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Top 10 Free Gutenberg Block Editor Plugins

Last Update: 27 Jul, 2022

Are you looking for the top 10 free Gutenberg block editor plugins? Then great! Because you just landed in the right place. Gutenberg is the codename of the new WordPress editor aiming to revolutionize the entire publishing experience with media-rich pages and posts.

No matter if you are building your first website or an avid coder who codes for living, you will feel the benefits of the Gutenberg blocks. It is like as Marieke van de Rakt said –

“The Gutenberg editor has some great assets that could genuinely help people to write better texts.”
-Marieke van de Rakt (CEO of Yoast)

That’s why it is important to know the best Gutenberg block editor plugins that are also free. We have listed the 10 best free Gutenberg block editor plugins in this article. So, don’t go anywhere.

The Top 10 Free Gutenberg Block Editor Plugins To Extend Your Editing Experience

Now let’s take a look at the free Gutenberg block editor plugins to make your web page customization easier. All these plugins are free (yet some may also have paid versions) and they are just mind-blowing in terms of use and out-of-the-box designs.

1. Attire Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks and Page Layout

  • Numerous types of Gutenberg blocks
  • Works with TinyMCE editor
  • Works great with WooCommerce shop
  • Creates responsive blocks
  • Real-time customization
  • Very easy to use
  • Relatively new with limited
    version updates
  • Hard to translate using
    the attireblocks.pot
Attire Blocks Average Download
Average Download/Day

Attire Blocks is one of the best plugins for Gutenberg blocks and page layout. This is an all-in-one Gutenberg block plugin needed for creating multiple types of blocks like Post Grids, Information Boxes, Buttons, Post Carousels, Icons, Hero/Call-To-Actions, Tabs, Table of Contents, SVG Images, and many more.

Attire Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks and Page Layout offers 4 types of Gutenberg blocks for creating various attributes of a web page. This free Gutenberg plugin runs successfully on WordPress 5.6 and higher. With over 200 active installations, this plugin is becoming popular.
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2. Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg

  • More than 20 pre-built free starter sites
  • Offers pixel-perfect images and texts
  • Ready-to-use websites can be used for different niches
  • Works perfectly with the Astra theme
  • Selecting demo websites is very easy
  • Offers blocks for almost any section
  • Doesn’t offer any specific templates, have to use Astra theme
  • Configuration might be complex
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Average Download
Average Download/Day

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is surely a handy plugin for the regular Gutenberg users. The plugin is excellent to assist the Gutenberg editor with some of the most powerful and advanced blocks.

This plugin makes website building a lot easier and saves a lot of time. As a result, you will be free from the hassle of the website building process. You can design your website feasibly with tons of unique and creative blocks for Gutenberg. And you don’t have to write a single line of code to customize pages and posts.
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3. Easy Blocks

  • Design any landing pages with multiple columns
  • Insert a maximum of 6 columns in a row
  • A plug and play type plugin
  • Comes with more than 20 different blocks
  • Sometimes, unaccepted content may get inserted
  • Some photos in the website may disappear

If you are looking for a Gutenberg block plugin that includes various pre-built blocks, then Easy Blocks is your ultimate solution. The most convenient part of this plugin is you can create multiple columns within a single row.

And you get more control for customizing your website with drag-and-drop column size variations. That is why this free Gutenberg block plugin is growing more than ever.

To describe the blocks, you will get separate blocks for –

  • Marketing Perspective – Call to actions, Buttons, Counter Up, Testimonial, Logo Slider
  • Services – Feature Grid, Feature box, Pricing Table
  • Social – Social Share, Instagram Grid
  • Customizable Header – Hero Image
  • Content Layout – Image & Content, Title & Subtitle, Card, Author Profile
Easy Blocks Average Download
Average Download/Day

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4. WooCommerce Blocks

  • A complete solution to all WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks
  • Display eCommerce products beautifully
  • A flexible way for creating blocks
  • Blocks maintain responsiveness
  • Excellent customer care support
  • Works with the latest version of WordPress
  • This block plugin is for WooCommerce and Gutenberg only
  • Plugin updates may break your site
  • Some blocks are unequal to others
WooCommerce Blocks Average Download
Average Download/Day

WooCommerce Blocks are crucial to represent your WooCommerce blocks in the easiest way. Therefore, this plugin is great when you are running an eCommerce platform. Remember, blocks for WooCommerce are advanced Gutenberg blocks as you may need to display your products in a compelling way so that customers buy your product. This is the all-in-one package when you want to access all the available blocks for WooCommerce.

