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Top 70 Most Famous Shopify Stores That Will Make You Inspired

Last Update: 11 Sep, 2022

Knowing the most successful Shopify brands can make you inspired. We all know starting any business whether it is online or offline is not an easy task.

There are so many things to consider like giving your brand a suitable name, optimizing the landing page, and not getting broke. To make you less worried, we will be showing the top 70 most famous Shopify stores in this article.  

Our selections include the most successful Shopify store examples. All of them are profitable eCommerce businesses, killing it at the business in their own way. Hopefully, these successful Shopify websites will get you inspired for your online business. Remember, If you want to create a successful Shopify store within 30 min please check this handpick article if you are not still opening a store: How to create a successful Shopify store in 30 minutes

Get Inspired by the 70 Most Famous Shopify Stores For Your eCommerce Shop

Enough with the introduction, let’s break down the list of top 70 famous Shopify stores that will keep you free from the worries of an online business.

Before you read any further, you should know we have partitioned our selections into the following categories –

Shopify Stores for Food & Nutrition

1. Partake Foods

partake foods Shopify Store

Partake Foods is one of the most successful Shopify stores, selling birthday cakes, chocolate chips, cookies, and even ginger snaps. A unique feature of this website is how you can learn about the different ingredients of their cookies. They say their foods are free of artificial colors, preservatives, and other modified ingredients.

2. Flourist

Flours  flour Shopify Store

Flourist sells 100% fresh and traceable grains, beans, and freshly milled flours. It is a magnificent Shopify website and a great source of inspiration if you are going to create your own Shopify shop for food and nutrition. This is not only one of the best Shopify websites but also a haven for baking enthusiasts.

3. Greenhouse Juice Co. 

Greenhouse juice Shopify Store

Greenhouse Juice Co. started selling juices, boosters, shakes, lemonades, plant milks, and many back in 2014. There is no doubt that they have a beautiful Shopify store. Just like their colorful products, the website is full of eye-catching colors. Their business is booming for their state-of-the-art organic products and they are expanding their business all over Canada.

4. Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters Shopify store

When you visit the online Shopify store of Verve Coffee Roasters, you will be pleased with the organized layout. This Shopify store will inspire you to create such a website. The website has a simple layout, which will please you unconditionally. Just like their products, their Shopify store will certainly make you happy.    

5. BLK and Bold

Blk and bold Drinks Shopify Shore

Premium tea and coffee are sold by BLK and Bold. Yes, we know people may buy their products for their state-of-the-art Shopify store. However, their products are also physically popular as they are available for retail in over 5,600 locations across the US.

6. Chocolate Alchemy

chocolate Alchemy- chocolate selling Shopify Store

Chocolate Alchemy, as the name suggests, sells chocolate that is made with passion and love. And the Shopify store is no less than their products. This is a beautiful Shopify store, keeping simplicity in mind. John Nanci is the founding alchemist of Chocolate Alchemy.

7. Heinz

Heinz  Shopify Store

Yes, Heinz sure has a great website. A big brand like Heinz is using Shopify, which is quite prestigious. It is surely one of the most famous Shopify stores in the world. Aside from an exclusive large image banner, the landing page of this website will introduce the popular sauces of Heinz.

8. Pipsnacks

Pipsnacks Snacks Shopify Store

Pipsnacks is also known as Pipcorn as they mainly sell products that are made of popcorn. They have introduced all their products on the landing page of their Shopify store with an interesting hover effect. The website maintains a vintage look with a paper-like background. They are also bringing new products like Pipcorn Crackers as they are getting popular.   

9. Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate Shopify Store

Taza Chocolate is another famous Shopify store to inspire you. Taza Chocolate states that – “Both farmer and chocolate maker should share the reward of making a great product.” This is an inspiring website if you want to create your own food Shopify store. On top of that, they have intuitive social media share icons on the right side of the landing page. 

