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15 Reasons to Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

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  • 29 Apr, 2024
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Last Update: 29 Apr, 2024

A tycoon or Whiz kid, a go-getter, often uses websites for business or personal reasons. When one is settled upon creating a website, deciding on a theme is the next part of picking up the threads.

Surely, the correct theme for your website is like a bolt from the blue – challenges a lot. WordPress themes, a bit expensive themes look like a blessing in disguise but prove to be above board.

Presently, the newbies in the online sector remain melancholy due to some nulled WordPress themes & plugins with bids. In this write-up, we aim to highlight 12 reasons not to use nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

What is nulled theme? Our recommendation

Plenty of WordPress themes and plugins are invested free and claim no activation before use. These themes might be called “nulled” if it has been mimicked to meet original WordPress themes without prior need or restriction. Nulled versions are unauthorized to sidestep the website’s technical restrictions. Mostly, it does work, but there’s a gamble of malware embedded in the code.

Recommendation- While nulled theme users’ reviews are not satisfactory, and it isn’t always the best bet, we don’t promote its use.

What are nulled plugins? Our recommendation

WordPress plugins are shortcuts to authorize WordPress jobs and help govern your business site much more easily. Nulled plugins, however, are illegal copies of plugins released from various unofficial websites. They are in the bid without the developer’s permission.

What are the risks?

Nulled WordPress plugins mostly encourage hacking WordPress sites. It is a big fish to steal data, inject spam into the web code through malicious scripts, knock down the browser settings, and more.

Recommendation- Our recommendation stands against illegal plugin copies. You should never jump into the hacker’s club. Please, stick to the custom things and custom plugins.

Avoiding nulled WordPress themes in 2022

Nulled WordPress themes are copies of premium WordPress themes that have been altered and then re-released at a lower cost. Suchlike nulled WP themes are free to use, but there’s a trap sometimes. Hackers drop nulled themes to undertake control of websites. Afterward, the hackers steal deets and details from the sites, making it almost impossible for the owners to remove the malware files.

Nulled WordPress themes are like snacks for the developer. Premium templates take a bit more effort to set to the website. On the other hand, Nulled themes take a drag-and-drop effort to be customized. Website developers make two great mistakes in settling such themes.

Firstly, Nulled WordPress themes need no big budget and are extra accessible. Here, Developers step to their first mistake. Then, These themes need no web authorization and assure extra facilities than the original WordPress themes.

The second step mistake happens here. Seeing the CMS free for WordPress, we often purchase from the third-party website. Making a quick mistake like accessing invalid websites & install such themes with risk.

In 2022, the criminals will have new weapons of phishing, baiting, Code injection, SQL attacks, and brute force. These weapons do website hacks. All the hacking methods use nulled themes as a pitfall. So, don’t revel in exclusive malicious themes from reproduction houses. With so many spikes, WordPress themes from actual sources won’t jeopardize your site’s Security. Also, it benefits Search optimizations & Google rankings.

So, the advice is –

Try to steer clear of blacklisted WordPress themes in 2022. A nulled WordPress theme is a surefire way to waste your effort, hours, and money. All WordPress templates are outdated; still, they can crack the latest technology. The security risks that are set come with using these themes.

15 reasons to avoid nulled WordPress themes and plugins

1. Nulled plugins and themes – resist the temptation to buy

Nulled plugins and themes are aesthetic but not first-rated themes to buy. Not always, but most often, they are riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. Unknowingly, one wrong decision can put your site at risk of unauthorized access. Replica of premium themes & plugins never comes up with premium functionality, but suchlike themes & plugins are a big no to use. Keeping in doubt, nulled plugins and themes are never the right power to go for. Things to consider when downloading nulled plugins and themes –

Are they compatible with your site? No.

Will they have security vulnerabilities? Yes.

If they contain malware? Yes.

