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Getting Started


Thank you very much for choosing our theme. We truly appreciate and really hope that you'll enjoy our theme! If you like this theme, Please support us by rating us 5 stars.

In this user guide you will find all required information to get your site up and running: starting from theme installation, settings and setup to usage of different demos templates.

Install Theme

Install Wordpress:Download and Install the newest version of WordPress.

Install theme via Wordpress Dashboard:

  1. Go to 'Appearance > Theme' section
  2. Click 'Add New' and select the 'Upload' option
  3. Upload the zip file
  4. All Done :) (see fig 1.1, fig 1.2)

If any error appears, most probably, your hosting has file size limit. You can contact your hosting provider and ask to ease this restrictions (e.g 32MB will do).

Theme Installation via FTP:

  1. Access to the file on your server using ftp editor program
  2. Go to 'wp-content/themes' folder
  3. Extract the zip file and put the themename-Laevento folder there
  4. Go to 'Wordpress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme' section to activate the theme
  5. All Done :)

If above steps did not yield any results, please don’t hesitate to address this issue directly to your hosting company. Since this is most likely a server-related problem, we will not be able to help you!

Install theme via wp

Fig. 1.1 Install Theme

Install theme via wp

Fig. 1.2 Install Theme

Activate Theme:
  1. Go to 'Appearance > Theme' section.
  2. Select the Laevento theme.
  3. Hitting the correspondent "Activate" link.
  4. All Done :)

Install theme via wp

Fig. 1.3 Theme Activate

Plugins Installation:

After install the theme and activate the theme, there'll be a list of suggested and recommended plugins at the top of the wordpress dashboard.

Required plugins

Fig. 1.4 Required Plugins

Required plugins list

Fig. 1.5 Required Plugins List

Attention! Note that after install all required plugins you must go theme options and save this.

Import Demo

After Install The Plugins and you can Look like this: And Click Yes! Install the Extension

Import demo site

Here Click the Return to Extension page

Import demo site

Please Make Sure that that Backup and Demo Content isActive

Import demo site

Here's our demo data install screencast:Please Click the Install and Wait Around 10 Minites

Import demo site

To get all images:Please use this steps.

Import demo site

Mega Menu Settings

  1. Add Elementor Plugin
  2. Elementor > Settings
  3. General > Mega Menu
Laevento Megamenu
  1. Mega Menu > Add New
  2. Template > Elementor Canvas
Laevento Megamenu
  1. Appearance > Menu
  2. Select the menu
  3. Add to menu
Laevento Megamenu
  1. Select the menu Position
  2. Add Click the save button
Laevento Megamenu

The output of menu view

Laevento Megamenu

Theme Options

General settings:
Logo Upload:

image you can choose a logo image from the media library in the next option;

Logo Width:You can able to add logo width

Logo Height:You can able to add logo height

Logo Text:

text your WordPress Site Title will be shown instead.

Site Icon:

Icon image that is displayed in the browser address bar and browser tab heading. Icons must be square. Max icon (.ico) size is 32x32 px. You can also upload favicon for retina displays. Max retina icon size: 512x512 px. Also you can Enable Retina optimization and Show preloader when open a page via selecting the checkbox.

General settings General settings
Header Settings:

You Can Change All Following Field

  1. Width of element content container :
  2. Here you can choose your site width full width and With a container

  3. Menu Style :
  4. You can select menu style style here. Here you have add the two menu style. Such as color menu and normal color menu

  5. Search Bar :
  6. You can able to enable and disable search bar

  7. Hamburger Canvas:
  8. Here you can enable and disable the Humberger option

  9. Buy Ticker Button :
  10. Here you can add or remove header right sidebar Button

  11. Transparent or Normal BG
  12. Anyone can able to select to transparent and normal background color.

  13. Page Header Top:
  14. You can able to remove or add header top sections

  15. Breadcrumb:
  16. You can able to enable to disable the custom breadcrumbs options

  17. Custom Page Title:
  18. Custom page title add here

  19. Upload Your Breadcrumb
  20. You can able to add custom header image

The output of the header

Header settings
Blog Settings:

The Normal Blog Style

Posts list
Blog Style 02:

The you can able to hide post date, Content show hide, Column Number and other options here.

