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October 18, 2018| Theme IM

Question : What is Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress  Theme?

Ans: Blurb Is the best affiliate marketing WordPress Theme . This Theme has all feature which is required for making a successful affiliate marketing Business .

Question :  Why it’s the best Affiliate Marketing Theme ?  What is the best Feature of this theme ?

Ans: Blurb – Price Comparison with Review base Multi vendor Coupon Store Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme , This WordPress Theme have Price comparison feature , Where any one can compare price for a same product of different market place as like Amazon , Bay , Ali Express after comparing any customer can purchase the best product which he likes .

The Important Functionality of a affiliate marketing Theme :

Add to compare Function:  is
another Beautiful function , anyone can add many product on their basket , after that they can compare all of that product , There is also category separation on add to compare function , Add to compare will automatically add for a similar category .

Products Review is one of the beautiful feature  of Blurb WordPress Theme , Any customer can leave Review on a Product and share His experience about a product . Admin will check that review and make it approve . After publishing the review any customer can see that review . This will create   trust for future customer . Admin or contributor can post Article about a product , there he can show PROS and CONS about that Product he can also share the best source of Product and best vendor of the product where customer can buy that . This theme has many short code structure for beautiful article design .

Multi- vendor function :  Multi vendor is one of the superior functionality of this theme .Many vendor can register there , after admin approve as Vendor he can Post his products for Affiliate Marketing . 

Coupon Functionality :   Here is Coupon adding option available , you can set a discount deal for any products . Blurb WordPress Theme have unique coupon page  which will attract customer to Purchase product .

Automatic Trending Post Functionality :  You can display your Product on the basis of Best review and View count , The product which have most view and review that will automatically display on the home page . Blurb theme have this functionality , Which is First time for any Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme.

View Count : Blurb Theme  have view count functionality , it can count a product view from a different Desktop and different IP Based, No duplicate view will count , it will count as individual person view , same person several view will not count .

Add to wish List Function :  Add to wish list Functionality added on Blurb . With out registration any one can add a product on their wish list , it will save on their browser , After registration they can also add product on their wish list .

Category Based Search Product :  Anyone can search product on the basis of a specific products, And the search result will be Best review based top vendor products list which have nice reputation on the market . It will display best Product Deal . This is one of the best search functionality .

Magazine Layout  : Magazine Is one of the best important thing of affiliate marketing . In magazine review based article will display where any customer can compare a product , any customer will get the best features about a products . On the magazine admin can display his Advertise   which will help him to make more business .

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