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Best Dedicated Hosting for Running A Successful Site (June 2022 – Edition)

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  • 21 Jun, 2021
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Last Update: 19 Sep, 2022

Best dedicated hosting is a core ingredient of running a successful website if you are willing to spend money and have adequate knowledge for troubleshooting.

Companies prefer to go for dedicated server hosting plans for 2 reasons. One, any large business will prefer the privacy that dedicated hosting offers. Two, it is powerful hosting.

Trust us – no other hosting option isn’t better than dedicated hosting. Read the article and you will know why.

What is dedicated server hosting?

In a dedicated web hosting server, you will have your own server with all your dedicated resources. Unlike shared hosting or VPS hosting, you don’t have to share the resources (i.e. CPU time) with anyone else. You will get only one account with the power to control everything.

— Dedicated hosting is for serious people for serious business.

Managed and unmanaged hosting service is provided by many hosting providers. Individuals or organizations who are running WordPress websites with a large number of visitors need dedicated web hosting.

Top 8 best-dedicated hosting providers in 2021

Yes, time to know which hosting companies have owned a spot in our list of the best dedicated hosts in 2021. Don’t go anywhere as the show is about to start.

1. A2 Hosting dedicated server hosting – Best for server speed

Best Dedicated Hosting Provider A2hosting

Some notable features –

  • Managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plan
  • Exclusive 24/7 customer support
  • Reputed for effective customer service
  • Reliable packages, especially for WordPress
  • Guarantee for 100% uptime
  • Trusted money-back refund policy 
  • Comparatively expensive
  • No server option for Windows

A2 Hosting has earned quite a reputation for providing hosting services for many years. Luckily, they have been offering both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting services. Thus, you have the opportunity to customize everything by yourself or you can ask them to do everything for you.

Both hosting services have well-organized packages, indicating the core specifications. Although the unmanaged one is more developer-friendly, you can get the managed one to skip the configuration part.

— In the unmanaged type, you can choose your preferred Linux OS. There is no restriction in installing any script.

On the other hand, A2’s Guru Team will look after the configuration part like hardware optimization, network, security, core software installation, etc when you choose their managed dedicated hosting plan.

Uptime Report –

A2hosting Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

Enjoy the fastest dedicated server speed with their hosting. The best thing about A2 Hosting is that they keep offering affordable packages while maintaining absolute quality. Some of the mentionable packages are –

Unmanaged dedicated hosting plans –

  • Hyper 1 – Starts from $129.99/mo
  • Hyper 2 Intel – Starts from $199.99/mo
  • Hyper 2 AMD – Starts from $199.99/mo

Managed dedicated hosting plans –

  • Warp 1 – Starts from $179.99/mo
  • Warp 2 Intel – Starts from $249.99/mo
  • Warp 2 AMD – Starts from $249.99/mo

2. Liquid Web dedicated server hosting – Best for managed dedicated server

Best Dedicated Hosting Provider Liquid Web

Some notable features –

  • Partnership option to tailor the best hosting solution
  • Guaranteed white-glove migration
  • Full control along with root-level access
  • Standard protection for DDoS attacks
  • Tailored dedicated plans 
  • High-end dedicated servers
  • Admirable customer service
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Lots of customizable features 
  • Uninformative shared hosting plans
  • Considerably expensive
  • Poor refund policy with limited options

Liquid Web just doesn’t offer managed dedicated servers, they offer managed services. That is why their service quality is so premium. All the members of the support team are dedicated to set up the operating system, hardware, network, or anything related to server-level administration.

This is what Kitti Titus of ProGroom Pet Supply says about Liquid Web’s hosting service –

“Liquid Web is always there for their customers. They are caring, thoughtful, helpful, and treat you with so much respect. The help they give is phenomenal. Nothing compares to the wonderful caring company known as Liquid Web.”

The dedicated hosting service of Liquid Web is very popular among big companies. These companies trust Liquid Web for its white-glove migration services. And the SLA (Service Level Agreement) that they provide extends the reliability and credibility of their business agreement.

— Aside from security, Liquid Web offers some of the most powerful features that are highly customizable. You will admire the cordial assistance of the support team. They take your issue into action and mold it according to your preference.

Uptime Report –

Liquidweb Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

Their plans starts from $169/month if you choose the annual payment. Normally, it starts from $199 if you are planning to pay monthly.