Shopify Stores for Apparel & Footwear

10. Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut denim co  clothing industry

Perhaps, you have been wearing denim clothes for a long time. Hiut Denim Co. is a famous name in the clothing industry. Therefore, it is only natural they would have a website representing their brand’s image. At the same time, they also considered all the products should be easy to access and purchase.

11. Spencer Badu

spencer-badu Shopify store

Now, we have enlisted Spencer Badu in the list of the top 70 most famous Shopify stores for a very unique and cool feature. At first, the website may look simple. But when you go to the Catalogue section inside the Menu, you can change the top and bottom wear individually just by swapping the mouse left or right. Pretty cool, right? 

spencer-badu Shopify store

12. Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch Shopify store

Taylor Stitch is an online Shopify cloth store. The website is a mixture of exclusive images and colors. They sell shirts, jackets, bottoms, knits, outerwear, footwear, and other garments. That being said, they have launched around 900 products with a customer savings of 4.2 million USD.  

13. Tentree

tentree Shopify

Tentree believes in tree plantation. But they actually sell men, women, and kid’s wear. So you might be wondering – “What does it have to do with tree plantation?” Tentree has planted over 68,722,589 trees until now and the number is counting. They are committed to planting 1 billion trees by 2030. Now, that is very generous of them.  

14. Velasca

velasca produces high-quality Italy Shopify Store

Velasca produces high-quality shoes and shoe accessories from Italy. Their motto is to sell nifty shoes and shoe accessories directly to their customers without any middlemen involved. As a result, the customers can get their products at a very reasonable price. This Shopify store is beautifully crafted with exclusive images, videos, and a unique menu bar.

15. KITH

kith exclusive collection of man and women Shopify

KITH offers an exclusive collection of men, women, and kid’s wear. This Shopify store for clothing has an exceptional outlook, luring anyone to visit the next time. This is a successful Shopify store example that you should definitely look at. The brand is engaged with other popular clothing brands so that customers can find everything from one place. 

16. Milk

milk Shopify Shop

Milk is a Shopify shop built exclusively for selling kid and babywear. It is not just the images and layouts that will inspire you but also an interactive filtering menu that will make the task of choosing clothes easier for children of a certain age. Not to mention the simplicity of the website, which makes it more user-friendly.

17. Argent


The noticeable feature of Argent is its extraordinary main menu. The main menu appears from left to right while enhancing the user interface of the website. They sell blazers, pants, tops, vests, and other garments for corporate wear. Like their products, the website also has a professional and modern design.  

18. Adored Vintage

adored vintage all in one Shopify place

Adored Vintage is the perfect place for women who love to wear vintage clothes. Thereafter, they have maintained a vintage look on their website. They have a lot to offer like apparel, bags, purses, shoes, hats, bandanas, jewelry, and hair accessories. An all-in-one Shopify place for women’s clothes with a vintage outlook.   

19. Silk and Willow

silk-and-willow different  Shopify Store

Silk and Willow is a different type of Shopify store, selling silk ribbons, table linens, and even handmade papers instead of ready-made clothes. The website represents the heritage of their business. You can learn about their business, know the product reviews, and read journals to get accustomed to their products.  

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20. Allbirds

allbirds popular

Allbirds is a popular shoe brand, selling shoes in some of the top countries in the world like America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom. So, you probably get an idea of their brand value. Gladly, they are using Shopify for their website. Seriously, you will be amazed just by looking at the website.

21. HELM Boots

helm boots footwear shop

HELM Boots is best known for its leather shoes and footwear. They sell boots, shoes, sneakers, and slip-on. We don’t have to say much about this website, you should just visit and see for yourself. But we highly appreciate the arrangement of this website that makes its user interface super-friendly. 

22. Rothy’s

rothygcos Shopify Shop

Another great Shopify shoe store on our list is Rothy’s. This is a detailed website guiding every user to what they are looking for. The landing page is super easy to navigate with a particular section for men and women. As soon as you land on the website, you will find this option.  

