How to create affiliate website in 45 minutes – A quick guide

December 29, 2015| Theme IM


“What is the best multi vendor theme for WordPress?”
You may have this question in your mind. There are many themes available for creating a multi-vendor marketplace, but it is difficult to determine which one is the best choice for your affiliate website. To ease your pain, I share my experience to made the great list and compared them.

Six feature makes me to click on purchase button

  1. Based on WordPress vendor plugin free with theme
  2. Detailed Reports and Statements
  3. Multiple product types and analytics dashboard
  4. Marketplace with Independent Stores
  5. Multiple Product Types
  6. Light weight theme for not using woocommerce

Blurb is a WordPress Theme that makes you to create profitable websites, affiliate websites, price comparison, deals and product reviews.


Marketer and Supplier

Blurb Affiliate Marketer

Blurb theme has been designed especially for building marketer/supplier that are monetized through affiliate programs. Website admin can engage multi marketer product on his website like
amazon, ebay, flipcart, aliexpress and many more

Blurb Market and Supplier

This is the product list how admin can add own product or affiliate product on blurb theme also on affiliate market 1,2,3,4 this is marketer or supplier where product checkout from this website.


Blurb Product Review

For affiliate website review is best thing how focus on, There are many review how customers logically comes to his website and interest to purchase there favorite product.

Blurb Review

This is the review front view website its really affiliate boot function able which encourage me to purchase this theme.

Coupon and Cash Back

Blurb Coupon Page

Its full stack recommended coupon theme which bind me to click check out, i want cashback coupon option to promote my affiliate store.
You can get all type of functional element grip based list view under cashback option.
One of the most attractive functionality is you can add coupon via product on this website like you have 3 product for affiliate of this website
if there is any coupon option or cashback option on your supplier you can add this coupon related of this product via coupon post option on Blurb WordPress Theme

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