Posts list
Blog Style 03:

The you can able to hide post date, Content show hide, Column Number and other options here.

Posts list
Blog Style 04:

The you can able to hide post date, Content show hide, Column Number and other options here.

Posts list
Blog Style 05:

The you can able to hide post date, Content show hide, Column Number and other options here.

Posts list
Blog Style With Sidebar 06:

The you can able to hide post date, Content show hide, Column Number and other options here.

Posts list
Single Blog Setting:

The setting of single blog :

Post Style :You can able to select the single post style With Sidebar.

Color scheme

The output of the single page

Color scheme

Post Style :You can able to select the single post style With Full Width.

Color scheme

The output of the single page

Color scheme
Coming Soon Settings:

Coming Soon Settings:

  1. Logo Image
  2. Coming Soon Page title
  3. Date
  4. Background Image

Output Coming Soon Settings:

404 Page Setting:

The 404 Page setting here.

Backup settings

The Output of 404 page

404 page settings
Style of Css Setting:

The of css style

You can able to write css code here.

Backup settings

Page Meta Box Settings

Page layout setting will give you to create different different layout page. This options affect on current page.

Page layout settings Page layout settings

Elementor Page Builder

A section is the most basic element that you can work with. It's the building block of every page. A section can be set as full width and spread all over the screen, or receive the content area width (by default).

After you create a section you can drag and drop a widget inside. You can also divide each section to few columns. Every page you create can contain as many sections as you want. You can drag a section above or under another one to relocate it.

Laevento Section

Laevento section group element have special feature. You didn't need any ( row or section )before useing Laevento Section group elements.

  1. Laevento Tabs Box
  2. Laevento Event Speakers
  3. Laevento Event Schedule
  4. Laevento Event Booking
  5. Laevento Previleges
  6. Laevento Sponsors Box
  7. Laevento Hero Slider
  8. Laevento Meet Up Banner
  9. Laevento Event Goals
  10. Laevento Event Members
  11. Laevento Event Gallery
  12. Laevento Program Schedule
  13. Laevento Call To Action
  14. Laevento Typed Banner
  15. Laevento Twitter Slider
  16. Laevento What To Except
  17. Laevento Blog Posts
  18. Laevento Google Map
  19. Laevento Speaker Lists
  20. Laevento Content Gallery
  21. Laevento Team Members
  22. Laevento Testimonials
  23. Laevento List Box
  24. Laevento Gallery Filter
  25. Laevento Venue Gallery
  26. Laevento Contact Info Box
  27. Laevento Contact Form 7
  28. Laevento Accordion Box
  29. Laevento Event Filters
  30. Laevento Event Pricing
  31. Laevento Discuss Box
  32. Laevento Page Lists
  33. Laevento Subscriber Form
  34. Laevento Single Sponsor
  35. Laevento Three Part Image
Laevento section

Fig. 5.1 Laevento Section

  1. Add New Section: Click this button to create a new section or simply drag a widget from the panel and drop it in the content area.
  2. Select Yout Structure: Choose a structure for your section (Later, you can edit the exact width of every column).

You can edit, duplicate or delete a section. You can also save it as a template or add a new section above.

Laevento Grid Settings
Laevento Elements Laevento Elements
Adding columns to sections

Every section includes one or more columns. You are able to insert your content into each column. You can easily arrange and order the columns, simply by dragging and dropping them. You can edit, duplicate, add or delete a column. You can also drag & drop it anywhere on your page. Resize Column: Drag right & left to change the width of your columns.