23. Manitobah Mukluks

manitobah mukluks

We must say, there is something catchy about the “Manitobah Mukluks” name. More catchy is the layout of their website. The landing page will navigate you directly to the men’s, women’s, and kids’ footwear section. Also, the website represents their prestigious moments, success journey, and testimonials very well with interactive images and videos.  

Shopify Stores for Activewear & Outdoors

24. Gymshark

gymshark joggers. Hoodies , Shorts shopify   shop

If you are looking for Joggers, Hoodies, Shorts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Leggings, then Gymshark is your place. The Gymshark community is devoted to unlocking your potential by providing game-changing workout clothing, running clothes, and loungewear essentials to make you prepare for the next day.

25. Parkland


There is nothing too fancy about the website of Parkland. Yet, that makes it more interesting. The website itself tells a story with intellectual images that will easily grab the attention of the users. That being said, the website is not engaged in selling bags and other accessories directly, rather it redirects users to third-party websites that contain their products.

26. Sunday Somewhere

sunday somewhere brand shopify stores

Sunday Somewhere is a leading brand for selling sunglasses and eyewear. The website has a pretty simple layout (just like other Shopify stores for eCommerce). But they are just focused on only sunglasses. The Best Sellers, Videos, and individual sections for men and women make it stand out.   

27. Better Giftshop

better giftshop  exceptional  Shopify store

Better Giftshop is a website selling various clothes and activewear. When you land on the website, you will only notice there are products everywhere; the more you scroll, the more products will come. There is no banner image or other images on the landing page, it is plain and simple. This is what makes this an exceptional Shopify store.

28. Bremont

bremont luxury

We all know watches are one of the symbols of luxury. Whenever you visit a website of a watch brand, you will notice the presence of elegance and luxury. Bremont is no different. The exclusive intro video featured section of watches, promotions, and offers will make you delighted.     

29. Rebecca Minkoff

rebecca-minkoff Fashion brand

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion brand, selling stylish handbags, shoes, clothes, and other accessories for women. Everything about this website is over the top. It’s not just the look, the website is fully functional; keeping all the details that will help you to make the right purchase.   

30. Vitaly

vitaly stylish  shopify Stores

Vitaly is one of the stylish Shopify stores you will ever find. The store is engaged in selling chains, rings, bracelets, pendants, eyewear, and other bodywear. As Vitaly is engaged in selling a different type of product, they have crafted the website in their own way. You will be inspired to buy something from the website just by landing on it. 

Shopify Stores for Swimwear and Underwear

31. Naja

naja  woman product Shopify shop

Naja is engaged in selling undergarments for women. In a word, the website is perfectly organized. Yes, there are interactive images of the products. But we are not the biggest fans of it. You can use a cleaver filtering option for easy product selection regardless of what product you choose

32. Pour Moi

pour-moi famous brand

Pour Moi is a famous brand, selling women’s bras and underwear since 2005. They have become famous for selling a bra every 30 seconds. Hence, this helped them to rapidly expand over the last 16 years. Just visit their website and get eager to buy something from their website.  

33. Chubbies

chubbies unlike shopify store

Unlike typical Shopify store underwear, Chubbies is more focused on selling lounge shorts, swim shorts, casual shorts, sports shorts, popovers, top tanks, t-shirts, and even waffle sleeps. However, we don’t think it is effective to insert too many images, banners, or products on the landing page. It makes website navigation difficult. That being said, not everyone will look at the website with the same view.  

34. Cupshe

cupshe Shopify  big Store

Cupshe is a Shopify website for selling bikinis, one-pieces, and swimwear. Their products are inspired by California’s aesthetic, the lifestyle that is filled with sun, surf, and sand. Being popular, the products of Cupshe have been taken over Instagram by influencers. The website is the passion and love of the products.    

35. Triangl

triangl  Australian

Triangl is an Australian website selling bikinis and swimwear for women. The website is decorated with large magnificent images. Customers will fall in love with the website layout when they visit. Aside from the decoration, the website is very clear about the terms and conditions of the sales policies. The detailed section for frequently asked questions answers many questions for the consumers.