2. Cons of Nulled themes

Pirates are a threat: Nulled WordPress theme is a threepenny technique to make a website look like the original WordPress version. These inexpensive copies of WordPress themes on the internet are a huge threat to hacking WordPress security. Mostly, malicious code is set across the files in the nulled themes. This type of website distributes malware and is not beneficial for search engine rankings.

Search engine issues: Who does not want to be a topper in search engines? Nothing can crest the web pages until the theme is original. Using pirated WordPress copies can often provide web info to hackers. It annihilates the dream of website rankings. The effort of a website with fruitful content should never go in vain. Original WordPress versions of themes can be the utmost solution to thumbs up the website performance. You’ll overcome search engine issues like a pro, then.

No documentation & fix: See, the WordPress community has eminent vibes with social media discussions. You will miss this experienced club with pirate copies of WordPress themes. Pirated WordPress themes have no support, no documentation, and no access to avail WordPress facilities. Nulled WordPress themes are completely different from the original versions. With suchlike themes, you can never experience paid WordPress facilities. Developers can quickly fix WordPress theme’s bugs, but there are no ways to avail specialist support.

3. Cons of Nulled plugins

Inactive Security: Nulled plugins have bad scripts of malware that cause infection in your website. These malware scripts can eat a website’s authorization. People who have malicious intent keep bad effects on the website. Inactive security is the first drawback of any hacked information on Nulled plugins.

Non-Functionality: Nullified plugins create bugs in your site to malfunction or crash completely. Malware scripts have no testing and quality control checks. So, there is no chance for the nulled WordPress plugin to function properly.

Poor performance: Nulled plugins are slower than their original version. It causes your website infirmity, less responsiveness, and a ranking factor. Nullified plugins release no updates anymore because developers didn’t allow permission for it. The theme’s version has stopped supporting the updates. So, you end up with an outdated plugin version that doesn’t moderate its performance.

4. Big loss if the WordPress E-commerce theme nulled

The threats of an invalidating E-commerce theme are endless. Duplicate themes properly to the websites under threat. It knocks off WordPress development and hacks the contents, images, transactions, design work, and arts. You end up exerting the business efforts and money. E-commerce sites are well off with customer write-ups. A website, which is designed with duplicate versions of themes, will cause the business reputation. The growth of E-commerce businesses experienced a sudden drop in traffic and profits. It happens due to the slow responsive rate. The risk analysis with a nulled theme for an E-commerce website is 90%. Modern business philosophy restrains from such risk and begins the analysis.

Especially, SEO is the key to gaining customers on your e-commerce site. Duplicate WordPress themes restrain e-commerce sites from the content crawls. One can’t experience search engine rankings anymore. Your website with nulled themes can’t provide stronger SEO. Googlebot checks for the website’s value. As the nulled themes and plugins cannot update and can’t meet Google’s requirements, sites with these can’t help web rankings. The loading speed remains slow to appear on the customer’s devices. You fail to get the potential prospects.

Business reputation is the first condition to attract a customer magnet. E-commerce websites need relief from error pages and slow loading time. For that, a reliable E-commerce theme is compulsory. E-commerce is a loss project if the theme is aesthetic, but unprofessional to support like the competitors. Your decision to establish an E-commerce website with nulled WordPress themes and plugins should be damned.

5. Stay away from Nulled WordPress themes – Reddit

On Reddit (The real discussion platform), the experts alert people to stay away from pirated WordPress themes & plugins. The world’s largest hacking operation has been done in WordPress. WP-VCD is a malware threat to hack WordPress sites to their nuts and bolts.

Malware spreads via pirated themes and plugins –

Logically, Pirated themes and plugins are the root of malware attacks and spread to other sites and servers that do registration.

WordPress themes and plugins can add a new flavor to the site’s appearance. Using nulled versions sometimes assures SEO growth but negatively affects the performance. You’ll get free versions of WP themes cheaper, but ultimately this is a handover process from the site owners to the hackers.

