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08 Best Plugins For WordPress to Increase Your Traffic in 2022 (Free and Paid)

Last Update: 18 Sep, 2022

Many top-class or the best plugins for WordPress to increase your traffic have come forward for your blog and website in this modern era. And these plugins come to help you with keyword optimization, page performance, social media sharing, contact management, and many more. But the overall best specialty of these every WordPress traffic plugin is to bring more traffic in a shorter time.

Quality visitors always execute a vital role in the triumph of your WP website. If gaining more traffic, you’ll be able to boost the attention of your brand and convince advertisers to advertise on your site. And you can enhance your product sales also. And with the help of these benefits, you’ll be able to add revenue to your online business.

Now, if you think there is an easy, one-off answer for raising your traffic, then you’re on the wrong path, sorry to say. But you must use or produce engaging content and promote your content constantly on several channels. And most importantly, insert relevant keywords to your content to get ranked on Google SERP (search engine result page).

With this thought in mind, the best plugins for WordPress come into existence to increase a vast amount of traffic easier. And every of these WordPress traffic plugin adds superior functionality to your website to gain more and more traffic.

Suppose you think of achieving more traffic by earnings, ranking, subscription, and more. In this case, these different extensions allow you to convert your WP web development site into a challenging one.

Demand For A WordPress Traffic Plugin:

In a word, you can tell the best plugins for WordPress plays an important role in bringing more traffic. Or, more accurately, below, every WordPress traffic plugin can support you to boost visitor and user attention to your site.

Before giving you the names of WordPress plugins for driving more traffic, below are some obvious questions to ask yourself.

  1. Who are my website visitors?
  2. How to get more traffic to my WordPress website?
  3. How to increase traffic on WordPress blog?
  4. What media are giving the most traffic?
  5. Most effective times and days for publishing fresh content?
  6. How to get ranked on the first page?
  7. Which pages are giving the most leads?

If you don’t know the answers, it’s okay, no problem. I’ll explain every question in this blog post, so it’ll be easy for you to take your special WordPress traffic plugin.

So, do you want to know the best plugins for WordPress to increase your traffic? Okay, let’s dive deep with me to find the best jewel to increase your traffic.

The Best Plugins For WordPress To Increase Your Traffic:

There are hundreds of thousands of WP addons found online to gain more traffic. And to find the best one that meets your demands will take more than hours. To make your task easier, I’ve come up with a handy list of Free and Premium versions of eight (08) best plugins for WordPress to increase your traffic.

Let’s learn the names and how they help you drive the traffic without further bother:

1. Yoast SEO plugin – One of The Best WordPress Plugin

One of the best plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins free to optimize your content to rank on the first page. Yoast is mainly an on-page SEO tool that gives title and meta descriptions, image optimization, readability analysis, SEO analysis, and more. Faster loading times, Advanced XML sitemaps, and a tool to avoid duplicate content are its best offers.

But Yoast is firmly standing and most popular for its Content Analysis Section. And it shows three consecutive colors of light (red, orange, and green) in contrast to the parameters listed beneath in your content section. And these lights clarify how poor or well your site pursues SEO best practices.

So, if you think you’re going to need this one of the best Yoast SEO WordPress plugins free download options? Just click the above title named “Yoast SEO plugin – One of The Best WordPress Plugins Free Download.”

Optimistic Features:

  • Automated and Advanced Technical SEO Improvements
  • Comfy to Understand Your Site Layout For Google
  • An in-depth Integration
  • Entire Control Over Website Breadcrumbs
  • A Google Preview, Creative Schema blocks, and Full Language Support

2. Hummingbird Pro – One of The Best WP Premium Plugins

Even if your overall site is optimized, there is no benefit if the site loads slowly. Page performance is crucial in defining how your pages rank on the search pages. Hummingbird Pro is an amazing and one of the best WP premium plugins for all users that speeds up your site and optimizes site functionality. And it also saves valuable seconds from your loading time by changing the directions of your WP site.