Shopify Stores for Health and Energy Products

36. Terre Bleu

terre bleu gift shopify store

Terre Bleu is an online gift shop and a great example of a successful Shopify store. There are various types of products sold on this Shopify website. There are lip balms, soaps, syrups, hot chocolates, chocolate bars, essential oil, pajamas, honey, and other items available for selling in Terre Bleu. 

37. Nutriseed

nutriseed organic drinks

Nutriseed is a European website, which sells juice and organic drinks. They also sell smoothies and juices for diet and weight loss. Moreover, there are high protein foods like Paleo, Keto, Green Supplements, and Vitamins. The website has a fresh layout with a color combination of Green and White.   


38. Redbull

redbull   shopify shop

If you are still asking – “What are the biggest brands on Shopify?” Then, we guess Redbull defines the answer. We all know about the famous energy drink Redbull. Surprisingly, the main website is a Shopify website. Undoubtedly, this is one of the top-level Shopify websites. Everything about this website is awesome including exclusive videos, images, and organized sections.


39. SkinnyMe Tea

skinnyMe tea  healthy drink

SkinnyMe Tea offers teas for keeping you healthy and fit. The layout of this website is absolutely stunning. We love the color combinations of this website. Also, there is a section where previous users can express their feelings after drinking their tea.

Shopify Stores for Beauty and Cosmetics

40. Kylie Cosmetics

kylie cosmetics good shopify store

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the good-looking Shopify stores for cosmetics. These cosmetics are not ordinary cosmetics, they are the products of Kylie Jenner’s shops. One mentionable feature of this website is the 4 different sections of this website that can be seen at the top of the landing page. Each section navigates you to a specific type of product. 

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41. MFMG Cosmetics

mfmg  cosmetics  mekeup shopify shop

MFMG Cosmetics is a Shopify website that sells makeup and other beauty products for Melanin girls. Today, thousands of women have joined their communities. The community puts greater importance on the beauty needs of the deeper skin tones.

42. Bailly


Bailly is an online platform that sells fragrances made of natural and clean ingredients. Just like their products, the website has a sophisticated look. There is an exclusive banner, a featured collection section just under it, an interactive video of the client’s feedback, and so on. The website organized everything in the most convenient way, which is liked by all.

43. Meow Meow Tweet

meow-meow-tweet shopify shop

Meow Meow Tweet is engaged in selling various bath products like body soap, lip balm, hair care, hand, and body wash. Unlike typical beauty products and fragrances, their products are vegan, organic, generate low waste, and match all types of bodies. And an excellent Shopify website to gather information. 

44. Beneath Your Mask

beneath  your mask   shop

Beneath Your Mask is a leading store for producing skin and hair care items. As a brand, they have designed their website in such a way that people can get a different experience. The touch of Black color in various areas of the landing page makes it elegant. There is also a section for the best-selling products.  

45. Bésame Cosmetics

besame cosmetics

Bésame Cosmetics has a reputation for selling cosmetics and beauty products. The company was founded by Gabriela Hernandez after her life-long affair with beauty products. What we like about the website is the side menu that appears decently with all the important pages to navigate easily.     

46. NCLA Beauty 

ncla beauty

NCLA Beauty is a Shopify website for selling beauty and skincare products. All the body scrubs and lip care products of NCLA Beauty are made of natural ingredients. The website may look simple, having colorful images, but there are some functions in this website that will amaze you. They also publish articles and blogs on health and beauty.  

47. Then I Met You

then I met you

Then I Met You, the name may sound like a movie, but it’s an amusing Shopify website. This Shopify store sells rich and silky beauty creams. Their creams are formulated with Quad Ginseng Complex to keep your skin soft and smooth. Their website includes everything possible to make it look beautiful. A great example for setting up a successful Shopify store.