A WP-VCD infection with pirated themes infects the distribution sites. Why involve your sites in a complex modus, where you have original options expensively? Reddit condemns the nulled WordPress themes and alerts us to stay away from purchasing them.

6. Disaster in ranking factors if used WordPress cracked plugins

In the SEO pasture, there is a huge disadvantage to see, following the – cracked WordPress plugins. However, this damage is immeasurable – many website owners see a quick rank and fall of their web pages using these plugins. Even though the article outlines to meet the SEO requirements, using cracked plugins can occur slow page loading. Which doesn’t help Google rankings anymore.

Original themes and plugins of WordPress ensure an incredible content management system (CMS). With the right CMS plugins, you can crack your website needs. However, with the wrong WordPress plugins, disaster can happen. WordPress plugins embed your website to a happy place and increase your site’s ranking on Google. Mistreating the CMS system in many nulled plugins does the opposite.

Content management systems in WordPress meet standards of content publishing, managing tools, and tactics on the web. WordPress plugins make your content’s job easy. Yet, using nulled WP plugins damn all the ranking factors besides the security exploited by hackers.

7. Nulled theme websites are off – No validation

You get no legal support for nulled theme websites. Due to less validation, and cumbersome services, a website owner is never satisfied with the site’s duplicate version. Sooner or later, the desire for a new theme will exist in his mind, but it will be behindhand. Free Magento themes look attractive. Sometimes, it doesn’t deduct the funds, still with no supporting teams.

When marketers explore E-commerce themes online, and the moment they demand to purchase a theme, validation of a theme is the first concern. The website themes with legal “Support & Documentation” ensures the website’s operation effectively. The unofficial sites proffer no “Support or Documentation” on their themes, so it is compulsory to get around these sites.

What benefits a sole misses purchasing nulled WordPress theme? Custom themes provide many benefits, and one of them is WP’s online support. It offers technical support & lives demos for your business. Don’t live in a fool’s paradise to attain a little act of assistance.

8. Envato nulled WordPress plugin – what can happen?

Envato is a great WordPress plugin marketplace to help a website with themes & plugins update. You earn this benefit if you purchase themes from the Envato market. Unfortunately, the evils released their nulled Envato plugin to crack someone’s effort.

Pirated Envato plugins give frustration. They lead to problems such as not receiving update notifications to add new features for your needs. Not having access to the features restricts even adding a slideshow or images on the dashboard. Most often, these nulled themes are made for traditional WordPress jobs. So, it is impossible to update new versions of templates in suchlike themes. A custom WordPress theme can tweak the website’s appearance only.

Envato nulled themes are not the plugin along the right lines. Are there any legal issues using Envato pirated version plugins? Yes, there are umpteen legal issues. We don’t recommend this version at all.

9. Unethical use of themes affects WordPress developers

Themes are the spinal column of a WordPress site. Custom themes have graphical design & elements to give your website its identity. With so many custom themes available, it is a fool’s choice to plump for nulled themes, even if they look both delightful and functional.

But what happens when ethical developers drive their websites to hack? The developer’s effort can’t be proved wrong with nulled themes. Criminal’s targeted themes are a trap for WordPress developers.

In this decade, many reports have been of criminals using phishing themes to hack into websites. One such example is the famous nulled themes known as Kadence WP & Generate Press look aesthetic. But, I harmed millions of WordPress sites with the piece of malware codes. World entrepreneurs see a loss in their new innovative products if hacked once. So, the gamble between a developer and a hacker is a hacker’s game till the developer chooses a nulled theme.

10. Creates a risk of website hack

In the world of WordPress, there are nearly 60,000 plugins and 31,000 WordPress themes with premium options. With or without a dishonest scheme, the developers thought of marketing nulled plugins and themes for WordPress sites. Sadly, the scammers found the potential to hack your site through duplicate versions. Some shady websites started offering themes and plugins for free on the internet. These websites contain virus-laden codes often written by malicious coders. They leave your site vulnerable to hackers.

