautiful mega menu to design the website the way you want
  • There are different layouts for product reviews, pages, and designs
  • A useful price comparison function among different products to help the customers
  • Excellent display for archive posts like list, grid, or masonry grid
  • Options to give like and rate products by the users
  • Elementor page builder option to customize or build any page without coding knowledge
  • More than 31 built-in inner page layouts and 70 custom elements
  • Product comparison features based on their reviews

There is nothing to dislike about the Blurb theme. Blurb is ready with the essential elements to create a strong online presence for your business. Affiliate or eCommerce business will not only become easy but also effective. The great feature of this theme is the Product Comparison feature which is unique yet powerful. Users can compare products depending on their reviews. This will help the users a lot to purchase the right product.

Consequently, this will help your business to gain a better reputation. Although there are 3 home page layouts, you can customize each of them to their extent. With 31+ built-in inner pages, the design will become strong and beautiful. Being integrated with Elementor, this theme allows you to design your website the way you want. On top of that, you will barely need any coding skills.


3. Divi

It’s like what they say – “Divi is more than just a WordPress theme”, Divi remains on another level among all the WordPress themes. They say – “Divi is more than just a WordPress theme”. With its super-advanced visual builder technology, you will experience performance that you never had before.


Why you need it:

  • Keep everything concise
  • Exclusive template library
  • Exclusive page builder tool
  • User-friendly and portable

Why you don’t:

  • Bloated code affects SEO negatively
  • WordPress plugins compatibility issue
  • Difficult to switch to another theme
Feature List:
  • Fully responsive in nature giving full control over mobile devices
  • Allows simple drag and drop building, no coding skills are required
  • Real-time visual editing lets you see the changes instantly
  • A website design system compatible with the global elements
  • Unlimited custom designs that are reusable
  • Includes dozens of page elements or building unique pages
  • Developers can easily interact with its custom CSS control
  • Inline text editing will make typing and editing easier than before
  • Easily redo and undo your work when making mistakes
  • Revise your work by going through the entire editing history

With over 800,000 users worldwide, Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there. While installing and using this theme, you will understand why the demand for this theme is skyscraping. With an incredibly advanced visual builder, there is no limitation to customizing this theme.

On top of that, it brings dozens of features and superior functionalities. Divi decorates your website in a way that is not possible without a professional developer. In case you are looking for something more functional, Divi presets 18 layouts to keep you engaged in your work.

Hence, writing blogs and uploading them will take less than an hour. Being able to resize according to the screen size, this theme will offer splendid exposure on any device and browser.


4. Astra

For the proper establishment of your website, you need to begin on the most appropriate path. Astra is the theme that introduces you to that path. So, if you are stuck in building your website or lose interest because you can’t find a proper direction, Astra can give you a new impulse.


Why you need it:

  • Featherlight, less than 50KB
  • Lots of templates & typography
  • 18 pro modules are included
  • 7 layouts for footer widgets
  • Modules for WooCommerce and LearnDash

Why you don’t:

  • Reinstalling Elementor can be an issue
  • Many features are only in the paid version
  • Fewer header layouts (only 3)
  • Blog style is basic
Feature List:
  • Plenty of pre-built websites that are pixel-perfect and can be easily applied
  • A range of options allows easy WordPress customization without any coding knowledge
  • Forbids the page title and sidebar from displaying
  • A delicate visual customization option will make your website look exactly how you wanted
  • Manage blogs, posts, pages, footer, and header with an interactive layout
  • There are several built-in header layouts
  • A large selection of colors and typography will increase the chances of customization
  • Uses Vanilla JavaScript to enhance performance optimization
  • A featherlight theme needs less than 50 KB of resources
  • Boost your website’s performance with 0.5 second loading time

As a beginner, Astra can be the most suitable path to build your website. It is incredibly light that will make your website load within a half-second. Not to mention, customization will become super easy for its pre-built websites.