Header settings
Add Here Slider
  1. Slider Subtitle: Input here slider subtitle.
  2. Slider Title: Input here slider title.
  3. Hexagon: You can show or remove slider hexagon background
  4. Countdown: You can able to add Countdown date and time information
  5. Slider Tabs: You can slider image.
Slider Elements
Add Tab Box
  1. Tab Title: Add Tab title here.
  2. Tab Content: Add Tab Content.
  3. Tab Image: Upload the tab image content
Slider Elements
Event Speaker
  1. Section Title: Add Event Speaker Section title.
  2. Content: Add Content here.
  3. Button Text: Type here button label Content.
  4. Button URL: Type here button label URL.
  5. Speaker Name: Type here Event Speaker Name.
  6. Event Speaker Designation: Type here Event Speaker Designation.
Slider Elements
Event Schedule
  1. Section Title: Add Here Event Schedule Section title here.
  2. Session Title: Add Session Title here.
  3. Session One Speakers: Select the speaker. After add the event schedule please add event speaker.
Event Schedule
Google Map
  1. Address: Type here your office address.
  2. Location title : Type here your location title.
  3. Your Address : Type here your address details.
Google Map
  1. Section Title: Type here your section title here.
  2. Section Content : Type here your content.
  3. Tab Title : Type here slider title.
  4. Tab Content : Type here slider Content.
  5. Tab Image : Upload here slider image.
Google Map
Meet Up Banner
  1. Event Year: Type here Event Date.
  2. Banner Title: Type here your event banner title.
  3. Event Host Name: Type here event host name here.
  4. Member of going: Write here how much people will be attend the event.
  5. Days Text: Select your event year.
  6. Select month: Select your event month name
  7. Minutes Text : Select the event time.
  8. Venue Title : Type here event title.
  9. Venue Address : Type here event venue address.
  10. Button Level : Type here your button text.
  11. Button URL : Type here your button URL
Google Map
Event Goals
  1. Section Title: Type here Section title.
  2. Event Goals Content: Type here your event goal content here.
  3. Event Goals Image: Upload the event goal image here.
  4. Gallery: Upload the event goal Gallery image.
Google Map
Event Members
  1. Section Title: Type here Section title.
  2. Item Title: Type here team name.
  3. Event Joint Date: Type here event join date.
  4. Show Background Effect?: You can Enable or disable Background Effect.
Google Map
Program Schedule
  1. Event Time : Type here the time when the event will be started.
  2. Event Title : Type the event title.
Google Map
Discuss Box
  1. Section title : Type here the section title.
  2. Discus Chat Heading : Type here discus chat heading.
  3. Image :Upload the discuss box author image.
  4. Post time : Type here post time here.
  5. Author Name : Type here Author name here.
  6. Author Description : Type here discuss author name here.
  7. Event Date : Type here event date
Google Map
Call To Action
  1. Section title : Type here the section title.
  2. Content : Type here Call to action content here.
  3. Button Label :Type here button label text.
  4. Button URL : Type here button label url.
Google Map
Typed Banner
  1. Typed Banner Title : Type here the banner title.
  2. Rotating Text : Write here the rotating text with comma.
  3. Type Banner Subtitle :Write the banner sub title here.
  4. Show Aside Date : Write the flash message here .
  5. Days Text : Select the year of the event.
  6. Hours Text :Select the month here.
  7. Minutes Tex :Select the event time.
Google Map
What To Except
  1. Section Title : Type here the section title.
  2. Section Content : Write here the section content here.
  3. Number Title :Write the how much member will be attended.
What to except
Twitter Slider
  1. Posts Limit : Type twitter slider number of posts.
  2. Slider Avatar : You can enable or disable the slider avatar image.
twitter slider twitter slider
Blog Posts
  1. Posts Limit : Type number of blog posts.
  2. Filter by Categories : Select the post category that you want to show.
  3. Show Post Excerpt : You can show to hide the post content.
blog post
Speaker Lists
  1. Section title : Type the section title.
  2. Section Content : Type the section content.
  3. Select Speaker : Select the team member that you want to show this page.
blog post blog post