Linux-based dedicated hosting plans –

  • Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 – Starts from $99/mo
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4208 – Starts from $149/mo Dual
  • Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 – Starts from $189/mo

Windows-based dedicated hosting plans –

  • Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 – Starts from $99/mo
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4208 – Starts from $149/mo
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 – Starts from $189/mo

3. Bluehost dedicated server hosting – Cheapest dedicated server

Best Dedicated Server Bluehost

Some notable features –

  • Have enough servers at different important places on earth
  • High-quality data storage feature (RAID 1) 
  • RAID 1 high-quality storage
  • Excellent page loading time
  • Free Cpanel
  • Servers in the US, EU, and Asia
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 
  • Poor customer support
  • No DDoS protection
  • Limited disk space and bandwidth

Get the ultimatum of control by getting a Bluehost dedicated server. Arguably, Bluehost is one of the reputed names in the hosting industry. For a few bucks, Bluehost offers more features compared to other hosting providers.

When you are running a large website, you are dealing with tons of data. You have to make sure these resources are protected. And Bluehost gives you the perfect option for that. Your data will be under extreme protection with Bluehost’s RAID 1 high-quality storage.

Good for you!

You will get the advanced features when you buy a dedicated plan from Bluehost. This is what makes Bluehost so special. Bluehost dedicated servers stand out of the crowd in performance and price.

Uptime Report –

Bluehost Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

Bluehost offers the cheapest dedicated hosting. You have to pay only $79.99 per month. The only condition is that you have to sign a 3-year commitment.

Best affordable plan –

  • Standard – Starts from $79.99/mo
  • Enhanced – Starts from $99.99/mo
  • Premium – Starts from $119.99/mo

4. DreamHost dedicated server hosting – Best for server uptime

Best Dedicated Server Dreamhost

Some notable features –

  • 100% uptime assurance
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Absolute service level agreement (SLA) 
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Linux web hosting 
  • Exclusive WordPress staging features
  • Useful domain management tools
  • Secure hosting 
  • liberal money-back policy
  • Weaknesses in Windows-based hosting
  • No phone support

DreamHost knows the importance of communication between you and your customers. That is why DreamHost promises to keep your website alive. Don’t regret your website’s uptime, buying a cheap plan. — Instead, get the affordable dedicated hosting plans from DreamHost.

And if you are looking for the best customer support, DreamHost will be the right one. They have a support team full of experts and ready to assist you 24/7. Conserve valuable face time with your customers and visitors with DreamHost’s emergency generators, data redundancy, constant monitoring, etc.

On top of that, DreamHost stands out of the crowd by offering an ironclad SLA (Service Level Agreement), Ruby Version Manager, RAID 1 storage, and other features.

Uptime Report –

Dreamhost Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

The beginner plan of DreamHost for hosting starts with $149/month. And you can always upgrade your plan. The enhanced version of dedicated hosting starts at $279/month. This price is decent when you start with dedicated server hosting.

Fully-managed dedicated hosting plan –

  • Standard – Starts from $149/mo
  • Enhanced – Starts from $279/mo

5. InMotion dedicated server hosting – Best Bare Metal hosting plans


Some notable features –

  • Special affordable plan with the duration of three months
  • Exclusive Bare Metal dedicated server hosting
  • Exclusive entry-level packages
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Useful website building tools
  • Satisfying 24/7/365 customer support
  • Notable load time
  • Free Cpanel
  • Servers only in the US
  • Considerably pricer 
  • Limited bandwidth

InMotion comes with the ground-breaking Bare Metal dedicated hosting plans. You can belly up these packages when you need up to 1 TB of memory along with 50 TB of primary disk space. Aside from this, you get more high-end features from these packages.

InMotion doesn’t mess around with its customers. It takes customer’s business seriously. That is why it offers the best entry-level hosting plans i.e. the Essential plan. And the prices of these packages are not sky-rocket

The power and resources of dedicated hosting are essential for becoming something large. So whether you are running a small website or building the next Reddit, the dedicated hosting plans of InMotion deserve a shot.

Uptime Report –

Inmotionhosting Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

Inmotion charges $139.99 per month for their managed dedicated hosting. This price is applicable for a 1-year commitment. There are also introductory terms that apply for one-month, three-month, six-month, or one year.

Inmotion also offers a sweet Essential plan for just only $77.50/month, which is technically cheaper than Bluehost packages. This package lasts for three months.