Because of this, creating blogs, portfolios, and online shops will become easier than ever. Without prior coding skills, you can make a website according to your niche. All it will take is a couple of minutes. There is also a free version of Astra for those who are looking for a suitable and free WordPress theme. The free version of this theme is enough to get you started.

Yet, the premium version offers more features and header layouts.


5. The7

When this theme was first released, there were a lot of bugs. The increasing demand for this theme has made its developers realize the necessity of fixing these bugs and made a lot of updates. One of the most popular themes since it was released.


Why you need it:

  • 60+ pre-made websites
  • Highly compatible with WPBakery Page Builder
  • $174+ with premium plugins are included
  • Synergy with WooCommerce
  • Free lifetime update

Why you don’t:

  • Problem with the navigation bar
  • Support is only via online help-desk
  • A minor issue in (page booking-confirmation-2)
Feature List:
  • More than 60 pre-built websites will help to build your website, matching the topic
  • Fully compatible with WPBakery, Elementor, and Elementor Pro
  • Supports Ultimate Addons natively for WPBakery Page Builder
  • Supports Pro Elements natively for Elementor Pro
  • Accompanied by a multi-feature plugin “The7 Elements”, provides the necessary features
  • Option for adding different footers, headers, or titles on different pages
  • Integrated tool for making portfolios, grids, slideshows, media albums, and many
  • Provides an unparalleled theme customization option
  • Provides dedicated options for numerous WooCommerce settings
  • Efficient widgets and shortcodes to display products according to their categories

The7 is built dedicated to the most popular eCommerce software ‘WooCommerce’. That has made this theme an excellent choice for building online shops or eCommerce websites. With the mutual collaboration of the WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor Pro, this theme is remarkable for building critical website pages.

The7 gives more integrated mega menu options and unlimited headers. And the coolest part is – you are getting $174+ worth of plugins with this theme. This theme is the all-in-one package for building any type of website.

No matter if it’s an online store, creative portfolio, personal blog, or client’s website’ The7 can do the job with perfection.


6. Monstroid2

If you have a dream of making your desired website, Monstroid 2 is the theme that will make it come true. It offers the necessary functionalities that are irreplaceable. With a one-click installation, you will be astonished by this theme. Nothing makes it easier to build a website other than Monstroid 2.


Why you need it:

  • Offers retina ready display
  • Compatible with MailChimp
  • A lot of plugins are integrated
  • Clear and useful documentation

Why you don’t:

  • May decrease page loading speed
  • Few elements may take time to load
  • Wrong nomenclature in documentation
Feature List:
  • Brings a user-friendly wizard to complete the total task with a few clicks
  • Highly compatible with Elementor page builder
  • WooCommerce onboard for making effective online stores
  • Depending on the website topic, you get to choose a lot of skins
  • JetBlog plugin helps you to represent dynamic content in the most attractive way
  • JetTricks plugin enriches your pages with spectacular visual effects
  • JetWooBuilder plugin will create WooCommerce-friendly pages and layouts
  • JetTabs plugin will place text compactly and design pages with individual looks
  • A fully responsive theme with adjustability with a lot of popular plugins
  • Include Slider 6 Revolution premium plugin to make flawless visual effects

Monstroid2 provides an installation process that has never been so easy before. The wizard is crystal clear to understand and completes the process of downloading and installing the necessary plugins with a few clicks. With high compatibility with the world’s popular page builder Elementor, you absolutely won’t need any coding skills. The simple drag and drop page building option makes the task simple.

On top of that, there are so many handy plugins such as JetBlog, JetTricks, JetWooBuilder, and JetTabs that will do everything that needs to be done for creating a website. In compliance with all these features, they provide satisfying 24/7 customer support and provide clear documentation that answers all the questions that probably can arise.


7. Avada

Are you looking for something out of the line for building personal blogs and online portfolios? With over 80,000 current users, Avada has become one of the most sold themes for WordPress.