In the past, hackers would spend months hacking a website’s information. It was possible once they found vulnerabilities in the websites. Nowadays, all it takes is decoding some diddles to the plugin or theme containing viruses that can exploit the hackers to hack a website. Mostly, an evil community promotes bad codes along the pirated WordPress tools for free, and they earn customers for them. Using the potentiality, hackers are triumphant in hacking websites and plundering information.

So, what tips do I share to ignore nulled plugins and themes?

Do null plugins, and themes offer premium features for free? Sometimes, some unauthorized websites offer lifetime deal facilities & custom features like authorized companies. Stop! Be aware of such risks. There is a quote – “Don’t marry a beautiful woman if not wise.” The same logic goes for WordPress themes. No matter how attractive the theme looks, don’t buy if unauthorized.

11. It says free but costs more

A sterling WordPress theme has qualities to earn web development facilities with three things – Time, coding standard, and smoothness. Although the nulled webs offer free themes, they are mostly of no use because they allow no updates anymore. Using a custom theme does 60% of the website’s job, including the appearance, content, and search engine facilities. You save efforts working on your website.

On the other hand, obtaining nulled themes and plugins seems affordable, but it is an evil’s injury. How come it is a loss project? Logically, it seems reasonably priced. A profit-making website with replica tools can see inversion straight off. In the morning, what will be his reaction if an E-commerce owner sees the website is hacked? People don’t think of a big loss but think of saving some money on the theme. It’s like living in a fool’s paradise.

Great themes have great codes. The developers make them compatible for one version and also for the future version. Even if you paid theme version, the features and facilities rank your web pages astoundingly.

12. Drive in illegal methods

Nulled plugins and themes are illegal. Mostly, these themes create and distribute themes with stolen license keys & copyrighted materials. In a professional’s view, these sites potentially threaten your website’s safety. Using pirated copies can steal your, your commercial, and customers’ credit card information. Using such themes, you can’t help when something goes wrong.

A website’s appearance is the house, and plugins are the building blocks of a website’s design. Beautiful themes make a beautiful site and attract potential customers to sign up for their purchases. If a beautiful website with nulled themes & plugins, does the business hack? Not at all! This website is like a home with no home security.

Yet, such nulled plugins allow you to create events, schedules, and contact forms for customers. You can link social media share buttons on your website as well. Unfortunately, the illegal themes won’t help rankings, and the plugins won’t help the structure of the WordPress site.

13. Creates incompatibility issues

There are many risks associated with using nulled wordpress themes. It may occur incompatibility issues with plugins and other extensions. Often, the nulled themes have been created without considering the latest updates to WordPress.

Such pirated WordPress themes can be found all over the internet, but they may come with a virus or malware. Nulled themes are usually old and outdated, which means that there is a higher chance of creating incompatibility issues. Like, they will not work properly with the new features of WP.

The truth is – Even though nulled wordpress themes are becoming more popular, they come with a major risk. The main risk of it is incompatibility with plugins and other themes. When you download a nulled theme, it isn’t easy to ensure its compatibility with any other themes or plugins on your site. Nulled themes also lack customer support.

14. Discourages Progress And Innovation

The theme industry has been around for decades, and many people have started to take advantage. Many people are looking just to resell pre-made themes without any customization. This is not a new concept, and it has been happening in the design industry for years. But, what’s different with WordPress is that anyone with basic knowledge can launch pirated themes.

I think that nulled WordPress themes discourage progress and innovation. Theme makers are hard at work making innovative and creative themes. It takes up a lot of time to develop a website. However, with the introduction of the nulled WordPress theme, they are discouraged from progress and innovation.

Free themes on the internet are available. With the availability of so many, developers have lost some of their appeal in launching WordPress themes and plugins.