Managed dedicated hosting plan –

  • Essential – Starts from $139.99/mo
  • Advanced – Starts from $189.99/mo
  • Elit – Starts from $259.99/mo

Bare Metal Server plan –

  • Essential Metal – Starts from $99.99/mo
  • Advanced Metal – Starts from $149.99/mo
  • Elite Metal – Starts from $219.99/mo

6. HostGator dedicated server hosting – Best for novice webmasters

Best dedicated hosting provider HostGator

Some notable features –

  • Multiple means of communication with the support team
  • Flexible payment policy
  • Knowledge library to help to solve technical issues
  • Hosting plans are packed with features
  • Good phone and live chat support
  • Handy site-building tools
  • Automatic updates
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Free Cpanel
  • Relatively expensive
  • No Windows-based hosting
  • Servers only in the US
  • No SSH access

We’ve all probably taken services at one time or another that didn’t get the right support. The issue is very frustrating when even after paying the monthly bill on time, you do not find the service they need.

The frustration gets bigger and the problem becomes costly when your dedicated web host can’t solve your problem. Therefore, avoid such issues by getting a dedicated hosting server from HostGator.

— Conveniently, HostGator introduces its customers with a knowledge library that includes more than 700 useful articles and 500 video tutorials to help them solve any technical issues. This makes their customer support robust and solvent.

All the dedicated hosting plans of HostGator offer a sophisticated network, DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, unlimited bandwidth, root access, IP-based firewall, and more. Users are fans of their phone and chat support systems.

Uptime Report –

Hostgator Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

You can get a hosting service from HostGator for only $89.98 per month. You have to go for a 3-year commitment. The bargain may seem to be reasonable, but be ready to pay a monthly renewal fee of $189.

Managed or semi-managed plan –

  • Value – Starts from $89.98/mo
  • Power – Starts from $119.89/mo
  • Enterprise – Starts from $139.99/mo

7. GoDaddy dedicated server hosting – Best for server optimization

Popular Dedicated server provider Godaddy

Some notable features –

  • Root access enables customizing each part of the dedicated server
  • Servers are optimized for speed, security, and applications
  • Various OS (CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows)
  • Servers located on 4 continents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • SSH and cPanel access
  • Exclusive server speed
  • Over usage of data is strict
  • Renewal prices are high
  • Limit data resources

GoDaddy not only provides dedicated hosting solutions but also full severe optimization for the best performance. Amazingly, you get the option to choose between HDD or SSD RAID 1 storage for up to 8 TB.

Do you want to hear something cool?

With GoDaddy’s dedicated web hosting, you can not only select your preferred OS but you also have the freedom to use either cPanel or Plesk.

Along with this freedom, GoDaddy also gives root access to customize almost every part of your server. This is what sets Godday apart from the other typical hosting providers. Because they always try to apply restrictions on some customization options.

GoDaddy comes with 2 types of dedicated hosting plans. They are – self-managed and fully managed hosting plans. Each fully managed hosting plan includes a clear definition of features. This will help you to decide to select the proper plan.

— But, you won’t get many features or services in unmanaged plans. GoDaddy decided this on purpose as you will be handling everything by yourself and you know what is best.

Uptime Report –

Godaddy Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

Actually, there are server plans that GoDaddy offers for dedicated hosting. You can get a self-managed dedicated server as low as $120/month. The fully managed one on the other hand will cost you a minimum of 224/month.

See the prices of GoDaddy’s hosting plans –

Dedicated hosting plan (HDD)

  • DS-32 – Starts from $120/mo
  • DS-64 – Starts from $157.67/mo
  • DS-128 – Starts from $278.24/mo
  • DS-256 – Starts from $371/mo

Dedicated hosting plan (SSD NVMe) –

  • DS-32 – Starts from $129.84/mo
  • DS-64 – Starts from $166.94/mo
  • DS-128 – Starts from $296.79/mo
  • DS-256 – Starts from $389.55/mo

8. SoftLayer IBM dedicated server hosting – Professional dedicated hosting

Top dedicated server provider IBM

Some notable features –

  • Uses cutting-edge technologies.
  • It is a HIPAA Ready Cloud IaaS provider
  • Multiple hosting plans for 4 categories
  • Integration with IBM cloud products
  • Fully managed resources
  • Seamless backup options
  • DDoS and dedicated firewall 
  • SSH access
  • Servers only in the US
  • Plans are sky-high in price
  • UI is complex
  • Not appropriate for beginners

SoftLayer IBM is currently known as IBM cloud. It is one of the exclusive hosting providers. They offer dedicated hosting servers to many large organizations. Initially, SoftLayer IBM specialized in providing hosting to gaming companies and startups.

If you take hosting from them, you can work with a processor having a maximum of 48 cores. Very few hosting providers can offer such a powerful processor. And fully dedicated servers with root-level administration allow you to customize the way you want.