Why you need it:

  • 70+ versatile elements
  • 82 pre-built websites
  • Comment box and Related post section
  • Flawless integration with WooCommerce

Why you don’t:

  • No built-in catalog module
  • Invalid purchase code issue while updating
  • Some settings may be lost after certain updates
Feature List:
  • More than 70+ versatile design elements for making dynamic and feature-rich content
  • 8 complete layouts giving freedom to generate the perfect blog
  • A dedicated author section to let people utilize your work
  • Related post section that will show the relevant posts under an article
  • Archive option to save your works as drafts
  • Generate responsive and beautiful feature images
  • A functional comment box section to reveal user’s expressions and thoughts
  • A user-friendly pagination feature will make navigation to the next posts easily
  • 80 pre-built websites that can be imported with one click
  • Will display your website perfectly on any type of device

The most unique feature of the Avada theme that gives a particular spot on our list – is the Dynamic content option. You can make one of your content different from the other with this theme. So those who are interested in making dynamic content with various topics, Avada can be a really good option.

It also gives the privilege to use various icons and fonts. Moreover, this theme doesn’t stay behind in case you are building online shops for products or websites for services. It has an intelligent design that is compatible with the eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce.

Bottom line is, Avada is one of the best themes that you should consider regardless of your online business plan.


8. GIO

This theme in our list is kind of different from the others. As you can see, you can somehow build any kind of website with other themes. But GIO is dedicated to creating gaming websites and concludes all the necessary elements that will make a gaming website that looks absolutely breathtaking.


Why you need it:

  • 4 different homepage layouts
  • An exclusive mega menu
  • Team & tournament management feature
  • Cross-browser support
  • Mobile-first approach

Why you don’t:

  • The drop-down header disappear while navigation
  • Repetitive background at 4K resolution
  • May encounter error while installing
Theme Feature List:
  • For making the most attractive gaming website, it offers 3 different layouts
  • Gives you the freedom of choosing your favorite color from unlimited options
  • Considering the businesses that support multiple brands,
  • Bless you with 4 different types of home page layouts
  • A unique mega menu for easy navigation
  • Allows you to generate a sticky header
  • A mobile-first gaming WordPress theme specially designed to work smoothly on mobiles
  • The Team and Tournaments section let you create special events and make your own team
  • Cross-browser compatibility means works flawlessly in any browser
  • A translation-ready theme to convert your website into any language

You are planning to make a gaming website, but can’t find a suitable theme? The GIO theme might be your best opinion. Concerning gamers and gaming updates, it has all the ingredients to make a perfect gaming website. Let us break down for you what we are trying to explain.

Depending on your purpose, this theme offers 4 different types of home page layouts (Shooter, Clan, Zombie, Magazine). Make the content beautiful with this theme with 3 layouts (Wide, Boxed, and Narrow). There is a feature on this theme that allows creating gaming tournaments and teams. This is what makes this theme efficient for making a gaming website. Furthermore, a unique mega menu will sure help the users to navigate easily.


9. Sydney

This theme is officially suggested by Elementor and it’s one of the best themes to show off your accomplishments when you are a freelancer, content writer, or freelance marketer. In the popular tabs of the directory, this theme has been the central component for a long time.


Why you need it:

  • Theme customizer is powerful
  • Amazing social media icons and 600+ Google fonts
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Suitable for multi-language websites

Why you don’t:

  • CSS issue after enabling child theme
  • Issues in importing demo themes
  • May not find self-created widgets
Theme Feature List:
  • A powerful theme customizer with lots of colors, page, and blog layouts
  • Easy access to any fonts including 600+ Google fonts
  • Providing necessary tools, this theme is 100% translation ready
  • Custom Elementor blocks can help you to build any pages the way you want
  • Parallax background is something that separates content out of the crowd
  • Image header can be made static or sliding when you scroll down the page
  • Exclusive social media icons are included to share your works more efficiently
  • Reliable, ready-to-use, and responsive
  • Compatible with cross-browser platforms like IE9+, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome

Despite having more than 600 Google fonts, the Sydney theme is highly customizable in other factors. Aside from that, this theme is enriched with features. It offers the necessary tools to become translation-ready.