48. Tofino Soap Company

tofino soap company

Tofino Soap Company certainly has the look and functionality of a great Shopify store. They highly support sustainable and plastic-free movements. Less than 6% of their packages contain plastic, biodegradable paper, small handcrafted batches, glass jars, natural ingredients, refillable bottles, and handmade candles. They have captivated everyone by providing adulterated products as well as with their website. 

49. Satya

satya Shopify Store

Satya is an exclusive Shopify store for selling organic soaps for natural skincare. Although soap is their main selling product, they also sell other products that are related to Eczema. The invention of Satya Organic was not because of doing business, rather of a real need. The daughter of Patrice (the owner of Satya) was scratching her arms and legs as she was diagnosed with eczema. That’s when she came up with Satya.   

50. Luxy Hair

luxy hair big brand

Luxy Hair is the name of a big brand, selling hair extensions and hair products to celebrities and famous persons. They started their business, believing every person deserves to have the perfect hair of their dreams. Being a reputed brand, they are always conscious about delivering an unbeatable customer experience. And they have maintained a nobility in their website as well.

51. Fresh Heritage

fresh heritage shopify store

Fresh Heritage is a Shopify store, selling bread care products. If you are looking for simple Shopify website examples, then this is certainly one of them. Unlike typical grooming products, where more than 40% contain harmful ingredients, Fresh Heritage will make your beard look good without sacrificing your body. We liked the overall design of the website. However, they could have done better with a single product page view. 

Shopify Stores for Electronic Accessories and Gadgets

52. Fitbit

fitbit a great shopify shop

Those who are tech enthusiasts and concerned about fitness are pretty much renowned to Fitbit. A great Shopify website with a minimalistic design. Perhaps, this is the beauty of the website that keeps the customer engaged for a long time. With an interactive video, featured products section, dedicated application feature; this is surely a website of a reputed brand. 

53. The Ridge

the ridge

The Ridge is a popular brand known for exclusive bags, phone cases, wallets, gears, and other accessories. They are best known for their phone cases, which are extremely durable and look stunning. Just like their products, the website looks just incredible. What we most liked about this website is the carousel on the landing page.

54. Fangamer

fangamer crazy games

If are crazy about games and related accessories, then Fangamer is the right place for you. Fangamer sells various products like T-shirts, games, card games, bags, toys, plushes, figures, art books, comics, posters, jewelry, stickers, and even stationery products. This is a great example of a Shopify website when you want to build a similar online shop.  

55. Spigen


Spigen is the perfect place for tech lovers and an example of a great Shopify website. The website has a rich color and an organized layout. There are mobiles, audio devices, laptops, tablets, chargers, and other accessories for sale on this website. No matter how you look at this website, it is just over the top. 


burga phone  accessories shopify store

Although it may not look much, BURGA sells exclusive phone cases. Not just cases, there are drinkware, iPad cases, phone rings, apple watches, leather goods, gift cards, and other accessories for sale. They even sell AirPods cases. The website is perfectly decorated, making it so much easier for the users to navigate. Customers, especially young girls will find this website appealing.    

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Shopify Stores for Houseware & Kitchenware

57. Hem

Hem houseware  kitchenware Shopify Store

Hem is an excellent Shopify store for houseware and kitchenware. The website layout is plain and simple, like how it should be. The layout is perfectly arranged, making it so much easier for the users to navigate. Also, the trending products are available just under the homepage banner.

58. Haus

haus Shopify

Haus is a Shopify website that sells furniture, lighting, and other accessories for home decoration. The website is plain and simple, which is what we liked the most. Therefore, anyone who wants to build a similar website can follow Haus. However, we would appreciate it if the side menu bar would remain hidden instead of being visible all the time.

59. Unwrapped Life

unwrapped life ecommerce Shopify Store

Unwrapped Life is a great example of an eCommerce Shopify store. The website sells various shower and bath products for both men and women. There are shampoos, soaps for all ranges of customers. Among the many brilliant features of this website, we like to mention the Instagram Feed section and the particular sections for men and women.