Some mentionable facts

  • SoftLayer IBM continued to be the leader of bare-metal dedicated server providers till 2020.
  • It has set itself apart from other hosting providers by offering 11 million customized configurations.

SoftLayer IBM or IBM cloud uses the latest technologies like the NVIDIA Tesla GPU and SAP HANA/SAP NetWeaver for their dedicated servers.

Technical Details of Virtual Server

IBM Cloud Server follows a bit of an exceptional rule when it comes to providing dedicated servers, you need to know the technical specs about their virtual cloud servers –

Deployment Types: SaaS, On-premise

Operating Systems: CentOS/Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Red Hat/Linux, Ubuntu/Linux, Windows

Mobile Application: Mobile Web

Uptime Report –

IBM Uptime Report by Pingdom

Pricing –

When it comes to pricing, you have to be very competitive. Because they come with some of the most expensive dedicated hosting plans. These plans start with as low as $241/month and can go up to $2629/month.

This is just insane!

Fully dedicated hosting plan (App hosting) –

  • Intel Xeon E-2174G – Starts from $241/mo
  • Intel Xeon 4210 – Starts from $379/mo
  • Intel Xeon 8260 – Starts from $664/mo

Fully dedicated hosting plan (Game server) –

  • Intel Xeon 4210 – Starts from $379/mo
  • Intel Xeon 6248 – Starts from $614/mo
  • Intel Xeon 8260 – Starts from $664/mo

Fully dedicated hosting plan (Web server) –

  • Intel Xeon E-2174G – Starts from $241/mo
  • Intel Xeon 4210 – Starts from $379/mo
  • AMD EPYC 7642 – Starts from $1041/mo

Fully dedicated hosting plan (GPU) –

  • Intel Xeon 4210 – Starts from $1119/mo
  • Intel Xeon 6248 – Starts from $2554/mo
  • Intel Xeon 8260 – Starts from $2629/mo

A brief comparison among the best-dedicated hosting providers

We have highlighted the following table for dedicated server comparison.

Hosting Provider NameCPU CoresUptimeServer Locations
A2 Hosting2 – 899.99%Singapore, Arizona, Michigan, Amsterdam   
Liquid Web4 – 16100%Amsterdam, Arizona, Michigan,
Bluehost499.97%Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Utah
DreamHost499.86%Virginia and Oregon 
InMotion4 – 1699.99%Virginia and California
HostGator4 – 899.99%Texas, Utah
GoDaddy499.99%Singapore, Illinois, California,   
SoftLayer IBM4 – 48100%Indonesia, India, US, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore  

What to look for to find the best-dedicated server hosting?

You have chosen dedicated hosting because you know it is very serious for your business.

Factoring in some additional features will help you find reliable hosting that is appropriately consistent with your work. After testing a lot of hosting providers, we came up with the following considerations –

How secure the dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting servers are renowned for their security. You may choose other types of hosting, but they are not as secure as dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers enable the option to customize security according to your business needs.

Dedicated hosting is very important for data breach companies. Because they encounter DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that are of many types. A survey tells – A survey tells

 – On average, 57% of the DDoS attacks encountered by data breach companies are combined with multiple attacks.

That is why these companies are investing a pile of dollars to enhance securities to defend against DDoS attacks. According to a Forbes report

– An average of $3.9 million is spent by data breach companies for DDoS protection.

Dedicated web hosting allows enabling and configuring the adequate security measurements that are required for your business.

Expandability of your dedicated hosting

As your business grows, you need hosting that grows with it. Along with security, it needs to be scalable. Make sure the hosting company can offer expandable packages so that you can upgrade your plan in the future.

When you are using a dedicated server, we can assume that your business is already established. If you can upgrade the plan, it will be able to prevent downtime of the site than before.

Server locations

Choose the right dedicated hosting that has servers inside your region. Each of the web hosting providers obviously has multiple servers, especially when they are offering high-quality hosting.

However, they might not have any servers in your region. Before buying, make sure that the servers of the hosting provider are located inside your preferred region. Although this is not severely important, this cannot be excluded from consideration.

Hosting Administration

The best thing about dedicated hosting is absolute administration. As you are not sharing resources with others, you get full control for managing your website. Administrative access allows you to tailor your service in such a way that your website reflects your business.