So, you can launch your website in any language instead of English. Make your brand more appealing to your visitors by customizing the Elementor block the way you prefer. Now, that’s something unique.

Just like Astra, Sydney comes with a free and premium version. It may cost only $59 to get the pro license. The update will sure come in handy. It will take customization to the next level by enabling additional page layouts, sticky navigation, full-screen slider, templates, video headers, and WooCommerce. Another cool feature of Sydney is the parallax background effect that can be added to any row in the theme.


10. Neve

For those who are looking for something that is out of the box, Neve is just the thing. A fascinating theme that comes with a multipurpose approach. This theme is absolute for making websites for agencies, and businesses, or creating professional portfolios.


Why you need it:

  • AMP rewards a mobile-first access
  • Fully customizable and super fast
  • 80+ ready-made websites
  • 7 premium widgets included
  • 1-click rollback option is very handy

Why you don’t:

  • Paid version includes many obvious features
  • The design can be more diverse
  • Color customization is limited in the free version
Theme Feature List:
  • Being compatible with AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages), it has a mobile-first approach
  • Being lightweight, it can load any website extremely fast
  • Custom header and footer design, and layout control option make it fully customizable
  • Provides seamless integration with the best web page builders
  • With a growing collection, it has more than 80+ ready-made websites
  • Designed especially for smooth integration with WooCommerce
  • Blog Booster will take your blogging experience to the next level
  • With advanced styling options, Header Booster can generate many types of headers
  • Allowing custom CSS codes, you can customize headers and footers as much as you want
  • White Label will help you to build websites for your clients

The very first thing you should know is that more than 200 websites are using the Neve theme. And the number of users is growing each day. Viewing from any angle, this theme is just perfect. Enriched with the best features, this theme can build any type of website.

The customizing elements are just perfect for designing your website to your desire. No extra work or coding skill is needed, create your website within a few minutes by importing pre-built websites that are included in this theme. Whether you are a technical expert or completely new, your technical expertise will no longer be judged for creating a website.

Moreover, Neve is perfectly suitable to work with the world’s popular web page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, SiteOrigin, Divi, and Visual Composer. There are so many boosters like Header Booster, Blog Booster, and Elementor Booster; that come with the pro version of this theme. These boosters will make blogging, editing, and publishing easier than you expect. On the other hand, the WooCommerce Booster will operate smoothly for making online stores.


11. Ultra

In terms of performance, the Ultra theme shows ultra performance. It is one of the most powerful and extensible themes for WordPress. Themify is the one who created this beautiful yet effective theme.


Why you need it:

  • 15 header/page layouts
  • 4 different page layouts
  • 6 header backgrounds
  • 6 footer backgrounds with toggle visibility
  • $120 worth of addons

Why you don’t:

  • Some demo may not import properly
  • Page may go blank while the child theme is activated
  • May face an installation error
  • Alignment issue in the portfolio page
Theme Feature List:
  • Enables parallax scrolling maintaining resolution and responsiveness
  • A lot of pre-made demos such as widgets, menus, etc are available
  • There are 15 header/page designs are available including the sticky header option
  • There are 6 exclusive backgrounds for the header section
  • Similarly, 6 layouts for the footer section have toggle visibility
  • Including the default page layout, there are 4 different page layouts
  • Along with that, you get to choose an archive layout from 6 different options
  • A new feature page scrolling has been added that functions as a presentation
  • You will get 12 builder addons worth $120 for free
  • Play with colors, animate web pages, set the gradient and overlay

Ultra is full of features and options. We must say – this theme is the ultimate theme that goes beyond the limitations of building any website. Smart and creative page layouts with 15 header/page styles, 6 individual layouts for header and footer sections, 6 archive layouts, and 6 single post layouts including the default one.

Ultra gives you more, it doesn’t stop there. You will get 12 bonus add-ons like Maps Pro, WooCommerce, Image Pro, Counter, and Typewriter; which have a value of $120. So, this is not just a theme, it is an all-in-one package.