Featured product block, best selling products block, on-sale products blocks, product search, and more can be included in such a Gutenberg blocks list.
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5. Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit

  • Complete control to show or hide blocks
  • Allows graphics and special characters
  • Provides various formats for web content
  • Formats for various list elements
  • Estimated reading time is the new feature
  • Only good for common editor needs
  • Has compatibility issues with Extendify

The Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit by EditorsKit is another great free Gutenberg block editor plugin right now. This Gutenberg WordPress plugin allows you to have better control over styling, text formats, and workflow. Watch this video to learn more about this block editor plugin –

This plugin provides a set of block options and toolkit for the new WordPress Gutenberg editor to control more likely block visibility on various devices or user logged-in states. Aside from that, the Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit helps you with the following formats,

  • Text Color
  • Text Highlights
  • Underlines
  • Alignment
  • Clear formatting
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit Download
Average Download/Day

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6. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

  • Excellent for column management
  • Good for customizing margins and paddings visually
  • Offers a collection of unique and customized Gutenberg blocks
  • Easy enable or disable blocks for a faster website
  • Comes with 15+ custom blocks
  • Very functional and easy to use
  • Colors in the table of content can be disturbing
  • Turning off some blocks may impact on the website performance
Ultimate Blocks Average Download
Average Download/Day

Ultimate Blocks is surely the best plugin to create Gutenberg blocks. It comes with more than 15 custom blocks for creating any web page or post. The plugin will make creating better and engaging content with Gutenberg insanely easy.

It comes with more than 15 Gutenberg blocks and the number is rising. Among all the blocks that Ultimate Blocks offers, Content Filter, Styled Box, Call to Action, Progress Bar, and many more.
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7. Qubely

  • Super customizable typography option
  • Offers a much larger icon gallery than the standard Gutenberg one
  • Helps to get control of the web design
  • Minimizes the limitations of Gutenberg
  • 14 blocks for sophisticated designs
  • Limited options in the free version
  • Poor customer support
  • The reusable blocks can break after the 5.7 updates
Qubely Average Download
Average Download/Day

Many of you may already know about this Gutenberg block editor plugin. This is Qubley, a full-fledged toolkit for creating custom Gutenberg blocks, starter packs, and predefined sections to create beautiful web pages.

The default Gutenberg editor may have some limitations. And this plugin minimizes those limitations and unlocks more possibilities to make complex designs simple.

This user-friendly Gutenberg plugin comes with all the necessary customization features and functionalities to make web pages beautiful. Built-in animations, shape divider, customizable rows, and columns are some of the unique features of Qubley.
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8. Otter – Gutenberg Blocks Library

  • Enhances the overall WordPress customization
  • Offers different blocks for building a complete page
  • Easy to create web pages and posts
  • Blocks are backed by CSS for responsive layout
  • May ask for review frequently, which is bothersome
  • Many users complained it is buggy

If you are looking for a lightweight WordPress plugin that can bring extra Gutenberg blocks and templates to your site, then Otter is the solution. This offers some of the best Gutenberg blocks to make beautiful web pages. Thanks to its user-friendliness, each of these blocks can be customized in a few seconds. This WordPress blocks plugin comes with a dynamic collection of page building blocks to create complex pages and posts for eCommerce, business, and blog websites. Keeping simplicity in mind, Otter will help you to build stunning web pages and posts.

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Otter - Gutenberg Blocks Library Average Download
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9. GutenBee

  • Offers a total of 31 flexible blocks
  • Each block is handy for various purposes
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Enhances the potential of the default editor
  • Runs smoothly on the latest WordPress version
  • The image gallery is just stunning
  • To enable Google Maps block, you will need a Google Maps API Key
  • Not easy to create a gallery block

GutenBee offers a collection of WordPress blocks that will make any website elegant. This plugin will enhance the editing and customization experience. Also, this Gutenberg block builder will vastly expand the potential of the default Gutenberg editor. This is undoubtedly a free solution to improve the Gutenberg toolset. There is a variety of blocks offered by GutenBee. Each block helps you edit different content of a website such as Banner, Accordion, Button, Container, Divider, Countdown, Justified Gallery, Progress Bar, and even a Food Menu.

GutenBee Average Download
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10. Stackable

  • Offers a great collection of ready-to-use blocks
  • Build web pages within minutes
  • Blocks are responsive, will look good on small screens
  • You toggle on/off the blocks easily
  • An intuitive UI for smooth experience
  • A three-tab configuration for better block management
  • After certain updates, container blocks may disappear
  • Lack in supporting custom post types
  • Hard to create a two-column design element

The Stackable Gutenberg WordPress plugin will provide a collection of many ready-to-use blocks for Gutenberg. This new WordPress editor will bless you with awesome landing pages and front pages. All the blocks look great out of the box and creating a beautiful website will be a breeze. That’s not all, all these Gutenberg blocks are fully responsive, and will look great on any device. With powerful options, the Stackable block editor plugin will let you manage the blocks. The block editing experience will become smoother with an intuitive UI. The blocks can be managed with a three-tab configuration, where you can –

  • Toggle on the block elements
  • Toggle off the block elements
  • Keep them in streamlined settings
Stackable Average Download
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If you have come this far, you just got introduced with the top 10 free Gutenberg block editor plugins for WordPress. Don’t have any doubt about the service quality of any of these plugins, they are the best.

Before making this article, we tested each of these Gutenberg block editor plugins to test their performance. That being said, there are plenty of other similar plugins and you might have your own preference as well.

We don’t discourage you to change your preferred choice. Leave a comment below mentioning your favorite Gutenberg block editor plugin.

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