From system configuration to software installation, everything on your website can be customized with administrative access. And that is only possible with dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server uptime assurance

A strong online presence is important for more visitors. Getting dedicated servers isn’t enough for large businesses. They need the best ones that can assure 100% uptime. To make people utilize the importance of uptime, Aaron Levie (CEO of Box) said –

“My downtime tends to resemble my uptime. Weekends are workdays but toned down. Over the whole weekend, I may have five meetings, as opposed to six on a weekday. I used to play piano for 30 minutes at night, but I had to pull that out of my schedule. I don’t have time for nonwork stuff.”

If your website is offline for even a few seconds, you may lose a significant number of sales. Also, make sure that your hosting provider can provide 24/7 uptime so that your website remains effective in peak traffic hours.

Charges of dedicated hosting

Yes, dedicated hosting may be pricier than other types of hosting. But it is worth it when you consider the reliability and quality of service.

Big businesses need premium hosting services. So, they don’t bother throwing money at this. Aside from the annual payment, look into the add-on fees and other charges of the dedicated hosting provider.

For a cost-effective solution, you can take a dedicated server from the provider that is charging relatively lower than other providers.

Managed or unmanaged

Although it is a dedicated server, it doesn’t mean it can’t be managed or unmanaged. Managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting, no matter which one you choose, works from the customer’s end.

The hosting provider will configure things like scripting, OS (operating system), hardware, control panel, and many more in a managed hosting plan. On the contrary, you will have to do all these by yourself when you take an unmanaged one.

Therefore, unmanaged plans are relatively cheaper than managed plans. You have to be technically professional or might need expert help to set up everything in an unmanaged dedicated hosting server. The hosting providers can at least help you with maintenance.

Why prefer dedicated hosting over shared and VPS hosting?

When it comes to full control, VPS or shared hosting isn’t as good as dedicated hosting. Aside from administration, you don’t share your resources with others. So, there is no possibility of slowing down your website when there is high traffic on another website that is using the same server.

Some addressable ins and outs of each server may explain this fact.

 Dedicated HostingVPS HostingShared Hosting
  • Full control over the control panel
  • More powerful than shared and VPS hosting
  • Resources and port devoted to a single client
  • Fully exclusive for more traffic
  • Good administrative access
  • Considerably less expensive than dedicated hosting
  • Resources are better allocated than in Shared hosting
  • The most affordable solution
  • Easy to use the control panel
  • Perfect web solution for entry-level users
  • Have to set up the entire environment by yourself
  • Very expensive
  • Less hardware accessibility
  • Pricier than shared hosting
  • Hard to allocate resources 
  • Other resources can affect performance
  • Limited administrative access.
  • Not more scalable than VPS or dedicated hosting 

Some common questions regarding dedicated hosting –

1. Is there any difference between dedicated hosting and colocation hosting?

Ans: Yes, there are differences between dedicated hosting and colocation hosting. When an entire server is dedicated for a single owner, without sharing any resources with others; the hosting is known as dedicated hosting.

On the other hand, when a cabinet or rack of the server is leased for a client where he can share the resources with other colocation customers, it is called colocation hosting.

2. Dedicated hosting is good for whom?

Ans: There is a standard for determining whether you need dedicated hosting at all. If you see that your website gets 1000 visitors per month, then it is better for you to take dedicated hosting.

Therefore, if your website has the same amount of traffic or you expect it to happen soon, investing in such hosting can fix server crashes, slow load times, and other issues.

3. What is a bare metal server?

Ans: A bare metal server is a kind of dedicated server that is not a virtual one and no shared hardware is used to run it. When you rent a bare metal server, a distinct physical piece of hardware will be given that is entirely a functional server.

— Funny thing is – there were times when all servers were bare metal servers. Individual organizations had their own bare-metal servers running on suitable operating systems.

Final Verdict

The best-dedicated hosting is an asset for your business, it is the right investment if you want to become large. There are plenty of dedicated hosting providers all around the world. Anyone will face confusion even when they have sufficient knowledge and skill.

That is why we have narrated some of the dedicated hosting providers in this article so that you can find the right hosting provider according to your requirements. This will narrow down your research and you don’t have to rush into this matter.

For your convenience, we will again round up our selections mentioning their signature features –

  • A2 Hosting – Best server speed
  • Liquid Web – Best managed dedicated plans
  • Bluehost – Affordable dedicated server
  • DreamHost – Excellent server uptime
  • InMotion – Bare Metal hosting plans
  • HostGator – The best choice for beginners
  • GoDaddy – Best server optimization features
  • SoftLayer IBM – Professional dedicated hosting

— If you have found the right one from this list, then we are happy to help. We also welcome your preferred choice if you have any. Either way, we hope this article has been beneficial for you and we will see you in our next insightful blog.

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