Hummingbird Pro also enables you to operate automated updates, uptime, configs, analytics, client billing, reports, support, and more from one control ground. And it shortens site files, minifies file load, and sends files through CDN. Also, this tool inspects and fixes every error that slows down your site.

Encouraging Features:

  • Monitor and Optimize Response Time
  • Performance Test and Reports
  • Run Speed Tests and Full Caching Suite
  • Comprehensive Asset Optimization
  • GZIP Compression, 45-Point CDN, and Advanced Tools

3. HubSpot – WordPress Plugins

Suppose you want a platform that provides extensions for managing or using automated marketing, sales, and services. In that case, HubSpot is a great and the best WordPress plugins free platform for you. HubSpot is mainly a CRM and Contact Management platform that allows you to track every client interaction and 360* degree client view. And can develop captivating email marketing campaigns. Also, you’ll be able to attract visitors with chatbots and live chat and can add startling forms to pages.

Besides, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your marketing performance with its built-in analytics option. Also, you’ll know which leading pages are most driving and the most effective times and days for publishing fresh and unique content. And the top channels that are sending the most traffic. Above all, you’ll have everything to expand your traffic strategically with this data.

Promising Features:

  • Lead Generation and Lead Management
  • Analytics, Social Media, and Advertising Software Integrations
  • Recurring Payment and eCommerce Integrations
  • Meeting and Events Scheduling Software Integrations
  • Project and Productivity Management Software Integrations

4. Monarch – Social Media Plugin

Are you looking for a social sharing plugin to inspire visitors to convey your content on numerous network platforms? Okay, your waiting is over, don’t waste your time searching elsewhere. Because today I’m going to introduce a social sharing plugin that will meet your demands. And the name of this addon is “WordPress plugin – Monarch.”

Monarch is mainly another one of the leading WP premium plugins that give a collection of social media share and follows buttons. And it’ll let you choose over nineteen (19+) plus social networks to connect to your site with a custom set of sharing options. And these sharing buttons, you can add to 05 (five) areas on your site. For example, you can add to your automatic pop-ups, automatic fly-ins, images and videos, the sidebar, and above or below content.

Optimism Features:

  • For respective posts and pages, power to override the share button settings
  • A stats module displaying the numbers of social shares for the entire site
  • You’ll be able to import/export your Monarch settings
  • Numerous triggers for pop-ups and fly-ins, and also mobile-friendly
  • Use many various shortcodes all over the site

5. All In One SEO – One Of The Most Worthy WordPress Plugin

All In One SEO is the best WordPress traffic plugin for every individual who desires to increase organic search traffic. It’s the leading and popular SEO plugin for WordPress that more than 2.80+ million savvy website owners use to get higher ranks in search engines. And the best thing about this addon is you needn’t hire a developer or an expert coder to set it up properly.

It’s very simple but, at the same time, is too powerful and takes a vow to give the best user experience as the number # 01 priority. SEO meta title, meta description, social media integration, XML sitemaps, local SEO, webmaster tool connections, or SEO search console are the name of a few of its eye-catchy features. Regardless of the need for an outstanding industry, or if you are not an SEO expert in your business, you can set up this advanced wizard in less than 10 minutes.

Captivating Features:

  • Smooth Integration With Famous Social Media Platforms
  • Assures Your Optimized Preview For Search Engines and Social Networks
  • Helps You Estimate SEO Impacts and Progress
  • Proposes Google AMP integration and Operates Widespread Speed and Caching Plugins
  • Advanced SEO Schema and SEO Knowledge Graph Support

6. Bloom – WordPress Plugin

Would you like to know the best practical way to drive constant traffic to your site? Also, want to keep updated your potential clients about your business? No problem, you can do everything you want through Email marketing. Bloom is an excellent email opt-in plugin invented to help you expand your email list and develop leads from your website.