Proving the winning designs, Ultra cares for every aspect of your website. Aside from that, you can display your website to your audience on any device as it is fully mobile responsive and this theme is very efficient for increasing the loading speed.


12. Hazel

Do you want to display your website to your audience in the simplest way possible? At the same time, do you want to make sure all the components are visible? Then, go for the Hazel theme. We have included this theme in our list for this particular feature.


Why you need it:

  • 16 pre-built demo websites
  • Parallax images & 320+ slider features
  • 60+ page elements & shortcodes
  • 100% responsive and retina ready

Why you don’t:

  • Fonts error after certain updates
  • Some features might not be available anymore
  • Update arrives late
Theme Feature List:
  • Build your website easily by choosing from 10 beautiful demo website
  • This theme comes with 320+ sliders
  • Comes with a variety of header/menu options
  • Get the most use of a sticky navigation
  • Various page builder templates and a centered menu is newly added
  • An eye-catching built-in mega menu to grab the attention of users
  • Offers more than 60-page elements or shortcodes
  • Addons like Revolution Sidler, WP Bakery, Ultimate VC Addons, and Cube Portfolio are included
  • Retina ready and 100% responsive
  • Guaranteed to work fully work with WooCommerce

Hazel stands for simplicity. While making this theme, the developers felt the necessity of displaying the essential component in the most potential way removing the unnecessary elements. When customers notice the essentials and refrain from the unnecessary ones, it will be a complete success for them to visit a website.

In addition to that, you will appreciate their humble customer support. If we start describing the features of this theme, we can keep on going. There are so many features of this theme that make this theme an ideal choice for building any type of website.

Also, you will get the advantage of using some premium plugins that are worth almost $138. This theme is RTL-ready, which means you can convert your site into any language you want. And you don’t have to worry about cross-browser support. This theme supports all the widely used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IR10, IE11, etc.


13. Generate Press

This theme has a reputation for having excellent reviews from the leaders of the WordPress community. Requiring just 10 Kb of resources, this theme has become one of the lightest themes in the world.


Why you need it:

  • Supports full layout controls
  • RTL ready, suitable for other languages
  • SEO optimized and featherlight
  • Free lifetime update

Why you don’t:

  • Nothing too fancy
  • Have to pay extra for particular features
  • Free version is quite empty
Theme Feature List:
  • A brilliant customizer providing a bunch of colors and typography options
  • So many layout controls will give you access to things like margins, padding, sidebars, etc
  • This theme is highly suitable for the popular page builders
  • Any plugins will work smoothly with this theme for its coding standards
  • An extensive list of filters and hooks will take customization beyond its limit
  • Being RTL-ready, this theme is excellent for making a website in any language
  • It’s a responsive theme that will deliver your content beautifully to others

GeneratePress is simple. Yet the simplicity of this theme makes it effective. This theme will easily help your website get a good position for intelligent optimization for search engines. This theme is built with structured HTML that is effective for lightning-fast loading speed.

While creating this theme, the developers considered what is unnecessary and omitted them as much as possible. One of the beautiful aspects of a website is its speed. No matter how elegant your website looks, clients won’t see it if it takes time to load. Keeping that in mind, the makers of GeneratePress inserted clean codes and tiny footprints. As GeneratePress follows the WCAG 2.0 standards, it has become highly accessible for crucial websites.

Except for all these major facts, GeneratePress comes with so many amazing features for making a website effortlessly. GeneratePress thinks about every kind of user from advanced to completely beginner level.

So, you don’t need to worry about building your website if you don’t have much technical knowledge. This theme has over 1000 five-star reviews on WordPress. Now, this is something to consider.


14. TheGem

A team of dedicated developers and designers worked hand-in-hand to establish something robust and reliable. Hence, the result turned out to be something that has a similar value as a gem. Therefore, we can consider this theme as valuable as a gem.


