Theme Installation

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Once you purchase the WordPress theme, you can download the theme package. After you UnZIP the package you will find the theme file in it .

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Appearance > Themes. Click the Add New button or Add new theme link.

Step 3: Click on the Upload Theme button. Locate "" and click Install Now

Step 4: Click on the Activate button to activate the theme. Congratulations, you have now activated Mercify! You can now proceed to next step.

Plugin Installation

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Once you activate the theme you will get a notice like (This theme requires the following plugins:) the screenshot below. Then click on Begin installing plugins

install plugin

Once you click Begin installing plugins you will redirect to Install Required Plugins page just like screenshot below.

Step 1: Select All Plugins

Step 2: Select Install from dropdown menu.

Step 3: Click Apply and wait for a while.

Step 4: After installation of all the plugins please Activate all the plugins one by one.

Import Demo Data

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After activated all the plugins it's time to import demo data. Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data and after that click on Import Demo Data button and wait for a while to import sample data.

After importing all the sample data your site will looks like as our demo.

Elementor Settings

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Step 1: Go to Elementor > Settings

Step 2: In General tab check all the post types like the image below

Create or Edit Header

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Step 1: Go to Mercify > Header Layout

Step 2: Then create new header layout or edit the existing one.

Activate Header

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Step 1: Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Panel > Header Layout

Step 2: Then any header you want from the list

Change Color

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Step 1: Go to Appearance > Customize > Mercify Color Panel > Base Colors

Step 2: From here you can change all the color