Bloom is mainly come to display opt-in or sign-up forms on your website. It enables you to merge with eighteen (18+) plus email marketing platforms to give the news to your subscribers. So, you can tell it’s one of the most useful WP premium plugins for email marketing that drive constant traffic to your site.

Top-Notch Features:

  • Powerful control panel and Email Marketing Service Integration
  • Choosing a Form Template and Customize The Design
  • Endless Form Templates and Customization Options
  • Helpful Opt-in Form Performance Statistics
  • Form Display Settings and Split Testing

7. Revive Old Posts – Plugin For Auto Post and Scheduling

Revive Old Posts is another, most mandatory, one of the finest WordPress plugins free to expand the visitors. It’s mainly used for many different causes but supports promoting social network traffic for many diverse blogs and sites. In general, it allows administrators to expand their audience, increase their social network followers, and automatically transfer posts and content.

You’ll have the power to place a schedule for old and more recent content. Another awesome class quality of this addon is Auto Post, which means just hit the publish button, and it’ll share on many distinct networks platform. And top of that, you’ll have the ability to generate automatic hashtags and be consistent with URL Shorteners.

Magnetic Features:

  • Choose Time, Number of Posts, and Auto Post Schedule
  • Combined with Google Analytics
  • Contain Link Back to Your Site
  • Exclude Specific Posts, Categories, and Tags
  • Develop Your Common Hashtags

8. OptinMonster – Best Popup Plugin For WordPress

OptinMonster is the leading best popup plugin for WordPress that comes to exist for more email subscribers, boost sales, and enlarge your business. Another top quality of this extension is lead generation. OptinMonster is mainly the best popup plugin for WordPress that operates a conversion toolkit and popup builder to turn your dumping visitors into subscribers and consumers.

Besides, this addon will surprisingly track user behavior and capture engagement with relevant messages. And it also enables you to make automated, customized proposals based on traffic action to maximize the conversion chance. It also lets you build modern, attractive popup campaigns, subscription forms, sticky announcement bars, hello bars, and many more. On a quick note, it’s the best WordPress popup plugin free for download.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced Google Analytics, Email Newsletter Segmentation, and Success Tracking Scripts
  • Lightbox, Floating Bar, and Slide-in Popups
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mats, Inline Sign-up Forms, and Gamified Spin a Wheel Popup
  • Page-Level Targeting, Geolocation Targeting, and OnSite Retargeting
  • Referrer Detection, AdBlock Detection, and Popup Behavior Automation

So, these are the top, trendy, and best WordPress plugins that come to achieve your potential visitors. This list of the best plugins for WordPress includes both Free and Premium versions. In contrast, every WordPress traffic plugin has the same intention to bring more traffic.

Therefore, if you want to work with the Premium or Paid version, you must first buy from the described WP premium plugins. Then, you’ll be able to utilize respective plugin features and functionality. And if you are craving the best WordPress plugins free to use, you must go to the respective site and search for the WordPress plugins free download option.

Wrapped Up:

The most important thing is to discuss the best plugins for WordPress to increase your traffic. Because whether you want to rank higher or desire to earn by the website, traffic is the main target to gain success on every issue. Every website owner has the same common demand, how to gain more traffic?

With this question in mind, many popular company or firm built their best plugins for WordPress to support achieving your goal. And to help you by giving the most proper plugin, I’ve researched, analyzed, and made a list of the best plugins for WordPress from a vast collection of plugins.

Mark my word, every single of this addon or WordPress traffic plugin has special features and functionalities. And any plugin from this list of the best plugins for WordPress to increase your traffic will not let you astray.

And to give a summary below is the list of the best WordPress traffic plugin:

  1. Yoast SEO plugin
  2. Hummingbird Pro
  3. HubSpot
  4. Monarch
  5. All In One SEO
  6. Bloom
  7. Revive Old Posts
  8. OptinMonster

Now, if you think I might miss something or need to add more, please feel free to contact me below the comment section.

And I assume you will stay with us for more engaging, interesting, and attractive articles like always. And stay safe, secure, and stay blessed.

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