15. Credit Card Skimming

The use of stolen credit card data is on the rise, and hackers are looking for new ways to steal your data. One way that’s becoming more common is through the use of Nulled WordPress Themes. Nulled themes are used as a base for other developers to work from and can be downloaded for free from various websites. These themes typically contain malicious code that intercepts any credit card information you enter on a checkout page for the theme. “We’ve seen and heard a rise in the use of Nulled WordPress Themes, which can contain malicious code that intercepts people’s credit card information for fraudulent purchases.”

Best nulled WordPress plugins, are they?

How can you claim the Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are best when they are illegal to use? Pirated versions of themes can still be the kids’ stuff to save money on your website. As the malware is injected into the web codes, you might have problems using the pirated software in the future. Mostly, this is against the law.

Nulled WordPress plugins are unlawful to avail, and they are dirt cheap to enhance the outlook of your website. In a professional way, these pirated software pieces are offered from unauthorized sources for downloading for free or with a low fee. It all depends on their effectiveness. The replicas of WordPress plugins can’t ensure the play of your site, but the download process takes a little spell to be completed. You can earn the pros of nulled WordPress themes; they are- 1) Time-saving and 2) Cheap in price. Unfortunately, there are no best-nulled themes from our recommendation. Some nulled themes of Nulled-club’s data

  • SNIP 2.28.5 Structured Data Plugin
  • EZ Form Calculator – WordPress plugin
  • Social Share & Locker Pro WP Plugin
  • dFlip PDF FlipBook WordPress Plugin
  • Team Showcase – WordPress plugins are famous worldwide.

Here we will discuss more on these nulled WordPress plugins.

SNIP 2.28.5 Structured Data Plugin

SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

Among many themes, SNIP 2.28.5 plugin is known to be the best nulled WordPress plugin. It is a structured data plugin. The main job of this plugin is to prefix JSON+LD formatted snippets to the website. What’s the motto? To let the website contents be understandable to Google.


· Snippets formation

· Search result structure

· No license

I don’t know much about professional’s support, but the nulled website guarantees a safe product. Still, it’s one to decide whether they’ll pack it or not.

EZ Form Calculator – WordPress plugin

EZ Form Calculator – WordPress plugin

It is a built-in form creator and helps WordPress to create form calculators. The main work of the EZ Form Calculator is to the precise cost and extensive contact for your website. One can generate leads for his/her business using this easily. You’ll be able to structure checkboxes, dropdown menus, or radio buttons automatically. What’s more? EZ Form Calculator helps create answers for the emails and PDF files of the web submissions.


· Create checkboxes

· Includes dropdown menus or radio buttons

· Advanced cost estimator

You’ll find this EZ Form Calculator available online. There are available nulled or pre-licensed versions of these WordPress plugins.

Social Share & Locker Pro WP Plugin

Social Share & Locker Pro WP Plugin

Our websites contain social platforms as well in the authors’ section to meet Google’s EAT structure. Quick developers cover social share necessities, so this social pro plugin is an early solution. This website contains social locker module integration for viral visitors. Even its nulled plugins are licensed under the GNU GPL for unlimited sites.


· All in all social sharing WordPress plugin

· It covers almost all social networks

· Viral visitors

Even though we are not 100% sure about these nulled plugins, we still reviewed them for the user’s purpose. We don’t promote custom WordPress themes any longer.

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So, come to a stop (Wrapping up) –

Using legal VS illegal belongings for your website is an apple of discord. You may not know it, but our write-up covers the pitfalls – how can a website get affected by nulled themes and plugins? 3rd party website builders actually offer illegal copies for download. These will finish off your search engine rankings and spam your website to the hacker’s club.

Then, with such links to your website, you get redirected visitors from the scam sites. Illegal themes and plugins can be a big threat at once finger ends.

Having nulled website means you installed pirated copies of themes & websites, so it is violating copyright law. Once in a while, automatically, your site gets penalized by Google’s search engine due to the spamming sign. Thus, it is to be hoped that we say no to fingers-crossed themes & plugins and restrain ourselves from bad debts.


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