Why you need it:

  • 300+ pages to import
  • Optimized for increasing page speed
  • Mobile-friendly & retina ready
  • Slider Revolution & LayerSiler included
  • TheGem Blocks will do the job without coding

Why you don’t:

  • May face problem while importing demo
  • Mobile view problem using blog “styled 1”
  • Background color changes while changing body text color
Theme Feature List:
  • A powerful theme delivering high performance and award-winning designs
  • Brings a collection of useful shortcodes and tools
  • Page builders like Elementor and WPBakery will be provided on the house
  • More than 60 elements containing over 250 styles will be provided with this theme
  • Break the limitation for customization with unlimited layout options
  • Compatible with SEO plugins and clean code will provide high page speed
  • After having so many features, it is still easy to use of its intuitive GUI and 1-click import
  • Let you control every page and element for making a website pixel perfect
  • Enjoy more than 400 creative and stunning templates
  • With no coding skill, get the job done with the “TheGem Blocks” plugin

TheGem doesn’t limit itself when it comes to making beautiful websites. With so many options for layouts, headers, fonts, and menus; this theme is determined to give your website a winning design. And guess what, you are getting 2 of the best page builders Elemento and WPBakery with this theme.

The TheGem Blocks plugin brings a collection of pre-designed pages like services, contact, portfolios, and many more. This theme gives you a mass of choices. These choices break all the obstacles to designing your website exactly as your expectation. And you don’t even have to worry about learning programming.

In Spite of being RTL and translation ready, this theme can also work with WPML, Transposh, and translate. Therefore, develop your website in your native language rather than English. Otherwise, create a multilingual professional website keeping both native and a foreign languages. We don’t think there’s any reason not to take this theme.


15. Porto

An exceptional theme that will not require the slightest coding skill to make your website look excellent. Including over 120 demos, this theme has it all. You won’t need anything else to create a website when you have Porto. Currently, there are more than 55000 websites using the Porto theme.


Why you need it:

  • Comes with 120+ demo website
  • Full compatibility with visual compressor
  • Performance enhancement & SEO optimized
  • Exclusive Porto Studio with unlimited customization

Why you don’t:

  • Limited support for the WordPress customizer
  • Might be complicated to use at first
  • Seems overpriced
Theme Feature List:
  • Over 120 demo websites, making a website will become easier than ever
  • Including Porto theme builder, gives you the option to work with 4 other page builders
  • Offers the best drag and drop service that you can ever get
  • Easy to access elements and templates to get you more options
  • Fully optimized for SEO and responsive giving you an overall better performance
  • An exclusive feature is the Porto Studio which exceeds the limit of the customization level
  • One-click installation feature will build websites within a couple of minutes
  • There are 121 pre-built websites to make the complex task easy
  • The included page builder is handy to create custom product layouts
  • Build your own header with menus, search icons, mini carts, and more

Porto has powerful theme options and it is highly optimized to get you to the next level of performance. With satisfactory customer experiences, this is one of the top-rated themes for WordPress. Moreover, it is exclusively integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. As a result, it will be very exciting with this theme if you are planning to create an eCommerce store.

Gives you the option to work with Elementor, WPBakery, Visual Composer, or Gutenberg; aside from its own page builder. It is a highly optimized theme score of 95% page speed and a 90% YSLOW score. This theme comes with Porto Studio which includes the essential elements to build a website effortlessly.

Unlike any other feature, Porto Studio will give you a completely different experience for creating websites. An experience that is so unique compared to every other tool. You can pick individual portions from various demos and merge them until you finally get your dream design.

For example, you can choose your website’s slider from demo X, banner from Y. and a particular section from demo Z. Then merge them together to see the result.


Our Final Words:

In the end, we will say that every theme on our list is absolutely amazing in terms of features. We have selected them based on their features, design, included plugins, and popularity. These themes will definitely not disappoint you in any way. But if you have a personal choice, we wholeheartedly welcome it. We do not want to discourage you from purchasing that theme in any way. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, stay tuned to get more articles like this.

Editor Team

We are a group of WordPress experts (editorial team) from Themeim. All of these articles go through manual testing to reveal the ultimate outcome.