60. Package Free

 package free eco friendly website

Package Free is a sustainable and eco-friendly website. It sells polythene and plastic-free products. Various types of products are being sold from this website almost every day. For their products, many reputed brands like WWD, BAZAAR,  Vogue, and others trust Package Free. Everything about this website is good. But, keeping the account/login visible on the landing page will be more convenient. 

Shopify Stores for Books

61. Penguin Books

penguin books  shopify website

From the name Penguin Books anyone can guess the Shopify website is about selling books. Well, Penguin Books is not just any other online book store, it is quite famous. On this website, you can purchase books, know about the authors, and read online articles. An online book shop for all classes of people with an interactive design.

62. Cookbook Village

cookbook village shopify book store

Cookbook Village is another example of a Shopify book store. The only difference is they sell books for cooking. They are in book selling business for quite a long time. Whether you are a casual chef or culinary professional, you can get collectible and vintage cookbooks from this Shopify store.


Shopify Stores for Art and Toys

63. Nick Mayer Art

nick mayer  artworks  books

Nick Mayer is an artist and biologist who is the inventor of Nick Mayer Art. This is a great Shopify website that has been selling arts and paintworks of fishes (by Nick Mayer himself). Aside from artworks, you can also buy books, posters, hoodies, holiday cards, and even phone cases from this shop. A great website for art lovers, especially those who love fishing.

64. Artisire


Artisire is a business portrait that honors and dedicates itself to a craft. In this case, we are talking about wax sealing art. From customized wax stamps to premade wax seals, the Artisire has revived an old tradition. Owning every step of the production process, Artisire makes the best Shopify items in its Canadian factory. The Thomsen family who run Artisire, still find joy in handwriting their own thank you note and sealing each of them by hand.

65. Bebemoss


If you are looking for a state-of-art Shopify website to sell toys, Bebemoss is the right place. It’s not about the website that attracted us instead, it’s the generosity and women empowerment followed by this company. They have employed over 120 women who are in need. This also includes refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. A great website with a collection of lovely toys, all made entirely by hand.

Shopify Stores for Accessories

66. Madsen Cycles

madsen cycles colorful shopify ecommerce  website

Madsen Cycles is a colorful Shopify website for eCommerce, mainly selling cargo bicycles with a patented design. These bikes are also known as Bucket bikes. The design of the website just can’t get any better. The website has everything a customer needs to see with colorful pictures.

67. Tsuno


If you are looking for great examples of finding a beautiful Shopify eCommerce website, then you should take a look at Tsuno. The website is filled with its signature color. With a plain and simple layout, it is very easy to navigate. The website looks incredible in responsive mode, giving a perfect look on any device.  

68. Nerdwax


Now, we will be talking about a different kind of product. Nerdwax is no ordinary wax, it is the wax you use for cleaning your glasses. This wax is made of all-natural ingredients. And it is so easy to apply. Just rub Nerdwax near the nose pads of your favorite specs or sunglasses. Nerdwax will help you get slip-free pleasure on the oily part of your skin. Talking about the website, it’s on another level. 

Shopify Stores for Miscellaneous

69. Canada Icons

canada icons

Canada Icons represent the history and culture of Canada. Aside from knowing Canadian culture, you can buy various products from this website like Parka, Canoe, Mukluk, Snowshoe, and others. Also, you can learn about Bushplane, Hockey, Toboggan, Railway Hotel, Snowmobile, and etc.

70. Omaze

omaze powerful  marketers   Shopify shop

Many of us know about Omaze. They are one of the most powerful marketers in the world. In fact, you may have seen their ads by now. They also engage celebrities to advertise their promotional campaigns. The website is all about their promotions. Those who are looking forward to making such a website should definitely take a look.   

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Final Overview 

So, what do you think about the above top 70 most famous Shopify stores? We are guessing you loved all of them. Yes, all these Shopify stores may have applied their own way to achieve success.

But it is important as not all of them are working on the same type of business. They are just the source of inspiration to make a great online platform for your business. The rest is up to your determination and hard work to become a great brand for your business.

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